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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 16 Recap – Two is Company…

BY Kean

Published 1 month ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 16 Recap - Two is Company...

After he argues with his father, Issei now stays with Nao and Uehara. On his first night there, Issei prepares dinner for the two, which they enjoy. He asks Nao not to tell his father where he is. While Nao and Issei do the dishes, Uehara sees the two, so he leaves, slamming the door behind him. After Nao is done taking a bath, she tells Uehara that it’s his turn. Uehara stops playing the video game with Issei; then, he pushes Nao to her room. He tells her to sleep even if it’s not yet really late. Then he tells Issei that he can go first. The following day, Issei prepares a delicious breakfast for the three. He tells Nao and Uehara that while he stays with them, he will cook for them. Nao notices that Issei’s hair is messy, so she tells him. Issei tries to fix it but can’t, so Nao helps him. Uehara sees the two laughing, so he stops eating and tells them he’ll be late for school. Nao notices that he has barely eaten anything, unlike most days. There is still a lot of food on the table, but Nao also says goodbye and follows Uehara out. Issei follows them, and he asks for Nao’s key. He says it’s not safe to keep the door unlocked if he goes out. Uehara sees that Nao’s key is attached to the keychain he gave, so he gives Issei his key instead. At school, Marina rushes to get to class. There is a university student who will be a student teacher for two weeks. When the student-teacher walks into the classroom, the girls are so happy because he is handsome. But Nao looks worried when she sees that it’s the guy from the hospital, Senzaki Yu. Yu follows Nao down the hallway after class, and that’s how he meets Uehara. It turns out he already knows about their relationship and who Uehara is. 

At the ramen shop, Nao has difficulty dealing with all the customers. It’s much more complicated that Issei is not there. After the work is done, Nao admits to her boss that she broke the bowls. She apologizes and takes the blame. Her boss says it doesn’t matter anymore because he has already explained everything to the customer. He says that Issei told him he wanted to work somewhere else. He adds that he can’t let Issei work someplace else when Issei can’t even do a proper job at the ramen shop. That is why he lost his temper and punched Issei.

When Nao goes home after work, she sees Issei checking the ramen shop, so they walk home together. Issei admits that ever since he was young, he thought he would inherit the shop, but he wants to make a name for himself. His father learned how to run the business by working at other shops, so Issei intends to do the same so he will be deserving to inherit the ramen shop someday. Uehara, playing a video game, looks surprised that Issei and Nao arrive home together. Issei notices that Ueahara seems worried, so he asks him to play a card game with him. The three of them play cards, and Nao wins first. She falls asleep while the two are still playing cards. Uehara excuses himself for a moment, and when he returns, he sees Issei moving the strands of hair covering Nao’s face. They continue playing the game, and Uehara defeats Issei, but he doesn’t say anything about what he saw. 

At school, Uehara goes to Nao’s room to ask her to walk home together. Nao says she still has to clean the lab and go to work afterward. When Uehara walks out of the room, he sees a group of students laughing at the note posted on a locker. He removes the note and crumples it. Abe helps Nao clean the chem lab when he hears that there is a student from another school. He looks out the window and realizes it’s Mami, and she is talking to Uehara. He tells Nao not to worry because Mami already has a boyfriend.

Mami hands Uehara the reunion information; then she suggests they walk together since they are going in the same direction anyway. Two leaders of the group of students are talking with Yu when they see Uehara walking with Mami. Yu tells them that Nao and Uehara are living together. While Abe is walking in the hallway with Nao, Yu tries to talk to Nao. He tells them that the girl who is with Uehara is a friend of his. He tells them that Momoyama Mami has been visiting Uehara, and she also sees Nao a lot. Abe butts in and says that since Nao is Uehara’s girlfriend, it’s normal for her to visit Uehara’s house. Yu tells them that there is a rumor of the two of them living together. Nao gets angry when Yu calls Uehara a scumbag. She’s about to slap him, but Abe stops her. They go to the ramen shop, and Abe helps Nao by distributing discount coupons to customers. Issei sees that the line is long outside the shop, so he decides to help. When the customers go home, Issei’s father apologizes to him. He says that Issei should work in a bigger shop so he will be responsible enough to take over the ramen shop someday. 

When Nao gets home, she sees Uehara accepting the food Mami is giving him. She confronted him and said he even took Mami to his work. Uehara figures that Nanako must have told Nao about it. Uehara takes out the note he took from the lockers at school and shows it to Nao. The note says: Break up with Uehara, or I’ll tell the school you’re living together. Uehara suggests they move together to a new house. The next day, he talks to the landlady and asks for help finding a new place to live. The landlady tells Uehara they should live separately, but Uehara insists.

Meanwhile, Nao is outside their home trying to catch who is leaving the notes in their locker. Uehara arrives just in time and stops the man from running away. Issei, who happens to be there, picks up the paper the man dropped. Mami also walks to them and recognizes that the man is Yu. Inside the house, Yu admits that he thought Uehara was Mami’s boyfriend and that Uehara was cheating on her. Uehara was Mami’s first love, and Mami was Yu’s, first love. Yu says that he followed Mami, but Mami doesn’t know that he is blackmailing Uehara. Uehara refuses to call the police even when Yu tells him to do so. Nao stops Yu from leaving and asks him to apologize to Uehara. Yu apologizes to Uehara before he leaves with Mami. While they are walking outside, Mami sees her boyfriend with another girl, but his boyfriend pretends not to know her. Yu is about to talk to Mami’s boyfriend, but she stops him. He tells Mami to break up with her boyfriend.

Issei leaves the house after the problem got solved. At school, as soon as they arrive, Uehara sees posters of him and Nao on the bulletin board announcing they live together. They realize the ones blackmailing them at home and school are different people. Kitaura tells Uehara to do something about the problem, adding that it is terrible for Nao’s reputation. At home, Uehara tells Nao that he wants to live alone.

Our Thoughts:

At this point, we are now team Kitaura. Uehara just always acts cool and mean, but he doesn’t do a lot to solve their problems. Yu likes Mami, so he blackmails Uehara. It’s much better if they let Mami interact with Kitaura first before putting another new face in the show since Mami was first mentioned as Kitaura’s love interest. Abe is also kind toward Nao and helps her out a lot. Also, we are very happy for Issei that he finally gets to do what he wants without having problems with his father. 

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