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Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – A Kiss to Remember

BY Kean

Published 1 month ago

Good Morning Call Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - A Kiss to Remember

Nao goes inside Uehara’s room because the alarm clocks start ringing again. She finds him still sleeping. She wakes him up, and he mistakes her for someone else when he does. Uehara calls her “Yuri” and grabs and kisses her on the lips. Nao pulls away from him and kicks him on the stomach before running back to her room. Uehara goes to Nao’s room with no recollection of what happened. He tells her not to worry about living with a boy because he has no interest in her. 

On their way to school, Nao loses her way and arrives at school late. She blames Uehara for her bad luck but can’t tell her friends they live together. Marina, Nao’s friend, is head over heels for Uehara. She tells Nao the school’s rules when it comes to the top three boys of the school.

She says that three groups are interested in Uehara at the moment. The first group is the teacher’s favorite students, “the smart ones.” The second group is the naughty girls, “the outlaw girls.” The third group is popular with the boys, “the manager girls.” Marina says these three groups decided to manage all the interactions with Uehara. Marina adds that if a student meets or touches Uehara, it can cause big trouble. Nao panics when she hears this and thinks back to the morning kiss. 

While Marina looks forward to the joint sports class with Uehara, Mitusishi and Nao look problematic. As Nao prepares for the next class, she sees that the sports clothes she brought are Uehara’s. She immediately goes to him, but he pays her no attention. Nao writes a message and tries to hand it to Uehara while she’s in disguise. Uehara pushes her, and the paper gets in the trash can. 

Seeing no choice but to deal with it alone, Nao decided to cut the tag with Uehara’s name. While preparing for the class, Uehara notices that he got Nao’s sports clothes. He runs to check the message in the trash can. After reading the message, he quickly runs to the home economics room, where Nao asks to see him. When he arrives, it’s already too late, and Nao has cut the name tag, leaving a big hole in the sports clothes. He gets angry and asks Nao to fix it. While the two of them argue, one student from the “smart ones” sees them and snaps a photo. 

Uehara’s class leads the sports game in the joint class with Nao’s class. Daichi, Nao’s long-time friend and one of the top three boys at school comes and teaches Nao the proper way to hold a bat. Even with Daichi’s help, Nao’s class still loses.

After the game, Nao finds her locker empty, with her uniform missing. The leaders of the three groups of students walk in carrying Nao’s dirty uniform. They say they found it in the hallway, and Nao smiles and apologizes to them. The three students mention that Nao losing things is part of her feminine charm, which may be why Uehara likes her. Marina figures out that Nao is hiding something from her. They go to Nao’s home together, where Marina finds a boy’s belongings. As Nao tells her what happened, Uehara walks in and sees Marina. Uehara ignores Nao’s best friend and goes straight to his room. Marina asks Nao to set her up with Uehara. 

When Marina leaves, Uehara confronts Nao and says he doesn’t trust Marina. He tells Nao to keep her friend quiet, or they will get expelled when people find out they live together.

The next day, Nao finds a letter in her locker asking her to stay away from Uehara. On her way to the toilet, she drops the letter. Uehara sees this and picks the letter up.

A classmate tells Nao that Uehara is looking for her. Nao goes to the p.e hall to meet with him, but instead, she finds herself confronted by the three groups’ leaders. Uehara goes to Nao’s room and finds out what happened. He goes to see Nao and hears what the girls are talking about.

Uehara hears Nao defending and telling the girls that he doesn’t need anyone to protect him. After all the things she has said, Nao finally realizes that she has said too much. It is a bit too late, though, because the girls are already pouring water over her. 

The door suddenly opens, and Uehara walks in. He goes to Nao and covers her with his coat. He tells the girls that Nao is his girlfriend, and if they have a problem with Nao, they should say to him. The other girls are surprised to hear this and much more when they see Uehara grab Nao’s hand and walk away with her.

Once they are outside, Uehara still holds Nao’s hand. The other students see the two of them together, including Daichi and Marina. When they are no longer on school grounds, Uehara lets go of Nao’s hand. 

He suggests that they should pretend to be going out because they can’t pretend they don’t know each other. He adds that if people think they are dating, they will believe that there is a reason for Uehara to visit Nao’s house. Nao seems confused when she hears Uehara say “pretend,” so Uehara makes it clear that they are just pretending. Nao looks disappointed, so Uehara asks if she wants to go out with him. 

Nao looks at Uehara and believes him until Uehara tells him he is just joking. He tells her he has to go to work and turns to walk away. Nao stops him and thanks him for saving her earlier. Uehara, in turn, apologizes for all the things she said about Marina. Nao accepts his apology. Before leaving, Uehara throws his scarf at Nao and tells her to go home before she catches a cold. While Nao wears the scarf, she sees Uehara faint and fall to the ground.

Inside the hospital, the doctor says that Uehara is just tired and undernourished. Nao sits beside Uehara and listens to what the doctor says. He tells her that he contacted Uehara’s family as well. A woman walks in, and they both look in her direction. Uehara’s face changes when he sees the woman. Nao is surprised to hear him call the woman “Yuri.” 

Our Thoughts:

Marina is such a good friend to Nao. She is always there to support her. Nao, on the other hand, wants to be honest with her friend, so she tells her about Uehara. The problem now is when Marina asks Nao if she has feelings for Uehara, Nao tells her no. Because Nao told Marina she has no feelings for Uehara, Marina asks for her help. But then, after Uehara announced that Nao was her girlfriend, what would happen to Nao and Marina’s friendship?

Does Daichi even have any feelings for Nao? Will Nao be a popular student because she is dating a popular guy? We also want to know if Uehara has feelings for Yuri since we are not yet sure if she was his girlfriend or not. 

The leaders of the three groups who, like Uehara already made their move to make Nao suffer. Will Uehara’s warning be enough to make them stop, or will they hate Nao even more?

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