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Grand Army Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – See Me


Published 1 month ago

Grand Army Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - See Me

[00:01:00] Jay and Owen start their day with a hustle. They play their saxophones at the train station to make some money. They need 47 dollars before classes start. Joey starts her day by preparing her outfit. She posts a picture on social media without her bra on as a sort of protest against what Ms. Wilder told her last week about putting her body on display. All the other girls at school supported her protest, including Meera, Sid’s sister.

[00:03:00] Sid’s parents are giving him a hard time. They remind him to do better and be polite to the police if they ever stop him to check his bag. Meera gets irritated by how their parents treat Sid, so she sides with him. On their way to school, Meera removes her bra on the train and posts it on social media. Sid tells Meera to put her bra back on, but she shows her support for Joey. Sid notices how people stare at them on the train just because they look like Muslims. The police are on high alert since it‘s the first day after the bombing. They stop Jay and Owen from playing because the crowd watching them is getting too big to handle.

[00:05:30] Jay begs the police to let them play one more song to reach their target, but the police told them to leave. Meanwhile, Leila is nervous about entering school after what happened during the party. She’s being cautious about Grace, but George is already texting her. George tells Leila that Luke will be fine. He only suffered a broken leg during his fall. Meera asks Rachel if she’s also going braless. Leila wants to know why Rachel isn’t wearing a bra. Rachel says it’s mandatory since she’s part of the dance club. Luke and George play a prank on Leila. Luke asks for her number because her parents want to file a lawsuit against her for breaking his leg. Leila is worried about the lawsuit, but Luke tells her it was just a prank.

[00:10:00] Leila doesn’t want to remove her bra at first, but George asks her to do it, so she doesn’t have a choice. She is really into George, and he just invited her to hang out after class. Dom is doing calculus when Jay and Owen call her over. They give her their earnings to pay Dom back for losing her money last week. They talk things over before the teacher sent Dom back to her class. One of the teachers speaks to Sid about his paper. She still isn’t seeing enough effort from him, so she decides to get a peer review from one of his classmates. Sid doesn’t want to continue with the paper, but the teacher wants him to try one last time.

[00:16:00] Meanwhile, Joey sets her free the nipple campaign into action. During a test in Ms. Wilder’s class, she takes off her jacket to show Ms. Wilder she‘s just wearing an undershirt. Her nipples are visible through the shirt. Ms. Wilder does her best not to say anything. Joey does everything to trigger Ms. Wilder. She takes her classmates‘ papers and hands them over to her. Joey takes it to the next level by pouring water on her undershirt. Ms. Wilder can no longer ignore Joey, so she sends her to the principal’s office. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with Joey’s outfit, but Ms. Wilder tells her it is offensive. She even calls Joey a prostitute. Everyone in class hears Ms. Wilder. Joey leaves the room and goes to Mr. Burley’s office.

[00:20:00] Leila prepares to hang out with George by learning how to jerk off a guy. A girl is using a banana on Youtube to demonstrate the proper technique. Leila nearly fails to answer the questions when the teacher calls her. After class, Leila goes to the girl’s bathroom, but Grace and her friends are there. Grace tells Leila to leave. Leila doesn’t argue and leaves as fast as possible. Meanwhile, Joey speaks to Mr. Burley about the dress code. Mr. Burley tells Joey she violated the school’s dress code, but she already has everything under control. More than one hundred girls in school are not wearing their bras for that day. Tim, Luke, and George are also wearing undershirts with the same free nipple movement. Joey demands equality from Mr. Burley.

[00:23:00] Mr. Burley argues that it’s different when men wear light clothes than women, but Joey points out the double standard. Joey tells Mr. Burley about the other girls who don’t have their bras on. She gives him a list and tells him to interview the other girls before he passes his judgment on her. Mr. Burley can’t do anything. Instead of sending a lot of girls home and writing enormous amounts of paperwork, he gives the victory to Joey. He calls Ms. Wilder to his office so that she can apologize to Joey for calling her a prostitute. The girls in the dance club are so happy about Joey’s victory. They name her a captain of the dance club as she takes one of the dance groups to lead them. Tim visits the gym to see Joey before he leaves.

[00:26:30] Sid meets up with Victor about his paper. The teacher wants a stronger paper instead of what Sid has written up. Sid tells his idea to write about what happened last week during the bombing. Sid wants to write about his experience and how the people of New York treat his race. Victor agrees that Sid’s current idea is stronger than his current paper. He suggests a few more things and continues talking about the bombing. Victor tells Sid he’s having nightmares about getting his legs blown off. Flora arrives at the café, so Victor leaves. He tells Sid to call him once he finishes the paper, so he can critique his draft.

[00:29:30] George hooks up with Leila after class. She tries to jerk George off, but she isn’t doing it right. George masturbates on his own, which is awkward for both. Leila wants to make it up to George, so she sits beside him on his bed and reveals her breasts. George makes fun of her dark nipples for a moment and kisses Leila. Leila tries to connect with George, but she realizes that George only wants her body and nothing more. Meanwhile, Joey decides to get a nipple piercing. All the other girls in the dance club comes along to support her. She reads several messages from her phone before the tattoo artist pierces her nipple.

[00:35:00] Meanwhile, Dom is shopping with her mother and siblings. She is trying to control their budget, but her mother doesn’t care about spending too much. Dom stops her siblings from getting the toys they want. Dom pulls out a gift card at the counter, but the balance is no longer enough to pay for the clothes. Dom knows her mother spent too much on other things again. John works at the department store. He sees Dom from another counter. He goes over and offers his employees‘ discount to help. Dom feels ashamed. He introduces himself to Dom’s mother and goes back to work.

[00:38:00] Sid starts researching for his new paper. He locks his door and places a chair over the doorknob to prevent anyone from entering. Sid starts watching gay porn, but he hears his father knocking before anything happens. Sid messages his father to step away from his door. Meanwhile, George walks Leila out of their apartment, but they bump into Joey. Leila tells Joey not to tell Grace she went over to hang out with George. Rachel calls Leila to ask her what happened. George tells Joey that Leila can’t finish him off, so he finishes himself. They go back up to have dinner.

[00:41:30] Joey checks out the comments on her post before dinner. She also checks all the other posts made in support of her movement. Joey sends a picture of her nipple piercing to her friends, which they think is amazing. The next day, Joey testifies with Dom about what happened to her wallet. She tells the teacher that Jay and Owen already paid her back, but the boys still need to be held accountable for what they did. The principal doesn’t have any choice. He suspends Jay and Owen for what happened. Jay only gets a week’s suspension while Owen gets three weeks. Owen also needs to attend a hearing to decide whether he can continue studying at Grand Army or if he will get expelled.

[00:45:30] Jay tells Joey the principal’s verdict as they come out of his office. Owen doesn’t know what to do as his future is hanging in the balance. Jay assures Owen that they can make things right and that he’ll attend his hearing along with his parents. Joey feels terrible, but Dom doesn’t believe her.

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