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Grand Army Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Superman This S**t


Published 1 month ago

Grand Army Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Superman This S**t

[00:01:00] Dom plays for the clock in practice. She takes the final shot, but she misses. Everyone on the team calls her a ball hog. Coach tells Dom to break her old habits, but she doesn’t know what to do with the defender all over her face. Everyone on the team tells her to pass the ball. Dom realizes she’s in the wrong and apologizes to everyone. Dom goes ahead of the team to the girl’s locker room to set up her product before the other girls arrive. Once the girls arrive, they get curious about what Dom is selling. It‘s her homemade hair cream. It’s part of her plan to earn more money to help her family. Dom’s friends vouch for her product, making the other girls try it out.

[00:03:00] Coach goes into the locker room and finds Dom selling stuff. She tells Dom she’s not allowed to sell stuff in school. She smells the cream and buys two pieces for herself. Dom wants to give the cream for free, but their coach insists on paying for it. She tells Dom not to sell the cream in school again as she lets her slide just one time. Dom makes 40 dollars just from selling the cream to her basketball team. Meanwhile, Leila spends time with Omar. They smoke weed as they talk about Joey. Leila asks Omar if he thinks the guys raped Joey. Omar sides with Joey even though he doesn’t know the guys personally. He tells Leila the guys have all the reason to lie, making them guilty.

[00:08:00] Leila and Omar get high. Omar wants to have a person to talk to; whom he can tell anything he likes. Omar loves getting high because he can speak his mind. Sid finds a new friend in Victor. They do stuff related to psychology when Sid gets a hard-on. He lies in bed waiting for Victor to stimulate him as he tries to anticipate the stimuli. But Victor notices his penis bulging in his pants. Victor stops their activity and moves on to the next situation. They talk about Flora to ease the tension before moving on. Victor tells Sid how his father reacted to him when he revealed being bisexual. Victor finds it easier to be himself in school than at home. Sid thinks of a verbal stimulus he can tell Victor to continue their activity.

[00:13:00] Dom continues to hustle as she takes on clients in their apartment. She needs to multitask because they have an upcoming exam at school. She tells her client she’s going to give her a 25-dollar discount just so she can study and braid her client’s hair at the same time. Dom doesn’t expect John will be coming with Tamika. They brought Dom some burger and fries in exchange for her tutoring. Dom is mad that Tamika didn’t tell her about John coming over. She’s embarrassed about their apartment because it‘s such a mess. John tells Dom he doesn’t mind the mess. All he wants is to see her. Dom responds to a new message she received about possible clients for the next day.

[00:18:00] Joey wakes up just as her mother is leaving for work. She worries about Joey, but she assures Rebecca she’ll be fine. Joey stretches for a bit in her room as she thinks about leaving the house and taking a dancing lesson like she used to. Meanwhile, Leila receives an email that upsets her for some reason. Jay is also facing his own problems at the moment with the music club. Mr. Knight tells Jay that Owen gets invited to the all-state performance, but since Owen is suspended he cannot accept the invitation. Jay is sad that Owen cannot accept the invitation. Mr. Knight tells Jay he can play in Owen’s place because he’s accepted as an alternate for Owen. Jay hesitates to accept the invitation because Owen should be the one to play.

[00:21:00] Mr. Knight tells Jay he cannot change what happened and another person will take the invitation. He tells Jay he should accept the invitation because it’s going to be a great opportunity for him. Meanwhile, Dom goes to her coach to ask for leave, but she denies it. She tells Dom she needs to make decisions instead of keeping people hanging. Dom tells her coach about what happened to Sabine. They argue about her dedication for a bit, but in the end, Dom leaves the team to help her family. The coach accepts her resignation from the team so that she could focus her energy elsewhere. The school personnel doesn’t want to let Dom out of the school, but she leaves anyway.

[00:24:00] Joey goes out for a jog instead of going to dance class. She goes to Grand Army despite being out for a long time. Sid visits Flora in the library and reminds her about his swimming match. The Harvard scouts are coming to Grand Army, and he wants Flora’s support. Flora doesn’t know what to feel because Sid just broke up with her and now they‘re back together discussing their plans for college. Sid tells Flora he’s an idiot for breaking up with her, and he wants to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Dom goes to her new clients to make some money.

[00:27:00] A girl named Kaila invites Dom into her home. There are two other girls in Kaila’s house, Vie and Gemma. Kaila introduces Dom to them, and she takes out her supplies to start braiding them. Dom notices there are only two black girls in the room. She asks Kaila where her third client is. Kaila apologizes to Dom but a girl named Jordan can’t make it. Dom feels a bit angry because she‘s expecting three clients for a total of 300 dollars. Dom continues with Kaila and Vie instead of sulking about the loss client. They end up talking about the differences in their schools and personal problems. Meanwhile, Jay goes to see Owen at his suspension school. Owen’s face is all bruised up because some people at school jumped him.

[00:31:00] Jay goes over to tell Owen that he made all-state out of a thousand musicians who tried out. Owen isn’t happy about making all-state because he can’t play. He tells Jay he earned playing all-state, but he can’t make it because Jay burned him. Owen blames Jay for telling the truth to the panel during his hearing. He’s suspended because of Jay. He can’t tell Owen he’s the alternate set to play in his place because Owen is angry that some alternate would take the spot he earned. Owen tells Jay never come to see him again.

[00:32:30] Joey makes it back to their apartment complex, but she sees George leaving with his parents. They live in the same apartment complex, and she freaks out upon seeing them. She hides by a dumpster before they see her. Joey goes back to their apartment and begs Rebecca to move to another place. She can’t handle seeing George again as it brings back painful memories of what happened. Rebecca consoles Joey and tells her everything will be okay. Meanwhile, Sid leads the Grand Army team in relay swimming but Orlov messes up his timing, so they get disqualified for an early start. Orlov is so angry at Sid he wants to punch him, but their coach stops the fight before it even begins. He tells Sid the Harvard scouts want to talk to him. Sid leaves the locker room in a hurry and forgets about his laptop.

[00:34:30] Orlov sees Sid’s laptop and sees an opportunity to get back at him for humiliating him in the locker room. Back at Kaila’s house, they convince Dom to call about her internship. It‘s already 6:30 pm, and she knows no one will answer the phone. The girls tell Dom she needs to assert herself to get into the internship program. Dom gives it a try and calls the office. A woman answers her call and gets a schedule for the internship interview the next day. Everyone celebrates her small victory. She‘s finally going to get her shot to achieve her dreams of being a psychologist. The internship is for a mental health program; getting in it will be a great start for Dom’s career.

[00:37:00] Leila visits the rabbi she talked to at the bar mitzvah for Rachel’s sister. She tells the Rabbi she feels miserable as of late, and she can’t make the feeling go away no matter what she does. Leila feels guilty for posting shit about Joey before she finds out that she got raped. Leila tells the rabbi everything from giving George a blowjob to smoking weed with Omar. She feels guilty about many things, but it all boils down to her relationship with Rachel and how she disappointed her. The rabbi tells Leila about repentance, prayer, and charity. She tells Leila she needs to own up to her sins and ask for forgiveness from both Joey and Rachel. Leila knows little about religion or faith, and she is up for anything that frees her from her guilt.

[00:43:00] After his conversation with Owen, Jay finally knows what he needs to do. He is practicing a new piece in his room when his dad walks in. He tells Jay he needs to stop playing because his baby sister will go to bed in a few minutes. Jay tells his father he will be playing all-state. The news came as a surprise, but his father felt so proud of him. Jay doesn’t tell his father he is an alternate for Owen. He can’t after seeing his father all hyped up for his achievement. Jay feels bad for telling his father about all-state. It just came out of his mouth, and he wishes he could take it back.

[00:45:00] Sid is on his way home when he sees Meera on the sidewalk. He asks Meera what’s wrong, but she is worried about him. Sid tells Meera his phone is dead, so he can’t respond to her messages. Meera tells Sid someone made a fake account and posted his essay online. Sid is worried about what his parents will tell him, but Meera tells him they don’t know about it yet. Meera shows Sid the post as he reads his essay and sees all the people who reacted to it. Meanwhile, Dom fell asleep studying as she no longer has any energy left after working all day. Dom receives a message from John which uplifts her spirit to continue. She does a few jumping jacks to wake her system up and continues studying. But she still falls asleep after turning a few pages.

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