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I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Like Father, Like Daughter

BY Angela

Published 2 years ago

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Like Father, Like Daughter

Syd and Stan watch the stolen footage repeatedly to the point that Syd already loses her temper and snaps at Stan. Stan tells her that if she believes that someone was there and just disappeared, then he believes her. Syd worries that someone has been watching her. If it is true, then someone else knows about her.

At school, Brad threatens Syd to back off from Dina, saying that Dina is his. Syd gets upset, making the adjacent lockers open all at once.

Dina confronts Syd for lying to her about what happened in the library. She says it’s messed up how Syd got Dina involved in stealing the tape when she knows nothing about the real reason. Syd refuses to let her on in her secret, so Dina walks away disappointed.

Liam asks his crush, Veronica, to go out with him for pizza sometime. Before Veronica could even answer, Richard comes and punches Liam in the face.

In the cafeteria, Stan talks to Sydney about their upcoming homecoming date. Syd tells Stan that she does not know yet if she will go because there are many things on her mind. Stan then suggests they can just not go and just test her powers again, so she can use them if some creepy guy is really following her. Syd claps her hands sarcastically and tells Stan he made her more paranoid.

Stan asks why Syd is extra mean that day, so she tells him she has other things to worry about than hurting his feelings. While saying this, the juice box on her tray starts shaking. She holds it against the table to stop it from moving. Stan asks her if he should go to the dance by himself. Syd tells him she does not care. Stan tells her that he’d find another date. “I want you to,” she responds. Stan leaves and approaches Mercedes to ask her to homecoming.

During one of her regular sessions with Ms. Cappriotti, Syd tells her she saw someone following her and then disappeared. Ms. Cappriotti asks her if the man she thought she saw was anything like her father. Syd tells her that her father is dead, but Ms. Cappriotti says she thought she saw her grandmother for months even after she had passed. She says they are called grief hallucinations, and they most likely mean that Syd is still grieving and maybe needs something from his father, like closure.

On her way home, Syd hears noises indicating someone is following her. She rushes into their house and closes all windows and blinds. She hears someone opening the door. She goes to check on it and sees Liam with a black eye. Liam tells her that Richard punched him in the face in front of Veronica and asked him to say hi to his freak sister. Liam tells her that Richard might be right with how she’s been acting.

She realizes that maybe Ms. Cappriotti was right — she needs closure. She goes into the basement and looks for clues as to why her father killed himself. She finds a locked steel box under one of the shelves and opens it using her power. Inside, she finds a Marines uniform, a medal, and a pair of dog tags that belonged to her father.

Maggie walks in just as Syd is looking at the dog tags closely. Maggie explains that just after they married, her dad signed up for the Marines, and over the years, the things he saw and did start to weigh on him. She says they tried to move on after his last tour, but he was never the same, and he always said no one could possibly know what he was dealing with. She tells Syd that every time she asked about it, her father would just get mad at her and that he was so paranoid that he thought someone was following him. She says that an explosion killed everyone except him during his last tour, and he never got over it. She says he had something in him that he always tried to wrestle with, and that night when he took his life, the thing won. She begs Syd to tell her if she ever felt the same way.

With everything she has learned from her mother about her father, Syd is dying to write in her diary. She looks for it in her bag but fails to find it. Her diary is missing, and she realizes that whoever has her diary knows about her already.

Our Thoughts

Poor Stan, I wish he would just stay away from the selfish, self-centered Syd. She’ll just hurt him over and over again. Anyway, Syd’s diary is missing, which can only mean one thing — her secret is about to be revealed anytime soon. I mean, if she is mean about it now, then how worst can she be when it happens? Oh, I don’t even want to imagine. Lastly, we now know that Syd and her father were experiencing the same things. Could it be that her father also has powers, and he really didn’t die, and he is the shadowy figure watching Syd? I guess we shall all find out.

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