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I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Deepest, Darkest Secret

BY Angela

Published 2 years ago

I Am Not Okay With This Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Deepest, Darkest Secret

Realizing that her father was destroyed by the same thing that has been plaguing her, Syd decides to fight it and become a happy person instead. She makes pancakes for breakfast and makes Liam a sandwich as a peace offering. They make up.

At school, Syd tells Dina she should never have asked her to steal. She reveals she hallucinated in the library and just freaked out. Dina tells her she used to know everything about her, but now, she knows nothing. She tells Syd she should tell her everything because that’s what she’s for.

A guy asks Dina to go to homecoming with him. Dina says she’s laying low for the year, so she can’t. After the guy leaves, Dina tells Syd she is so over guys. Syd tells her that she is also over guys. She says Stan and her are just friends, and he is not talking to her at the moment. Dina asks Syd to go with her to the dance, and she agrees.

That night, Syd, Dina, and Stan prepare for the dance in each home. Syd decides to wear her father’s dog tags with her dress. Her mother sees her and tells her that the first time she and her dad kissed was at a school dance. She embraces Syd and tells her she looks beautiful. Dina comes to pick Syd up, and her jaw drops when she sees Syd in her dress. Before they go, Liam reminds them not to smoke, not to drink, to be home by 8 PM, and to have fun.

Syd and Dina arrive at the school. They dance the night away. Stan and Mercedes arrive at the parking lot. Stan realizes she is nothing like Syd because she thinks zits in weird places are gross, and smoking weed is not cool because it is a gateway drug that ultimately leads to death. Once inside, Mercedes leaves Stan alone. Syd sees it. She approaches Stan and tells him she should have told him she’s coming to the dance. Stan tells her that he really likes her. Syd tells him she really likes him too, but not in such a way. Syd asks him to go with her. They find Dina. When they are all together, they see Mr. Whitaker watching them.

A song plays, so Stan leaves Dina and Syd alone to request a song. Dina and Syd proceed to the dance floor. Dina tells Syd that when she kissed her, she was not expecting it, but she actually liked it. Their moment gets interrupted when the Homecoming King and Queen get announced. But just as the Homecoming King starts his speech, Brad gets the mic from him and begins telling everyone about Syd.

He announces she is one hell of a writer while holding up Syd’s diary in the air. He tells everyone that Sydney kissed Dina during Ricky’s party, that Syd is in love with Dina, that she has daddy issues, and that everyone in her life thinks she’s messed up. Stan comes and tells Brad to leave Syd alone. Brad punches him in the face. “But that is not even the weirdest thing about Sydney…” Brad continues. Sydney wishes he would shut up while she’s in tears. Before Brad can even reveal her secret, Brad’s head bursts into pieces, covering everyone around him, including Sydney, with blood. His headless body falls to the ground, so everyone screams and runs towards the exit, hence the opening scene of Sydney absent-mindedly walking in the middle of the street covered in blood.

She goes into the woods, straight into the abandoned wooden house she has been to. She contemplates running away and hiding where no one else can find her. The shadowy figure appears before her. She asks him if she should be afraid. “They should be afraid. Let’s begin.” the figure responds.

Our Thoughts

What a cliffhanger! Well, at least now we know that Stan is right again. Syd has a mentor figure. It is just that he showed up just now. What Syd did to Brad was unintentional, but it just showed how powerful Syd could be if she was triggered. She is, indeed, scary. Brad was just outright mean, but he didn’t deserve to die. Poor Brad! On the lighter side, it is refreshing to see Syd and her mom like that. I wish they had more heartwarming scenes. I am also glad to know that Dina might have feelings for Syd. But after what happened, will she feel the same? I guess we will never find out.

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