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In From the Cold Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – An Old Friend

BY Kean

Published 11 months ago

In From the Cold Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - An Old Friend

Anya’s talking to one of the officers about her not remembering anything. She doesn’t even remember that she pierced the victim’s eye sockets with feminine hygiene products. It’s all just a blank. She also says she can’t recall her name. One of the officers doubts her claims but says it‘s the fourth of the unusual incidents that happened. The other survivor, “Plaza Lady,” also lost her memory. Ohana says Anya looks like she swapped her memory for years of elite combat. The police keep Anya for a while. Ohana says she doesn’t understand why Anya will risk her life for a rogue agent, Chauncey Lew, who has been disavowed by the CIA and runs an illegal operation in breach of international law. Anya says she had no choice because he threatened her daughter. Ohana holds Anya’s hand to comfort her. She says it‘s Anya’s chance to tell if Chauncey is blackmailing her. She says she’ll protect her and make Chauncey leave. Anya seals a deal with Ohana to take down Chauncey.

Ohana asks what exactly is the nature of Anya’s mission for Chauncey. Anya doesn’t answer but asks for a change of clothes. Ohana keeps her company in the comfort room. After that, Anya goes out, morphing into the body of Ohana. She goes straight to the car where Chauncey and Chris are waiting.

In a flashback, Su-Yin was knocking on the door where Anya lives. He invited her to a gala to honor the growing friendship between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Su-Yin even bought her a traditional Chinese attire she could wear. After that, Anya told him to leave. Svetlana told Anya that the last remaining exemplar from the Yaroslav Program is being held in a safe inside the library in the guest living quarters on the second floor. She must recover and deliver it. Then she would vacate the embassy with the Yaroslav exemplar. She would exit in the same way she came in, as a guest. Still, if she couldn‘t deliver the exemplar to her extraction team, she must initiate the Omega Protocol without hesitation.

Chauncey says he knows what Ohana must have said about Marseille. He says it’s not the truth, at least not all of it. He says the double agent’s name is Rose. He knows she could never betray him or his team because she was his fiancée. They grew up together, joined the Air Force and the CIA together, and he knew her better than he knew himself. He says Rose was their embedded asset inside a hate group they believed was planning a terrorist attack. He says Gideon was always their primary target. Rose said she had Gideon locked down for them, so they could intercept him before the group could carry out their attack, but when they arrived, Gideon wasn’t there, just Rose. She’s the one who triggered the bomb. These are the reasons why Chauncey came for Anya. He thought someone was acting like Anya. But after everything they’ve seen, they realize someone might have taken control of Rose’s mind.

In another flashback, Svetlana puts weapons on Anya’s legs under her red dress. Anya went to the gala and meet Su-Yin. He introduced her to his parents. They will also be meeting Faina in the place.

Becca goes to the shop where she finds the dress she wants. She takes it to the fitting room to hide it so she doesn’t have to pay. She hides the dress under her shirt and wears a jacket. To avoid being noticed, she buys something in the shop and immediately exits the shop. While walking fast, a guy approaches her. He tells her never to run from the scene of a crime. Later, they go somewhere together.

Chauncey’s in the Europol Headquarters, Madrid. He goes there to speak with Chief Inspector Ohana Charron. He tells Ohana that Gideon is wreaking havoc in Madrid and planning something even worse. Chauncey asks that he and his asset be left alone. And if they become successful, Ohana and her team will be the heroes for bringing down the top financier of right-wing terrorism in Europe. He also tells her the woman‘s name that Anya killed for her — Zoya Kotova. Zoya is part of a mercenary group of assassins known as the Jackals. He adds that Ohana will probably get another promotion for ending Zoya’s reign of terror. Still, in return, he needs every copy of the bathhouse security footage she has. Ohana agrees.

In another flashback, everyone, including Su-Yin and Anya, ate at the long dining table. Anya went upstairs with Su-Yin. After she tied Su-Yin, she went to the room with the library and began removing the books to find the vault. She opened it using one of her weapons. When she opened the vault, Yaroslav was not in there.

Inés invites Anya to their home. Anya and Inés are in the kitchen preparing food. Felipe introduces Anya to his colleague: Señor Damían Abasolo. Anya tells something that makes Abasolo seal the deal with Felipe. Anya goes to a bar to meet Abasolo. They know each other. Abasolo tells her that he looked for her for years after she disappeared. Anya tells him she doesn’t want to be found. He says he would’ve given his life to protect her, but Anya says he can’t save her. He asks about the new person she created and if she is married or has children. Anya asks why he works for people like Felipe, but Damian says he doesn’t always have a choice in clientele because he needs money. She gives him her number and tells him to meet her where he lives. Unfortunately, a guy named Tomás followed Damian. When Anya notices it, she immediately follows the guy to the train station. They fight inside the train. When Tomás goes out, Anya grabs some of his clothes, so it gets stuck on the train. He bumps into something and dies afterward.

Damian is already in his house. Someone suddenly points a gun at his head, and then Svetlana enters. She tells him she believes Damian works for her. Damian realizes she‘s Gideon. He asks her what she wants, so she says she has grown so tired of asking what she wants, only to have those who asked disobey her. She brings out a watch used for hypnotism. After she changes the time of the clock, she starts humming. Damian dreams of being trapped underwater. Svetlana appears above him.

Our Thoughts

We thought Svetlana was on Anya’s side. We‘re a bit disappointed. After all those years, she decides to return. What does she really want this time? We wonder if Svetlana will hurt Anya when they finally meet again. Or will it be the other way around? 

And it’s an amazing negotiation that Chauncey had with Ohana. He sure knew how to make her agree with him, but if Chauncey doesn’t have a good reputation, is he someone Anya could trust? Anya might get in bigger trouble if she stays with Chauncey. She‘s finally living a normal life then he pulled her again into a life like such. Anya no longer has time to look after her daughter, so she doesn’t know what’s happening to her.

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