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In From the Cold Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Little Bird

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

In From the Cold Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Little Bird

Anya, Chauncey, and Chris are talking about what happened at the train station in the hotel room. Chauncey asks if Tomás started following Anya after Felipe’s driver dropped her off at Josefina last night. Anya answers, “not exactly.” She got dropped off and walked over to the Universidad area to the bar she used to go to when she was involved with Damian. She says they recognized each other when she walked over to the room. Lucky for Anya, the police can’t find anybody to talk to about the incident on the train. Chris says all they know is that Tomás Alonso fought with somebody on the train, but nobody wants to come forward to describe the person. Anya says she didn’t have a choice. If ever Tomás is alive, he’d go back to Felipe. Chris says they don’t have enough time before Felipe finds out about the incident. He asks what Damian’s plan is. Anya says he‘d send her an encrypted message right after he meets Gideon face-to-face. She expects it to be in the next 24 hours.

Anya remembers when she put her hand around Becca’s neck and pushed her against the wall. She feels guilty for what she did, so she knocks on Becca’s door and waits for her to come out. She apologizes and asks her to spend time with her after practice. Becca shows Anya the tattoo she got. When Anya sees the bird tattoo, she remembers the signs on the weapons she had used. After a while, Anya receives a message from Damian saying he had a surprise visit and tells Anya to come and see him to get what she needs. As soon as Anya leaves, the guy Becca has met gets out of the closet. While Becca’s brushing her teeth, the guy gets her phone, starts pairing it with his phone, and clicks on something that says “share indefinitely.” Afterward, he goes to her room to check her passport in the drawer and checks her identification. Becca sees him and asks what he‘s doing. He says he‘s just curious about them and asks what brought them to Spain from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 

Anya goes to Damian’s house. Damian tells her he has a surprise for her. She says she hopes the surprise is Gideon’s real name. Damian asks if Anya’s friend got his money and a new identity. Anya says his money is wired to an account in Zürich. His credentials and travel will take about 24 to 48 hours. After dancing, Damian tells her he should check the kitchen, but when Damian comes back, he tases Anya. Chris notices it, so he and Chauncey go out to help Anya. When Anya wakes up, she‘s tied to the table. Damian asks what her American friend’s name is. Anya knows Damian is being controlled. Damian threatens her by putting a rat on her stomach and covers it with a pan, which he continuously heats while questioning Anya. Blood trickles from under the pan. Damian keeps on asking for the name of Anya’s American friend. When Damian moves his face closer to Anya to hear her answer, Anya bites off his ear. She frees herself, takes the gun from Damian, and shoots him. Anya apologizes. Unfortunately, Damian dies.

In a flashback, Anya’s still in the library telling Svetlana that Yaroslav is not there. Svetlana said it‘s impossible; they couldn’t have withdrawn it from the building. Svetlana ordered her to go to the guest quarters, find Dr. Artur Orlov, and kill him. As she went out of the room, she met Faina.

Chauncey and Chris arrive at Damian’s house. Anya tells them someone’s controlling Damian’s mind. She saw it in his eyes, just like in Lidia’s eyes. Anya says Damian still has to deliver the bomb. In the skating rink, Becca meets Svetlana. She introduces his friend, Carmo. Svetlana says she‘s the one who owns the skating rink facility and continues to give compliments to Becca. Anya goes to Felipe’s house to bring the bomb by imitating Damian’s body. Felipe tells her that Gideon’s arriving soon. She suddenly utters she has the device and Becca’s identity for Gideon. Felipe asks if the American operative is female; she tells them she misspoke. She shows the device they asked for. Felipe tells her that the prime minister will attend a reception tomorrow night at the Museo Lázaro Galdiano. They already have a recruit working as a museum’s security detail member, so they only need another to deliver the device. Anya asks to use the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Anya tells Chauncey and Chris that she can’t hold the form any longer.

In another flashback, Anya and Faina were together in a room. Anya asked Faina where her father was. Then she went to the bathroom and removed the device that allowed her to be heard by Svetlana and the other guy. Svetlana thought there‘s something wrong with the connection, but Anya just slept with Faina.

Anya’s in the bathroom and goes back to her original form. Chauncey asks if there‘s any way she can morph back, but she says she just can’t. She escapes through the window in the bathroom to meet Chauncey and Chris. Anya runs as fast as she can while the guards shoot at her. Anya keeps running until she gets in the car with the others.

Gideon confronts Felipe and mocks him. She says if he and his brother fail to hold up his part of their engagement, she will burn his house down along with him and every Los Jinetes. Anya realizes things are getting more dangerous, so she wants to take Becca far away. Chauncey lets her rest in the bedroom and tells her he will keep an eye on Becca.

In another flashback, Anya destroyed the tracking device in Faina’s pendant while sleeping. She went to the room of Dr. Orlov to check on him. She saw a thing with an orange color. Dr. Orlov saw her and attacked her. She fought back to defend herself and puts something in his mouth. In a few minutes, he’s dead.

Chauncey goes to the skating rink to check on Becca. He sees Carmo so he follows him. They fight, but Chauncey is badly beaten. When Anya gets there, she follows Carmo to the rooftop. After fighting with each other, Carmo walks to the edge and says he already did his part. Then he lets himself fall off the building. Anya remembers Svetlana. She runs around looking for Becca until she realizes she’s not there anymore.

Our Thoughts

We‘re not surprised that it happened. Of course, they‘ll take Becca to use her against Anya. She should’ve thought about it. She’s not alone in life. Sooner or later, they‘ll come after her daughter. Anya could defend herself, but we doubt Becca could do the same. And what would happen if Becca found that Anya was the last person Carmo saw before he died? We’re worried she‘d misunderstand and blame her mother.

As for Svetlana, it seemed like she had too much power that even Felipe‘s scared of her. Because of her, Anya lost an important friend. Not only did she kill Damian, but he also tortured her. It’s surprising how fast Anya recovered after that torture. It was quick, but we know it‘s painful. Blood was flowing down her body, but she fought well despite that. In just a short time, Anya lost people important to her. How is she going to look for Becca?

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