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In From the Cold Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – Gideon

BY Kean

Published 11 months ago

In From the Cold Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - Gideon

Chris takes Chauncey to someplace where he can get medical attention because Carmo badly beat him. Chauncey says he can‘t take him to a hospital, but Chris says he made some calls. Anya tells Chris she can’t talk because she has to look for Becca. She thinks Svetlana put a camera in the room, so she‘s looking for it. Anya suddenly realizes that Chris knows where she is without her telling him. Chris makes an alibi that he’s still getting a signal from the com-link, but Anya says she lost her com-link in the fight with Carmo. When Anya stares in the mirror, she notices something in her eyes. She realizes Chauncey has installed cameras in her eyes so they can see everything. She destroys everything in the computer room. She uses defibrillators on both sides of her head to destroy the cameras in her eyes. 

In a flashback, Faina saw Anya kill her father. Anya tried to calm her down and explain that Faina’s father had attacked her first. When Faina tried calling for the guards, Anya stopped her and said she could help her. Faina was too angry to listen. When she tried calling for help again, Anya covered Faina’s mouth and nose, suffocating her. Anya cried as she did it, saying she had to do it. 

When Chauncey wakes up, Chris tells him to take a rest. Chris admits that Anya finally discovered the cameras in her eyes, so it won’t be good if Anya sees them.

Felipe and Andrés are talking about the situation they are in. Andrés says they must walk away because everything’s been compromised. Felipe says it has never been about what Gideon wants — it’s about fighting for their future. Andrés wants to fight when they have all the necessary weapons to accomplish their goals, but Felipe says they have everything they need. He adds that they don’t have to worry about getting through security. As long as they can sacrifice one man, then security is not a problem. He says that once the prime minister is dead, the Caleros and Los Jinetes will go down in history as the saviors of a grateful nation. Andrés says that if they fail, they will die forgotten in their prison cells. Andrés hears something from upstairs, so he gets his gun and checks what made the sound. Anya shoots him on both knees and drags him out of the house. She asks him where her daughter is, but he doesn’t even know Anya has a daughter. He says he’ll never say anything to Anya, so she ties him up and opens the cage. As soon as the bull sees Andrés, it attacks him.  

Chauncey and Chris return to their apartment and see that Anya destroyed everything. Chris says everything has a backup, but reestablishing secure, encrypted access to their data centers will take a couple of hours. Ohana shows up and points a gun at them, saying they‘re both under arrest. 

Anya goes to the church and finds Inés praying. She tells Inés who she really is and asks for help finding her daughter. Inés can’t believe it when Anya blames Felipe for her missing daughter. Anya tells her that Felipe killed Inés’ son, Ramón. If she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Diego, she should help Anya.

Felipe is in a room with Diego. He explains to his nephew that he‘s the one who’ll save them all. He injects Diego with something. Diego says he’s no savior but thinks twice when Felipe mentions his father having visions of God picking Diego. Ohana and Chauncey talk about the horrible situations that happened. Ohana says that the bodies have kept piling up ever since Chauncey came to Madrid. Chauncey asks Ohana to listen to him and take him seriously because the prime minister’s life is in danger. Ohana wants the truth, so they tell her about Anya, an agent code-named “The Whisper.” Chauncey says Gideon’s goal has always been to kill the prime minister. He also mentions Felipe’s group and how they acquired a bomb, but Chris gave them a fake bomb. The problem is they figured out it‘s fake. 

Felipe finds his brother’s head on the floor of his hotel room. Anya appears before him and asks him where her daughter is. Felipe says he knows nothing about Becca. Anya beats him up and pushes him to the balcony. Then she pushes him until he’s standing outside the rails. Anya asks where Gideon is. Felipe says all he knows is that Gideon owns Palacio de Hielo. Anya lets go of Felipe and lets him fall to his death.

Both Chris and Chauncey are in police custody. Chris pretends he’s mad at Chauncey and punches him. When Chauncey is placed in a separate room, he takes the key from his back pocket that Chris put in when he attacked him. Anya’s in the skating rink looking for Svetlana.

In another flashback, Anya was holding the dead body of Faina. Anya called Svetlana to tell them to pick her up, but Svetlana had already left and told her to initiate the Omega Protocol. The guards heard the noise from the room, so they wanted to get inside. Anya didn’t want to do as Svetlana asked, but she‘s afraid she would die. She took the Yaroslav and injected it into herself. 

Anya goes to the skating rink looking for Svetlana. She fights a woman who works under Svetlana’s orders. Anya is no match against her. After the fight, Svetlana walks in to congratulate her agent. When the woman walks closer to hug her, Svetlana shoots her. 

Diego pretends to be a police to get close to the prime minister. He points a gun at him and threatens to kill him, but Chauncey arrives just in time to convince Diego that it’s not the right thing to do. Diego drops the gun, crying. The prime minister is taken away by his security team.

Our Thoughts

So where is Becca? Where did Svetlana hide her? Because the flashbacks happened bit by bit, we didn’t know how Svetlana and Anya got separated. Svetlana was the one who trained Anya, so how would she go against her mentor? We know Anya will fight anybody just to get her daughter back. But how would she fight Svetlana? 

Chauncey happened to be so lucky that he arrived just in time. If he had been a bit late, Diego would‘ve pulled the trigger already, and things would‘ve been different. Felipe and Andrés faced a tragic death. None of them would ever find out if their plans worked. And how would Chauncey face Anya? How would he explain the fact that they had put cameras in Anya’s eyes?

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