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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 11 Recap – Narrow-minded

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 11 Recap - Narrow-minded


Kento takes off her necktie and removes the restraints of his cursed energy. He reveals his technique to Mahito, adding that he can also destroy objects. Mahito licks his lips and gets excited.

Kento tells Mahito he’ll retreat to fight later. He destroys the ceiling as a distraction before cutting off Mahito’s right leg and storming off.

Far away, Yuji feels the ground shake and wonders if it’s an earthquake. Ijichi won’t pick up his calls, so he talks to Junpei himself. Junpei notices the vortex button on Yuji, signifying he’s a Jujutsu Sorcerer.

Yuji asks Junpei if he saw something at the cinema. Junpei denies it and claims to have only seen weird creatures recently. Yuji ends his questioning, thinking he’s harmless and talks to him about movies. The two of them bond about their favorite horror flicks. Geto passes by and likes what he sees.

Junpei’s mother comes by after seeing them hanging out by the street. Yuji introduces himself as his friend, so she invites him over for dinner.

Geto arrives at the sewer and sees the destruction caused by Kento. Mahito wriggles from under the rubble like a worm before transforming into his human form. He laughs at how interesting his fight was and is amused at how his soul can take on different forms without restraints.

Tragic Dinner

Yuji tells Ijichi he’s having dinner with Junpei. The assistant director tells him to call if something weird happens, trusting Yuji can’t be killed easily. Yet he panics for not being there for the boy. Kento calls for him to pick him up as he needs his wounds treated. Kento feels shaken by Mahito’s words. He surmises it isn’t that long since Mahito was manifested, yet he already has a lot of victims.

Junpei and his mother have a great time at dinner with Yuji. She allowed him to leave school and explore life beyond its constraints. Yuji can only remember his grandpa.

Junpei asks him if he’s a Jujutsu Sorcerer who has ever killed anyone. When Yuji says no, he asks him what he’ll do if he encounters an evil sorcerer. Yuji fears that killing might be an easier option for him if he ever kills. He doesn’t want that path. Junpei reflects on it as he goes to sleep.

Junpei’s mother wakes up later that night and finds one of Sukuna’s fingers on the table. The next morning Junpei discovers his mother’s dead body, supposedly killed by a cursed spirit attracted to the finger.


Kento relays the news to Yuji, making the boy want to join the fight. If anyone dies, he can’t stand to stay on the sidelines. Kento refuses and tells him a time will come when he has to kill someone, but that isn’t now. Being a kid isn’t such a bad excuse. Kento leaves and asks him to keep an eye on Junpei.

Junpei takes his only black clothes and walks to school. Mahito explains Sukuna’s finger to him and blames the incident on other curse users who use money and power to send curses to other people. He asks Junpei if anyone with money and influence hates him or his mother.

Mahito covers the school grounds with a veil, preventing anyone from leaving. Geto wonders if his plan could work. They want to incriminate Yuji as Sukuna’s vessel and have the two fight.

All of the students in school drop unconscious except for Sotomura and the school bully, Shota. Junpei asks him if he is responsible but beats him up regardless of his answer.

Yuji arrives and asks him what he’s doing.

Our Thoughts

A very dark turn of events makes this anime better than your baddie-of-the-week anime. I rate this 4/5.


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