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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 12 Recap – To You, Someday

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 12 Recap - To You, Someday

Broken Heart

Yuji reports the events at Junpei’s school to Kento. He wants to intervene. Kento stops him from doing anything and leaves the sewers to catch up to him, knowing his words would be useless. Even Ijichi tries to block Yuji’s way, but he merely sidesteps and escapes.

A fight ensues between Yuji and Junpei using his cursed technique: Moon Dregs. He asks Yuji to step out of it as there’s no point in randomly saving people. He regurgitates Mahito’s words, saying there’s no more value in life, and the heart is an illusion. Those who deserve to die shouldn’t be spared.

We flash back to the time when Mahito taught Junpei his cursed technique. He created a jellyfish shikigami that can poison anything it comes across. Mahito told him he’s talented.

Yuji escapes from the jellyfish’s grip and punches it off the building with Junpei. As Yuji jumps, Junpei tries to catch him with tentacles, but Yuji swipes them off. Yuji tells him he’s wrong and punches him. He tries to appeal to Junpei, telling him his mother had a heart. Junpei weeps in front of him, asking if people with hearts cursed him and his mother.

Junpei unleashes his jellyfish and pierces Yuji in the chest. Yuji doesn’t move and takes it all. When asked why he didn’t evade, Yuji staggers forward and apologizes to him. He asks Junpei what happened, and he’ll never curse him. Junpei tells him. Yuji then asks Junpei to join Jujutsu High, where he’ll have strong teachers and friends so that they can avenge his mother.

Final Cry

Mahito arrives to Yuji’s surprise. Junpei asks him to stop, but Mahito attacks Yuji. Mahito taps Junpei and tells him he’s stupid before transforming his soul. Junpei attacks Yuji, but he can’t fight back. Yuji calls for Sukuna to heal Junpei like he healed his heart. But Sukuna merely laughs and mocks him. Mahito joins him in laughter.

Yuji sees the two for what they are: evil curses. The deformed Junpei begs Yuji for help before dying.

Yuji punches Mahito and makes him bleed. Being Sukuna’s vessel has turned him into something stronger. Yuji burns with anger and swears to kill him.

Mahito evades Yuji’s attacks, careful to work delicately against Sukuna’s vessel. Mahito’s transformations thwart Yuji’s attacks, so he tries to attack in quick succession. Mahito then turns his arms into long-ranged weapons of destruction, piercing Yuji with spikes.

Once they get close, Yuji connects with a clean punch, but Mahito retaliates with more spikes. He asks Yuji to hurry up and switch with Sukuna. Mahito attempts to configure Yuji’s soul, but Sukuna intervenes. Sukuna gives him a warning for touching his soul, telling him to know his place.

Yuji grabs Mahito’s face for a slew of headbutts, making him bleed. Mahito evades and appears behind Yuji, but Kento appears to block him before he can attack.

Kento asks Yuji about the situation. Yuji tells him he’s failed to save the victims, and his body is full of holes. Everyone at school remains unconscious at the gym. Mahito greets Kento and asks if he needs a hug.

Kento learns Yuji can make Mahito bleed, but his attacks don’t have an effect. Yuji can’t believe it. Kento deduces that Mahito may not be able to transform Yuji. He devises a plan to attack together and finish the exorcism.

Our Thoughts

I seriously felt Junpei could join them as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. Sad to see him meet his end, but that’s what makes this show a step up from your typical shounen. 4/5.


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