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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 13 Recap – Tomorrow

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 13 Recap - Tomorrow


Mahito disfigures his body and attempts to kill Kento first. He turns his hand into blades and spikes while the two attempt to get a hold of him.

Kento notices Mahito pauses every time he attempts to change forms. Mahito tries to make himself smaller, but the size makes Yuji’s punches even more threatening, so he lets out three transfigured humans to divert him.

As Yuji evades the three child-like humans, Mahito sees he can‘t kill them. He gets a hold of Kento, who tells him not to be so complacent.

Yuji jumps in, having killed the diversions to free Kento. They both land a clean hit on Mahito and beat him down with numerous attacks. In desperation, Mahito activates his Domain Expansion to trap Kento in The Self-Embodiment of Perfection.

Kento enters a domain full of hands intertwined against each other. Outside, Yuji pummels his way into Mahito’s domain, wondering why he was left out of it. Kento is at his wit’s end, having never attained his domain expansion technique. Now that Mahito’s domain is full of palms, he’s literally at the palm of the enemy’s hand.

Kento remembers why he hated Jujutsu Sorcerers. Necessary sacrifices always come up, so he escaped the first time.

The Salaryman

Kento remembered his past as a salaryman. While buying his favorite bread, he saw a curse stuck on the lady baker‘s shoulder. His job as a salaryman led him to make money without any real purpose but retire at 40 and live in the countryside. Money was all he lived for.

One day, after feeling quite low, he exorcised the curse haunting the baker.  She thanked him for making her feel better. Kento regained a new sense of purpose and went back to Jujutsu High.

Kento braces himself for Mahito’s attack, but the domain breaks — Yuji breaks through. Kento remembers larger domains make it susceptible to external attacks. No madman would dare enter a domain that could spell instant defeat, but Yuji is different. Mahito comes in contact with Sukuna once again. This time Sukuna punishes him greatly.

They escape the domain with Mahito terribly damaged and bleeding. Yuji goes in to attack, but Mahito unleashes his last reserves to enlarge himself. Yuji doesn’t hold back and uses Divergent Fist. Mahito’s body pops like a balloon and escapes to the sewers.

Kento calls for backup, but Yuji’s body collapses.


Mahito crawls back to the sewers after meeting the King of Curses. He notes Sukuna’s energy is less than Jogo’s, but his presence is on a different level. A new era of curses will reign once Sukuna emerges, but he regrets not being able to kill Yuji. He vows to wait for the next opportunity.

At the morgue, Kento tells Yuji he should be resting. He explains that when Yuji entered the domain, he made Mahito come in contact with Sukuna’s soul. Thanks to Yuji, he is saved. Yuji tells him it was Sukuna who saved him. He regrets he had to kill the humans.

They contemplate the value of life and their role in it. Kento tells him he can’t look out for everyone’s sake. If he weren’t there, Kento would have died. He’s now a Jujutsu Sorcerer.

Junpei’s classmates receive a lecture on bullying. Sotomura talks to Shota, whose hand is now paralyzed. The teacher vows not to stand on the sidelines anymore. They both had a fault in ruining Junpei’s heart.

Yuji vows he won’t lose again as he goes back to school.

Our Thoughts

They may have left the fight alive, but the incident was definitely a loss for Yuji. It is a tragic sequence for our MC to go through, but it’s necessary for how evil and dark this world is. 4/5.

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