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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 20 Recap – Nonstandard

BY Harris

Published 3 days ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 20 Recap - Nonstandard

Interesting life

Flashing back to Aoi Todo’s past, we learn that he’s been a delinquent since he was young. He got into fights constantly, and he always won, even against older boys. A woman discovers him, and she leads him to a more interesting life.

Yuji can’t believe Todo hasn’t used his cursed technique yet. Todo tells him there’s no time to explain, so they should just go at it and trust him.

Todo summarizes all of Hanami’s attacks and figures out the best approach to beat her. He claims that his IQ is 530,000 and concludes that they’ll be victorious. Why? Because he isn’t alone.

Hanami catches Todo’s foot as he runs and leads him into a spike pit. A clapping sound rings around the field. Suddenly, Todo swaps places with Hanami. Hanami falls into her own trap.

Todo’s cursed technique: Boogie Woogie allows him to trade places with someone else. It’s simple but very effective. He signals Yuji to attack before the enemy manages to adjust to his technique. They rush to her while switching places constantly. Hanami fails to evade them multiple times, causing her severe damage.

Hanami’s judgment slows significantly, so she receives more hits after every clap. Soon, she gets trapped, and her body gets whittled down.

In the Zone

Yuji enters into a zone-like state while continuously using Black Flash. Todo can’t help but be proud. Hanami gets hit four consecutive times—the usual upper limit for the technique.

Todo remembers his childhood and feels the same way with Yuji as he once did with his mentor—the feeling he’ll never feel bored again. An all-out brawl ensues between them when Hanami finally adjusts to their rhythm. Todo can see victory in sight, but Hanami unleashes multiple plant buds to attack them.

Todo switches with Yuji and attempts to block the hit with his own energy. He gets a vision of Takada, who makes him figure out the enemy’s technique.

Todo withdraws his energy, and the cursed buds fall off him. They chase Hanami back to the place with the three-pointed staff. Before the fight, Megumi gave Todo the advice of breaking Hanami’s face branches. Todo smacks Hanami down, and she falls. But the cursed spirit absorbs the life energy of the surrounding fauna to recharge herself. Hanami is about to open Domain Expansion when the veil above them breaks.

Gojo appears above them with his eyes wide open.

Juzo continues to fight with Gakuganji and his electric guitar technique. Juzo wants to make a wallet of the old man’s skin.

The Unveiling

Utahime coordinates with the rescue efforts, but another curse user with a sword stops her. Nobara and Mai arrive to help her, but the curse user runs away as soon as the veil disappears.

Gojo surveys the whole scene and chooses to attack Juzo first by smashing all of his limbs. Gakuganji stops him from killing Juzo, as they need him for questioning. Gojo decides his next target. He ups the ante and uses his cursed technique.

Hanami attempts to escape. Yuji wants to stop her, but Todo warns him at the last minute to stop moving.

Gojo unleashes his technique: Hollow Purple towards Hanami’s direction, causing destruction in its wake. Todo can’t even see if the exorcism was successful or not. Gojo celebrates his victory but knows things aren’t as simple.

Elsewhere in the Jujutsu Campus, Mahito retrieves one of Sukuna’s fingers.

Our Thoughts

I’d usually be disappointed at how the enemy managed to escape, but not this time since we get to see more of Gojo’s powers—on top of Todo’s—and now the stakes are even higher for everyone. A shining 4/5!

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