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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 24 Recap – Accomplices

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 24 Recap - Accomplices

Cursed Brothers

The cursed womb brothers Eso and Kechizu work in tandem to fight Yuji and Nobara. Eso attacks with his blood-like tendrils called Wing King.

Yuji carries Nobara to escape the blood technique. She‘s caught off guard at Yuji’s speed. They stop at a highway, but Kechizu appears and vomits blood on Yuji. Before Nobara could react, she gets splashed by Eso as well.

Eso explains his blood effects called Rot Technique: Decay. Suddenly, black marks run through Yuji and Nobara’s bodies, causing them to decompose. By morning, they’ll turn into skeletons.

Eso challenges them for their next step. The two brothers are products of malpractice by an evil sorcerer who tricked their mother into having nine abortions. They don’t remember anything about their mother, but it could likely be her anguish causing them their cursed energy.

Eso claims to have no hatred for humans or sorcerers, but for 150 years, they were sealed inside tubes and were recently let out by Geto’s group. They swear to work with them for now, but the three brothers consider themselves one entity.

Nobara suddenly laughs at him, learning that they’re a bad match against her. She spikes her wrist without hesitation. Using Resonance, both brothers feel her pain. If they don’t undo it, then they’re tied to Nobara’s fate. She’s essentially using her own body like a voodoo doll.


Now, the Rot Technique is also affecting them. Eso thinks it’s a battle of endurance, but then Yuji strikes a punch at Kechizu when he isn’t supposed to move. Nobara spikes herself with another nail.

Sukuna is considered the King of Poisons, so poisons are ineffective against him. Yuji pummels through Kechizu. Nobara laughs as she spikes herself yet again.

Yuji and Nobara switch opponents for a better matchup. Eso gets desperate as he sees his brother suffer and deactivates Decay instinctively. He uses Wing King again to defend against Yuji, but the sorcerer hits him with Black Flash. On the other side, Nobara strikes Kechizu with the same technique using a nail and hammer.

Eso’s arm gets cut off while Kechizu falls to the ground. Kechizu strikes Nobara for a surprise attack, but she blasts her nail through the cursed womb’s body—Hairpin.

Eso cries at his brother’s demise. A pickup passes by the road and Eso hops on to escape with it. Yuji chases after him.

Eso forgot something. Nobara can spike him through the heart using his arm that was left on the road.

Both of them are in the zone after using Black Flash. Yuji apologizes before ending Eso with a punch.

In Geto’s hideout, the third sibling Choso feels his brothers‘ death. They learn the ones responsible for it.

Promotion Schemes

Back under the bridge, Yuji and Nobara reflect about having killed humans. Yuji feels especially bothered by it, but Nobara tells him they’re saving even more people. They don’t have the luxury of checking if opponents are humans or curses during battles. Yuji feels especially sad after seeing Eso cry.

They find Fushiguro sleeping by the river, relieved he’s not dead. He was sleeping with Sukuna’s finger. Megumi hands it to Yuji for safekeeping and warns him not to eat it. But as Yuji picks it up, Sukuna’s mouth appears in his palm and eats the finger. They’re all surprised it’s possible.

Ms. Nitta calls at them from above, complaining that they’ve been gone for too long.

Gojo tells Utahime the news of his first-years’ success. He bribes Mei to promote the first- and second-years as Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerers.

Our Thoughts

It‘s a great showcase of our two leads in this season-ender. Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the hottest and best anime of this generation. It’s a must recommend for anyone who likes shounen. I rate this 4/5.

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