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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Curse Womb Must Die

BY Harris

Published 5 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Curse Womb Must Die

Cursed Womb

Assistant director Kiyotaka Ijichi takes the trio to the location of a facility haunted by a Cursed Womb. They’ve sealed off and evacuated the scene of its nearby residents.

He explains there are five prisoners inside. He warns them the Cursed Womb can transform into a Special Grade Cursed Spirit. “Special Grade” curses are of the highest level—akin to the level of Gojo. Unfortunately, he’s on a business trip, so they’re understaffed. Sorcerers have a lot of responsibilities to manage.

Kiyotaka prohibits them from fighting if they encounter a Special Grade Curse. Their only options are to escape or die. Their main mission is to rescue the prisoners. By the gates, a mother is crying for her son.

They resolve to rescue the prisoners. Kiyotaka creates a veil that shields them from the outside world as they enter. Megumi calls out his Divine Dog. They enter and find the interiors have been distorted by a curse—an Innate Domain. When they look back, the door has disappeared.

Although worried, Megumi assures them the dog can remember the entrance‘s scent. They dive deeper and find three mangled corpses, one who’s the son of the woman outside. Yuji wants to take it back, but Megumi stops him, saying they should find the other two.

Megumi reveals it’s a juvenile detention center, and these men are delinquents. While they argue, Nobara gets sucked into the floor, and the Special Grade Curse appears before them. Yuji attacks it, but his own arm gets severed.


Yuji asks for Sukuna’s help, but he threatens to kill his friends first. The Special Grade attacks them with brute force. Yuji tells Megumi to escape with Nobara so he can give Sukuna control. He can fight the demon while they’re out of the way.

Megumi is forced to comply. Nobara fights against a flock of flying curses, but her nails are running out.

The Special Grade attacks Yuji with raw cursed energy, easily shattering the walls and floors. Yuji’s life flashes before him as he blocks another attack. As he’s about to die, Yuji questions himself if he really is that weak.

Nobara is about to be eaten by a curse, but Megumi helps her escape using a summoned frog. Meanwhile, Yuji laments his weakness and impending doom. He remembers the principal’s words to live without remorse. He pours all of his emotions into his fist; it turns into cursed energy.

Then he hears a howl from outside, signaling Megumi and Nobara’s escape. Yuji lets Sukuna out, and he’s rightly annoyed that Yuji looks down on him. The curse gets frightened and backs up. Sukuna asks the curse to wait as he plans how to make Yuji regret things. He asks the curse to follow him outside, but the curse attacks him. Sukuna blocks and inadvertently heals Yuji’s hand.

Sukuna subdues the Special Grade easily and tears its arm off.


Megumi asks the assistant director to widen the evacuation area while he waits outside for Yuji. Nobara is badly wounded, so she needs to get to the hospital. Megumi asks for a Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer’s support, although he thinks there’s no one available.

As the car leaves, he wonders what could happen to Yuji.

Sukuna mocks the Special Grade for being in the same category as he is while getting badly beat. He compliments the demon for regenerating itself correctly, but that’s not the true power of the curses.

He does a hand seal and activates Domain Expansion, taking the curse into a dimensional shrine and cutting it into pieces. He finds a hole at the center of its chest with one of his cursed fingers inside. He takes it back. Sukuna asks for Yuji to switch places, but nothing happens.

Our Thoughts

I really like how massive the stakes are in this fight. The writer isn’t afraid of nearly killing the characters either. Or are they dead? I rate this 3.5/5.

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