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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – After Rain

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - After Rain


Yuji meets with Sukuna inside his own body. Sukuna sits atop a throne of blood and bones while looking down at Yuji. Yuji rushes in to punch Sukuna, but his strength and tricks don’t work.

Sukuna tells him they‘re not in hell but his Innate Domain, a place inside his mind. That means they’re not dead yet. Sukuna offers a deal to restore Yuji’s heart now that circumstances have changed.

He has two conditions: first, to regain control anytime for one minute, and second, for Yuji to forget their conversation. Yuji refuses at first, but Sukuna adds he won’t kill anyone within that one minute. This is a binding vow they must both follow or get punished. Yuji still won’t relent, so they fight for it. Sukuna wins effortlessly.

Back at the morgue, Gojo vows to have a reset of the Jujutsu Society to eliminate the corruption. That’s why he takes in a lot of students and vows to nurture them.

Ieiri is about to start her autopsy when Yuji wakes up from his bed. Gojo welcomes him back and gives him a high-five. He asks Ieiri to hold off on reporting him dead for now. Gojo wants to train him first and not distract the others.

One of the waiters feels the presence of the cursed spirits dining at the restaurant. Jogo is eager to fight Gojo, but Geto insists Gojo cannot be defeated. Instead, they’ll have to find a way to trap him using a Special Grade Relic: Prison Realm. The waiter quits his job and runs away.

The manager asks for Geto’s order, but Jogo burns him and everyone else in the restaurant. Jogo volunteers to defeat Gojo after he displays strength.

Getting Stronger

Megumi goes to Tadashi‘s mother to tell her he passed away. He catches up to school to find the second-year trio training with Nobara.

Megumi asks Zenin what kind of people she wants to save as a sorcerer. She isn’t interested.

Gojo takes Yuji to an underground cellar to give him basic knowledge of curses. Yuji realizes he’s weak and almost got the others killed. He wants to be stronger. Gojo tells him about cursed energy and cursed techniques. Energy is raw, but the techniques are abilities where one can be creative. Unfortunately, Yuji has no talent for techniques.

Gojo tells him to cheer up and ignore techniques. Instead, he can infuse his martial arts with cursed energy. Yuji tells him he’d already done it fighting the Special Grade before, but he can’t replicate it. Gojo explains he’ll need to harness his emotions for the cursed energy to come out.

His training will involve watching movies while holding a cursed doll from the principal. The doll will need a constant supply of cursed energy, or else it will punch him, which it does.

Yuji will have to do it while watching movies. He must maintain supplying it with energy while not getting distracted by the movies. Yuji will have no room to slack off, or he’ll get punched.

Megumi wants to have more tools at his disposal, so he asks the advice of his seniors. He searches for a way where he can hide cursed tools.

Yuji complains the doll keeps punching him while he’s drinking. Gojo asks him if he had a conversation with Sukuna while he was dead, but Yuji can’t remember anything.

Gojo heads out to meet with the principal, but he gets attacked by Jogo.

Our Thoughts

This is a slow episode with world and character building, but they manage to keep it interesting. I rate this 3.8/5.

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