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‘Killing Eve’ Season 3, Episode 2 ‘Management Sucks’ Recap: Grief Fuel

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 4 years ago

'Killing Eve' Season 3, Episode 2 'Management Sucks' Recap: Grief Fuel

Kenny just died. And yet, barely anyone’s shedding a tear on Killing Eve. There’s his girlfriend, of course, but she doesn’t really count at this point does she? But, then again, this is Killing Eve. If there’s something similar with all our main characters, it’s that they deal with these kinds of emotions in their own little ways. There’s Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) trying her best to be stoic, of course. Then, there’s Eve (Sandra Oh), getting drunk and being a little messier.

If there’s one good thing that Kenny’s death has brought onto the table though, it’s pulling everyone back together in the battle against The Twelve. I didn’t expect it to take this long. But, I’m still liking how the show is taking it’s time building it up and pulling the strings taught so far. So, here’s what went down before Carolyn and Eve’s reunion in this week’s episode of Killing Eve titled ‘Management Sucks.’

Dealings With Grief

Kenny’s death is being crossed off as a suicide. And while Eve is simmering about it, Carolyn’s making Kenny’s funeral seem like a dinner party. Instead of vocalizing her thoughts, Eve has taken to drinking it all off. But, Kenny’s editor Jamie (Danny Sapani) calls her out on it. Seeing as how he’s sort of a dick though, the ensuing conversation is a little less than pleasant. Inside, Eve tries to gather more information from Kenny’s workmate Bear (Turlough Convery). But, she’s interrupted by Jamie once again. Eve also comes face to face with Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) who she’s a little less than pleased to see.

Fiona Shaw and Gemma Whelan in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 2

Nick Wall/BBCA

Speaking of Konstantin, he reconnects with Kenny’s sister Geraldine (Gemma Whelan) at the funeral. But, before they could catch up more, Carolyn intercepts. Konstantin offers help in any way. But, Carolyn brushes it off and chases after Eve. With all her resentment towards Carolyn though, Eve doesn’t even let the older lady get more than a few sentences through her before she drags her drunk ass out of the place.

Carolyn’s Loss

A few days later, Carolyn tries to come into work. But, she quickly discovers that she’s not as welcome there yet given her circumstance. As much of a prick he seems to be, Paul (Steve Pemberton), Carolyn’s new supervisor does have a point when he says she still needs to grieve. The thing is, it seems that Carolyn doesn’t know how to.

Kim Bodnia in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 2


Trying to make sense of her son’s death, Carolyn tries to draw Eve into the fold once again. She presents her with a photo of Villanelle’s (Jodie Comer) latest kill in hopes of piquing Eve’s interest. But, to no avail. Carolyn then continues her investigation by asking Kenny’s girlfriend Audrey. But, the girl is clueless. Left with nothing else, Carolyn ends up one morning in the parking lot of the office, listening to sad classical music while munching on her sandwiches. It’s sadder than it seems. And when Carolyn’s assistant finds her, she admits exactly how hopeless she is. She can’t investigate her son’s death nor can she give it justice. She’s powerless.

Meanwhile, Konstantin’s sneaking around her back. He deliberately bumps into Geraldine outside her work pretending to send out a post for his daughter. As the conversation ebbs on, he gives her a fridge magnet most likely containing a bug.

Phone Alert

On the other hand, Eve’s making more progress than anyone in this time in Killing Eve or so it seems at least. This is because she has Kenny’s work phone. She tries having a crack at it but to no avail. Suddenly, it starts ringing. Eve hesitates the first time. But, as the caller starts arranging her with messages to answer it, she gives in. As it turns out, it’s Jamie. They know Eve has Kenny’s phone and they’re demanding she hands it over.

Fiona Shaw and Sandra Oh in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 2

Nick Wall/BBCA

Eve, of course, refuses. But, knowing she can’t do anything with it anyway, she decides to strike up a deal. They get the phone and they crack the passcode. But, she also gets a copy of the confidential information inside. The thing is, Kenny knew what he was doing and he has everything under lock and key. And it may take a few days to crack everything. So, Eve demands his thumb drive. The problem with that is that it’s with the police.

With that, Eve decides to finally reunite with Carolyn. They both know Kenny didn’t jump. And they both want to find who killed him. To do that, they’d have to work together again. The thing is, they have a bug in their midst. Remember that fridge magnet? It’s all classic Konstantin betrayal courtesy of The Twelve.

Keeper Training

Elsewhere on Killing Eve, Villanelle’s settling into her new life. And before anything else, can we just talk about her apartments?? These gorgeous apartments are probably the sweetest incentives of her job. They’re freaking beautiful! Back to the matter on hand though, Villanelle still needs to prove she’s keeper-worthy. And her task this time is to train/ work with a new trainee.

Jodie Comer and Stefen Iancu in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 2

Des Willie/BBCA

We all remember the last time Villanelle worked with someone though right? It wasn’t pretty nor is it getting prettier this time. Given that the kid Felix (Stefan Iancu) had just been through a tough breakup like she was, Villanelle does sympathize with him a little. But, when he fucks up on the job, Villanelle doesn’t hesitate one bit in shooting him on the head.

Later on, Konstantin pays his favorite assassin a visit. And just as you’d expect, Villanelle isn’t too happy to see the man who betrayed her. Luckily for him, Villanelle wasn’t as interested in killing him. So, he delivers the news that Eve is still alive. This visibly stuns Villanelle. But, as soon as Konstantin leaves, Villanelle releases this maniacal laughter. And it becomes obvious that she’s going to have her fun once again.

Killing Eve continues next Sunday, April 26th with “Meetings Have Biscuits” at 9/8c on BBCA.

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