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‘Killing Eve’ Season 3, Episode 3 ‘Meetings Have Biscuits’ Recap: Reunion

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 4 years ago

'Killing Eve' Season 3, Episode 3 'Meetings Have Biscuits' Recap: Reunion

Oh wowee! The emotions are now rolling on Killing Eve. That reunion scene with Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) was just perfect! In a bus of all places, it’s brilliant! It’s inconsequential and yet it has such an impact. That’s one of the best things I love about this show. It uses the expectations of its audience against them. I also do appreciate it that Killing Eve didn’t focus on the pair’s meeting too much this time lest they overuse it.

This week’s episode ‘Meetings Have Biscuits’ is such a rollercoaster of weirdness and emotion. One moment, there’s Eve and Villanelle fighting, then they’re kissing. Then, there’s Villanelle frightening the shit out of Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) at bedtime. It’s one fun hot mess to watch. But, that doesn’t hide the fact that this episode has taken quite a confusing turn. We have all this mess of information that we have to decode. And then we’re watching Eve and Villanelle try to beat each other at their own game. While that may be fun to watch, it’s easy to get lost with all the information jumping at us. With that, we may need more basics than just Kenny’s death and the 12 to give us a clear image of what’s happening in Killing Eve. Other than that, let’s dive into this week’s episode ‘Meetings Have Biscuits.’

Baby Baby, What Are You

Villanelle and a baby. I never thought it’s a sight I needed to see. This week’s episode on Killing Eve, Villanelle’s assassination trip takes us to a historic home in the magnificent rolling hills of Andalusia. There, she shows off her skill by lodging a tiny piece of piano repair instrument in the back of her unsuspecting victim’s head like throwing a dart. After that, a baby starts crying somewhere in the house.

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 3

Ludovic Robert/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

Villanelle finds the little bundle held by a nanny. After having a little bit of her own twisted version of fun, she, of course, kills the nanny. Then things get weird. Villanelle freaking takes the baby. Everyone knows it’s not because she wants to mother it. It’s solely because she doesn’t get it. She even takes it on her lunch with Dasha (Harriet Walter). Obviously though, the baby isn’t a big help in the matter when Dasha’s a tad upset with Villanelle’s behavior in last week’s episode. So, the old crone picks it up and literally throws it in a nearby trash can. How nobody didn’t notice that I could only wonder.

Fortunately, not a minute passes by before someone notices the baby. While Dasha and Villanelle finish their lunch, a bunch of people starts fusing over it in the tastefully blurred background. Then, Dasha gives Villanelle her new assignment in London.

The World of Financial Crime

Meanwhile, Carolyn is taking meetings to a whole new level in her bathtub, naked and sorry, no biscuits. It’s certainly odd for a character like Carolyn but that’s what the world of Killing Eve has come to now. Thankfully, Eve gets her out of there and into a proper set of clothes before facing Jamie. And before the cattiness could escalate between Carolyn and Jamie, Eve parents them both and drives them to the purpose of the meeting: divvy the work.

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 3


Eve and the Bitter Pill team takes on Kenny’s thumb drive. There, they find the accounts that Kenny has been studying before he was killed. And it all leads them to a bank account in Geneva encrypted with the code name PANDA. If you don’t remember who that is, that’s fair because the guy was killed off way back in season 1. Fat Panda was the Chinese intelligence operative going after the MI5 double agent Frank Haleton. And Haleton was being paid off using the account Kenny found. It went dormant after his death. But, Kenny found out that it became active again. 6 million euros was gone from it and the rest was transferred to an account in Geneva.

While Eve bullies Mo (Raj Bajaj) to find the owner of the Geneva account, Konstantin is already meeting with him, a man named Charles Kruger. Through a series of revelations, later on, we find out that Charles might just be The Twelve’s accountant. It figures why he’s so desperate to ask for Konstantin’s help. He just lost them a big deal of money. Konstantin assures him of some help before leaving.

Eve and Villanelle Reunited

Elsewhere in London, Villanelle’s fashioning herself a new scent. “I want to smell powerful,” she tells the proprietor of a perfumery. “I want to make everyone gag with it.” And, of course, we all know that by everyone she means Eve. While dealing with her complicated feelings for Eve though, Villanelle wanders into a toy shop which she aptly describes as “psychopathic.” I mean, she’s not wrong.

There, she finds herself in one of those booths where you could record an audio message that goes into a stuffed bear. “I should have shot you in the head,” she says on her first try. “I should have shot you in the head and watched you die.” Second try. Then finally, “…I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 3

Ludovic Robert/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

A bus ride later, the two finally come face to face. As Eve ponders why Niko discharged himself from the recovery center and left for Poland without telling and leaving her a word, Villanelle comes sauntering up the aisle. Immediately, Eve goes rabid.

Of course, Villanelle lets Eve have her slaps in before practically manhandling her and pinning her down on a seat. “Smell me!” she commands. Instead of smelling her though, Eve kisses her. Then, she headbutts her. And it’s all over as quick as a snap. The only proof that the two have ever met are the bruises on each woman’s forehead.


Getting to the Bitter Pill office, Eve shuts down the stares and questions. But, then she realizes something. On the bus, Villanelle specifically said, “I’m not here for you.” That only means one thing. She’s here to kill someone by order of the Twelve. And who else has been sniffing too close to their operations aside from her? Carolyn.

Raj Majaj and Fiona Shaw in Killing Eve Season 3 Episode 3

Des Willie/BBCA

The problem is, Carolyn isn’t answering her phone. After orchestrating a date with an old beau with Geneva knowledge, Carolyn learns about Charles Kruger. Apparently, he’s also an old beau. Seriously, Carolyn’s dating life is one hell of a brain turner. Back to the topic, she and Mo pick up Charles for interrogation. On the way though, they’re stopped by a police officer. That’s when Carolyn sees Eve’s message. “DNGR! VILNL AFTER U.” When she glances up to the officer, it’s no one but Villanelle already pointing the gun at her. Then, she fires.

After Kenny’s death right in the first episode, it became clear that anyone could die now on Killing Eve, even the almighty Carolyn. Fortunately, it’s not her. Charles’ time was up.


After completing her mission, Villanelle visits Konstantin. Hiding in the dark under the covers, Villanelle jumps out at the old man right when he’s about to go to sleep. He screams. She screams. It’s just all screams and Konstantin jumping in place like a child all over. It’s hilarious! And it’s officially my favorite moment between these two.

After announcing that she killed the accountant, Villanelle surprises Konstantin with another announcement. She wants to find her family. It seems that the baby had an effect on her. I must admit, I find this surprisingly very interesting too. Villanelle has evolved in so many ways and this is one part of her story I really want to see.

On the other hand, Eve goes home to her apartment and hears a creak. Nevertheless, she finds it empty. To her horror though, she finds a stuffed bear in her bed with Villanelle’s voice recording saying, “Admit it, Eve, you wish I was here.” Soon enough, the horror, fear, and anger melt away from her face and transforms into longing as she presses the device to her and listens to Villanelle’s voice over and over again.

Killing Eve continues next Sunday, May 3rd with “Still Got It” at 9/8c on BBCA.

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