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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – Pops


Published 4 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Lucifer tried to seduce a grocer using strawberries. The lady bit the strawberry and immediately called on God as the taste overwhelmed her. Lucifer didn’t like the gesture and left her as Chloe called on him. A man named Javier Arias had died due to food poisoning; everyone at his restaurant was considered a suspect, according to Chloe. Lucifer pointed out that Javier was a visionary and that someone needed to be punished for his death because he wouldn’t be able to taste his tamales ever again.

[00:03:00] A police officer gathered all the employees inside Javier’s restaurant for an interview as Chloe and Lucifer arrived. One of the employees told them that they considered each other as a family, and they looked up to Javier as their father figure. Lucifer could relate to the case as he told Chloe that it was patricide. Chloe pulled him aside and told Lucifer that not everything was about his daddy issues. The officer came back to inform Chloe that her sister had arrived. Chloe disagreed because she didn’t have a sister; however, a woman entered to her dismay. Chloe introduced her mother to Lucifer. Penelope and Lucifer shared the same thoughts about Javier and his cooking. Chloe tried to get rid of her mother as she invited Lucifer for dinner.

[00:06:30] Chloe and Lucifer interviewed the employees, but everyone had the same answer. They saw Javier as a father figure despite having a difficult relationship with him. Javier had a temper, and he always threw stuff at his employees whenever they made a mistake. Chloe and Lucifer hit a breakthrough when they interviewed Javier’s son, Junior. He used to work at his father’s kitchen, but he quit since he couldn’t live up to his father’s reputation. Lucifer used his powers on Junior to find out why he came back. Junior admitted that he wanted to share a meal with his father, so they met at breakfast and were supposed to have dinner as well. Chloe told Junior to stay in town in case they had any more questions.

[00:09:40] Lucifer wondered why Javier died just as Junior came back to reconcile. Chloe knew that he had a point, so she left Lucifer to check on something related to their case. Meanwhile, Maze sought out Linda for assistance. Linda wanted to refer her to someone else, but Maze liked Linda since she helped Lucifer and wanted the same treatment. Linda wanted to know what the problem was. Maze told her that she didn’t belong where she currently was and wanted to know how to become normal since she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. Linda suggested that she try to make friends with people around her. Maze didn’t like the idea of making friends with mortals, so she stood up and left. Linda tried to stop her, but Maze went out the door and didn’t come back.

[00:11:30] Dan wanted to know what Malcolm planned to do with the stolen gun. He told Dan that he planned to kill Lucifer. Malcolm also advised Dan not to miss if he would ever plan on shooting him again. Back at the restaurant, Chloe interviewed a sous chef named Anne Martin. Chloe wanted to find out if she had any motives to kill Javier. Anne declined and told her that Javier was her mentor.  Lucifer used his powers on Anne, and she confessed that she desired to surpass Javier. Before Anne could continue with their conversation, she felt pain in her stomach as she vomited blood all over Lucifer.

[00:14:30] Paramedics brought Anne to the hospital as Chloe and Lucifer resumed their investigation. Chloe wanted to know who would want both Javier and Anne dead. Lucifer suggested that it was Junior; however, Chloe thought otherwise. Dan arrived to provide Chloe with a lead. A girl named Naomi Austen had visited the restaurant two days prior to Javier’s demise and got into a fight with both Javier and Anne. Before Dan left, Chloe invited him over for dinner, to which Dan agreed. Chloe and Lucifer went to visit Naomi to question her about the case, but no one answered the door. Lucifer just entered the door and began rummaging around; Chloe followed Lucifer to tell him that they didn’t have a warrant to search the house. Lucifer pointed out that Junior had been there as he showed Chloe his stuff. Chloe agreed to search the house as quickly as possible.

[00:17:00] Lucifer and Chloe searched the house and found heroin stashed behind a painting. Naomi arrived, so Chloe began questioning her about Javier’s death. She admitted that he went to see Javier that day to set things right; however, things didn’t go as planned. Naomi used to date Junior before he left, and she spoke to Javier to tell him that Junior no longer used heroin. She added that Javier fired her because he didn’t support her relationship with Junior. The police arrested Naomi as Chloe placed an APB on Javier. Chloe received a call, which seemed like an emergency, so she left Lucifer and drove off. Chloe arrived home to see Penelope with Trixie. She told Penelope that she couldn’t force Trixie to pursue a career in acting without her consent.

[00:22:20] Trixie ran away as Chloe and Penelope were talking. Trixie booked an uber and went to Lux to look for Lucifer. She met Maze, who told her that Lucifer wasn’t around. Trixie told Maze that she was going to stay and wait for Lucifer. Maze and Trixie continued their conversation until Chloe arrived. She told Chloe that she wanted to see Lucifer; however, she made a new friend instead. Mazikeen introduced herself and told Trixie to call her Maze. Chloe thanked Maze for keeping her eye on Trixie.

[00:25:20] Junior came back to Naomi’s apartment to claim his stuff. Lucifer wanted to know why he killed his father, but he declined the allegations. Junior told Lucifer that he had come back to get the knife his father gave him. Lucifer realized that Junior didn’t kill his father despite being controlling, judgmental and cruel. Trixie and Chloe arrived home to find Penelope preparing dinner. Dan brought a cake to dinner as Chloe wondered how her mother could pass takeout as a home-cooked meal. Penelope told them that Lucifer and his friend had prepared dinner. Lucifer came out of the kitchen and introduced Junior to them.

[00:27:30] Lucifer informed Chloe that he had brought Junior along so that he could speak with her. Chloe told Penelope not to eat Junior’s cooking because she was worried about food poisoning. Junior explained that he didn’t kill his father and that he was innocent. Chloe wanted proof, but all he could provide was his word. Lucifer accidentally ruined dinner as he spilled all their secrets, like how Chloe wanted to kill her mother and that she was trying to get back with Dan. Lucifer also revealed that he wanted to have sex with Chloe. Junior told them that they sounded like him and his father; he remembered how they used to fight over the dumbest things. Junior came back to inform his father that he no longer did drugs and that he wanted to become a chef again.

[00:31:00] Dan volunteered to bring Junior to their station as he no longer wanted to have dinner with them after he found out Lucifer’s motives. Penelope felt the same as she left the table. Lucifer decided to clean the food up since no one wanted to eat dinner anymore. Lucifer approached Chloe to bid her goodbye when she informed him that Junior was innocent. She had received the forensics results from the heroin they found at Naomi’s apartment, and they didn’t match the drugs found inside Javier. They began doubting Anne, so Chloe called to check up on her; they discovered that Anne had left the hospital against police orders.

[00:33:00] Anne went back to Javier’s restaurant to destroy the heroin that she had used; however, Lucifer and Chloe were waiting for her. Lucifer wanted to know why Anne killed Javier, but she told them that she wouldn’t hurt Javier. Chloe realized that Anne planned to poison Junior; however, Junior became a vegetarian, so Javier had eaten the meal that she had prepared for him. Anne kicked a container full of oil and threw her lighter to set the restaurant on fire. Anne escaped as Lucifer carried Chloe out of the burning building. She got arrested a few blocks from the restaurant while Lucifer was burned while they were escaping. Junior arrived at the scene only to see the restaurant all burned down. Chloe informed him that Javier had planned to give him the restaurant as his inheritance. Junior planned to rebuild the restaurant and make it his own.

[00:36:30] Maze returned to Linda and informed her that she had made a friend. Linda wanted to know who it was. Maze told her that she was a little girl who wandered into their bar. Linda told her that maybe her next friend could be of legal drinking age. Maze decided to invite Linda over for a few drinks. Chloe arrived home, where Penelope was waiting for her. She apologized for her behavior over the years and told Chloe that she had an early flight the next day. Dan met with Malcolm; he confirmed that Lucifer was insane and dangerous; however, he couldn’t allow him to die. They got into a fight where Malcolm put Dan to sleep; he took out Dan’s phone to answer a text from Chloe.

[00:40:40] Chloe arrived at Lux and told Lucifer that Dan had ended their relationship with a text. She tried to kiss Lucifer, but he declined. Chloe didn’t understand why he declined, but Lucifer told her that he was baffled as well. Lucifer consoled Chloe, who fell asleep on his shoulder.



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