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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil


Published 1 year ago

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil

[00:01:50] Lucifer stumbles upon a preacher on a Hollywood boulevard as he tells people that the devil walks among them. The preacher asked Lucifer if he’s seen the devil’s face, he responded that he sees it in the mirror every morning. The preacher continued, pointing out that the devil is inside them, inside everyone. He added that all sins and lust are the devil’s touch. Lucifer interrupted him; he didn’t want credit for the things that he didn’t cause. The preacher stopped and approached Lucifer thinking that he wanted to steal his show. Lucifer told him that he hated liars and charlatans as he gave him a glimpse of his true self. The preacher ran, telling everyone that Lucifer was the devil; however, no one believed him as the crowd laughed. Lucifer thanked the crowd and left.

[00:03:20] Lucifer spoke with Linda, confirming that he’s the devil. Linda didn’t believe him, but she’s willing to go along with his metaphor as her client. Lucifer continued to talk about his issues, but Linda ended their session. As agreed upon, Lucifer would pay for Linda’s services with sex. Linda didn’t waste any time and immediately leaped on his lap. That evening Lucifer returned to his bar. Detective Decker sat on one of the tables hiding from him as she took his pictures. Maze approached her and placed a drink on the table, she declined the drink, but Maze told her that it was courtesy of the owner. Lucifer started to play the piano when Chloe decided to approach him. Lucifer greeted Chloe and asked her why she was investigating him.

[00:06:10] Chloe checked Lucifer’s profile, and she’s curious because he didn’t exist until five years ago. She wanted to know who Lucifer was and how he survived getting shot by Jimmy Barnes. Lucifer didn’t know what else to tell Chloe; she obviously didn’t believe that he was the devil, so he just changed the topic. Lucifer claimed that Chloe desired him. Chloe, on the other hand, saw the opportunity and went along. She sat beside Lucifer to check if he wore and body armor, but he didn’t. Chloe swore that she was going to figure out Lucifer’s secret. Lucifer annoyingly told Chloe that it’s not a secret because he’s been telling him the truth all this time. Lucifer wondered why his charms and seductiveness didn’t affect Chloe; however, she received a call and left before they could finish their conversation.

[00:08:10] Chloe arrived at a car crash where her ex-husband brought her up to speed. The victim is Robbie Russel Jr., son of a famous actor. Robbie was being followed by a Paparazzo named Nick Hofmeister before the accident. Dan reminded Chloe that she’s not supposed to be involved since she’s on medical leave. Dan understood why Chloe wanted to be part of the case; however, he wondered what Lucifer was doing there. Chloe wanted to know why Lucifer showed up. Lucifer wanted answers as to why she’s not affected by his powers. Chloe angrily stared at Nick as an officer brought him to a police car. Lucifer felt Chloe’s anger, so he decided to pull Nick out of the car to ask him a few questions.

[00:10:00] Chloe assured Nick that he wouldn’t get away with his crime; however, he confessed. Nick told Chloe that he deserved what was coming to him. Lucifer tried to get the truth out of Nick; however, Dan interrupted them. Chloe wanted to find out who Nick was protecting. Lucifer told Chloe that there are plenty of murderers out in the world; however, Nick already confessed and told them that he deserved the punishment. Chloe wanted to prove Nick’s innocence. She confronted Dan and told her that Nick could be innocent. Chloe pointed out that Nick’s confession but sounded like he was covering up for someone. Dan promised that he’d look into it as long as Chloe went home and took Lucifer with her.

[00:12:00] Dan wanted to arrest Lucifer, and Chloe wanted to know why. He pointed to Lucifer, who was smoking pot at the crime scene. Chloe walked over to Lucifer to put the pot out. Lucifer told her that she was wasting good pot. Chloe wanted to know why he brought pot to the crime scene. Lucifer responded that he found the pot inside Nick’s car. Chloe couldn’t believe that he smoked evidence. Lucifer pointed out a freshly smoked pot inside the car. Chloe wanted to see the leftover pot; however, Lucifer had already smoked it as well. Lucifer wanted to return to his bar, but Chloe left him without saying a word.

[00:13:20] Lucifer woke up with a woman and a man beside him. He decided to pour some wine and eat an apple for breakfast. Lucifer threw the apple, but it stopped mid-air as Amenadiel showed up. He came with an offer. As long as Lucifer returned to hell, he would speak to God for him. Lucifer didn’t care about his offer as he wouldn’t go back to hell. Amenadiel knew that Lucifer was changing; however, he denied that he was changing for good. Amenadiel bid Lucifer goodbye and asked him to think about his offer.

[00:16:00] Chloe is at home with Trixie doing her own research on Robbie’s death. Lucifer arrived, asking how she could afford the place with her current salary. Chloe told him that her mother owned the place, and they moved in after she separated from Dan. Lucifer recognized a poster inside the house and asked if she was the daughter of Penelope Decker. Chloe confirmed that Penelope is her mother. Lucifer wanted to meet Penelope, but Chloe disagreed. She sent Lucifer away before Trixie heard more of their conversation.

[00:18:20] Lucifer went over to the police station to speak with Nick. He wanted to know more about Chloe’s past and decided it would be easier to persuade Nick instead of Chloe. Nick revealed that two weeks after Chloe bared her assets for all to see, her father died. Nick wanted to have the first photograph of Chloe after the funeral, so he crashed it. Chloe punched Nick, but he still got the photograph that he wanted. He added that he made a lot of money off that photograph; however, he regretted it to this very day. Nick wanted to confess to something, but he kept holding it in. Lucifer did his best to make him confess; however, Nick held on to his secret.

[00:21:15] Chloe visited Robbie’s father in hopes of getting more information. Russel Sr. told Chloe that there’s another paparazzo; however, he didn’t mention it to the police because he only saw the guy once, unlike Nick. He blamed himself for the death of his son, but Chloe disagreed. She told him that it wasn’t his fault. Chloe knew how it felt to be followed around by paparazzi since she’s been followed by them most of her life. It’s not the parents’ fault but the paparazzo themselves. Chloe excused herself to take a call; someone informed her that Lucifer spoke with Nick in his holding cell.

[00:22:45] Mazikeen wanted to know what was wrong with Lucifer. He denied that something was wrong with him; however, Mazikeen could see right through him. Lucifer didn’t like being disrespected; however, Chloe arrived before he could do anything. She wanted to know how Lucifer got inside Nick’s holding cell. Lucifer responded that he asked nicely. Lucifer told Chloe what he found out from speaking with Nick. He’s protecting his protégé from making the same mistakes that he did. Chloe told Lucifer that someone from Nick’s company was following Russel Jr. before he died. They decided to check a party where someone from Nick’s company posted a photo.

[00:24:30] Chloe told Lucifer that they might recognize someone from the crime scene earlier who could be their culprit. While looking for the culprit, they continued their conversation about Chloe’s past. Lucifer shared that Nick is looking for redemption for the pain he caused Chloe in the past. Lucifer recognized one of the paparazzi; however, he escaped by pointing out Chloe to the other paparazzo to create a commotion. One of the paparazzi asked Chloe for a photograph of her boobs. She wanted to punch the guy, but Lucifer stopped her.

[00:26:45] Dan shows Chloe an article made by one of the paparazzi who took her photo last night. She began to worry that Trixie would find out about her soft porn movie and the things that happened in the past. Dan told Chloe that the guy they met last night was Josh Bryant. Lucifer and Chloe met Josh while he spied on someone using his camera. They spoke with him regarding Robbie’s case; however, he interrupted them to take a photo. A lady walked up to another lady and slapped her. He took the photo as everything happened and left. Chloe and Lucifer wondered what else Josh had planned after seeing the planned photo firsthand.

[00:29:40] Chloe showed Lucifer a website full of photographs and inside stories created by Josh. Lucifer wanted to punish Josh since he was clearly guilty of killing Robbie. Chloe told Lucifer that they needed hard evidence against Josh before they could do anything. Lucifer added that they already had all the evidence they needed, but Chloe pointed out that they only had circumstantial evidence. Chloe told Lucifer that he doesn’t get to decide someone’s fate, but Lucifer begged to differ. Chloe left as Lucifer told Mazikeen not to give him any more of her speeches. Maze told Lucifer that she had already told him everything, to which he agreed and invited Maze to punish the wicked.

[00:31:00] Chloe went to Nick and showed him Josh’s work. He couldn’t believe that Josh could kill people just to be first. Nick told Chloe how he took Josh under his wing and showed him the ropes as a paparazzo. He added that he showed him the ropes but also taught Josh which lines not to cross so that he wouldn’t repeat his mistakes. He told Chloe that the one time he did something good ended up as a disaster. Chloe told Nick that she had already forgiven him a long time ago. Nick continued with their conversation, only for Chloe to interrupt and answer a call from Dan. He told Chloe that Josh had gone missing a few hours ago. Chloe went back to Nick; however, he was no longer in his cell.

[00:33:00] Chloe asked the desk sergeant what had happened to Nick. She told Chloe that a British guy had taken Nick a few minutes ago. Lucifer brought Nick to a deserted street where Maze was waiting for them. She pulled Josh out of the trunk of her car and dragged him towards Lucifer. They gave each of them a pistol and pitted them against each other to see who would shoot first. Nick tried to reason with Josh; however, he pulled the trigger. To Josh’s surprise, the gun was empty. Nick couldn’t believe that Josh would kill him and picked up his own pistol. Chloe arrived just before Nick could shoot Josh. She told Nick that he didn’t have to shoot Josh since he was innocent, but that didn’t stop him.

[00:37:00] Lucifer realized that he was indeed changing, and he liked it. He prayed so that Amenadiel would show up and slow down time. Amenadiel thought Lucifer would accept his offer, but he didn’t. Lucifer admitted that he is changing, and he has no control over it. He removed the bullet from its trajectory and told Amenadiel that he would stick around to find out more about the changes. Amenadiel told Lucifer that he should’ve taken the offer and left. Time returned to its normal state as Chloe looked for Lucifer. He whispered to inform Chloe that he was behind her. She wondered how he got there in a blink of an eye.

[00:38:50] The police arrested Josh as Chloe spoke with Lucifer. She couldn’t believe what had happened and wanted to know how Lucifer did it. Chloe added that she heard the gun go off, but Josh didn’t get shot. He told Chloe that she already knew the answer to her question while showing her the bullet from Nick’s gun. The next day Chloe spoke with Trixie and explained to her the movie she starred in. To her surprise, Trixie knew all about her movie, and she didn’t mind. Trixie added that her favorite scene in the movie was how Chloe vomited for eating too much cake. Lucifer continued his relationship with Dr. Martin by going to her sessions and paying her with sex.

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