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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – Quid Pro Ho


Published 1 week ago

[00:01:00] Amenadiel stopped Goddess from killing Chloe. He explained that Lucifer would stop at nothing to find who killed Chloe, and he would hate her forever if she proceeded with her plan. Goddess threw the detonator away, and Amenadiel caught it. She needed a new plan in order to get Lucifer to forget about Chloe. Linda wanted to know how dinner was with Chloe; Lucifer tried to bluff his way through it, but Linda realized that Lucifer chickened out of dinner. She told Lucifer that he was lying to himself about how he was handling things. Lucifer realized his mistake and went to Chloe to explain himself. Chloe didn’t want to hear his explanation since it was the first day of trial for her father’s killer. Lucifer offered his full support during this trying time.

[00:05:30] Dan showed up at the precinct, and Ella noticed something different about him. She knew that Dan got laid, and he eventually admitted it. He told Ella that she was out of his league and that they even went for a second round. Ella told Dan that the mystery package on his desk might have been sent by his lady lover. They opened the box and discovered the severed head of Boris. Dan immediately informed Chloe about the incident. Back at the courthouse, Chloe informed Lucifer about what had happened in the precinct. She told him that Boris was the lead witness, and without him, the case could fall apart. Before Lucifer could react, Goddess entered the courthouse and shook hands with Perry.

[00:08:15] The trial proceeded even though Boris had died. Lucifer talked to Goddess, and she told him that Chloe didn’t deserve him. Goddess told him that she had planned on killing Chloe; however, Amenadiel had talked her out of it. Lucifer threatened to kill his mother after hearing what she almost did. Goddess assured Lucifer that no one would get hurt. Back at the precinct, Ella updated Chloe regarding how Boris had died. He died after being decapitated using a meat grinder. Ella got a lead as the DNA she analyzed belonged to a special pig meat that was only processed and sold in one place. Meanwhile, Lucifer swore to tell the truth as he testified for Chloe against Perry.

[00:15:30] Dan and Ella followed the lead to a local butcher shop in LA. The clerk told them that some Asian guy had threatened to kill her unless she gave the keys to the shop to use their equipment after hours. She didn’t have any choice as she didn’t want to end up like a sausage. She gave all the information she could remember about the guy. Lucifer shared to the courtroom how he had played a vital role in arresting Boris and how Boris had confessed to his crimes. Everyone applauded his performance, including the judge. Lucifer added that Chloe was out there protecting the people of LA and laying her life on the line every day.

[00:18:30] Amenadiel went to Chloe’s house to retrieve the bomb that Goddess had planted on her car. Maze greeted Amenadiel and asked what he was looking for under Chloe’s car. Amenadiel lied to Maze and told her that he was looking for her. He kissed and caressed Maze; however, she knew that he was lying. She showed Amenadiel the detonator and blew up his car. Maze told him that no one would ever hurt Chloe on her watch. She warned Amenadiel not to lie to her ever again. The trial resumed as Goddess called on Lucifer for questioning; she asked Lucifer who was first on the scene when Joe Fields had died. Lucifer answered the question truthfully; Chloe was first on the scene. Goddess showed them the police report where Dan was listed as the first officer on the scene instead of Chloe.

[00:22:00] Goddess was trying to prove the innocence of Perry by pitting everyone against Chloe. Chloe thought that Lucifer had told Charlotte everything; however, it was Dan’s fault. Goddess had gone through his phone while he was asleep after they had had sex. Dan couldn’t forgive himself for what had happened. Amenadiel visited Linda for some advice; he realized that he had hurt Maze because he had lied to her. Linda told Amenadiel that he should apologize to Maze before it was too late. Back at Lux, Maze told Lucifer that Goddess had tried to kill Chloe; however, he already knew it since Goddess had told him earlier. Lucifer wondered who had leaked sensitive information to Goddess, Maze wanted to tell Lucifer that it was Dan, but she didn’t. Dan arrived as Lucifer wanted to join him in hopes of finding more evidence against Perry.

[00:26:10] Dan told Lucifer about his lead in the Chinese triad. The man they were looking for had a tattoo, which was the symbol of the triad. He added that the Chinese hated the Russians, and Perry’s prison consisted mostly of Chinese triad members, and Perry probably pitted the Chinese against the Russians. The Chinese were using a cultural site as their headquarters. Dan, Lucifer, and Maze went to the site. Maze made Dan confess that he had slept with Goddess. Lucifer got mad knowing that Dan had slept with his mother; he speared Dan into the room filled with Chinese triad members. They pulled out their pistols and pointed them at both Lucifer and Dan. Lucifer tried to look for the leader of the triads, but they didn’t speak English. Lucifer switched to Chinese and spoke to their leader. He brokered a deal in order to save them.

[00:29:30] Maze would fight Kang, who represented the triads; however, if Maze lost, the triad would kill them. Maze won, and the triads fulfilled their end of the deal. Their leader told Lucifer that they had banished the man they were looking for because he had broken their family rules. Lucifer looked at the address provided and went on his way. Chloe and her mother went back to court as it was her turn to testify. Goddess approached Chloe and told her that they needed to talk. Dan and Lucifer went to the address that the triads had provided; they found the body of Boris and Da Young. Dan knew that Perry had hired Da to kill Boris since the triads would punish him for it.

[00:33:40] Goddess spoke with Chloe and offered her a deal. Chloe just needed to tell the courtroom that Lucifer was a liar, and she would have Perry plead guilty; however, Chloe didn’t take the deal. She told the court that Lucifer was telling the truth. As a result, they lost the case. Amenadiel came to visit Maze to apologize; however, instead of Maze, he found Chloe’s mother. Amenadiel spoke with her as she reminisced about how her husband gave her flowers whenever they had an argument. She somehow recognized Amenadiel even though it was the first time they had met. Amenadiel realized something and left as soon as possible.

[00:39:30] Dan found Perry and told him that Russians didn’t like it when one of them died without permission. A black van pulled up and kidnapped Perry as Dan entered a car driven by Maze. It seemed Maze had called in a few favors in order to have Perry kidnapped. Amenadiel visited Goddess to tell her something important while Chloe enjoyed the homemade dinner that Lucifer had made for her. He told Goddess that 35 years ago, God told him to visit earth and bless a marriage. Amenadiel went to earth to bless the couple, and they conceived a baby girl named Chloe. Goddess told Amenadiel that Chloe wasn’t a hindrance to their plan, but she was the way to get his powers back.





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