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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 13 Recap – A Good Day To Die


Published 4 months ago

[00:01:00] Lucifer drove Chloe to the hospital; however, she told him that it would be better to search for the antidote. Lucifer wondered how Chloe had gotten injected with the poison when she didn’t get a flu shot like the victims. She checked herself and found a bruise on her stomach from when Jason pushed her off him. Lucifer and Chloe returned to the precinct to meet Ella to look for clues. Chloe didn’t tell Ella the truth so that she wouldn’t delay the investigation; Ella showed them a broken vial which was supposed to be the antidote. Chloe and Ella searched for more information in order to get a lead.

[00:03:50] Amenadiel arrived because Lucifer told him to urgently go to the precinct. Lucifer invited him to a private area to talk. Lucifer let out his rage and asked Amenadiel for answers. He told Lucifer that he was just a pawn in God’s game and that he hadn’t known that Chloe would be placed in Lucifer’s path. He added that Chloe didn’t know anything about being a miracle from God. Lucifer wanted to know if Chloe being poisoned was also part of God’s plan; however, Amenadiel didn’t know anything about it, so he wasn’t able to help her. Chloe entered the room and told Lucifer about her plan. Burt was helping Jason smuggle the poison, so she thought that Burt would also have information about the antidotes.

[00:06:40] Chloe and Lucifer visited Burt to question him. Chloe tricked Burt into going to the room where Lucifer was waiting; he showed him his true self to get a lead. Burt was only the middle man of the operation; he provided Lucifer with a name, Dave Maddox. They were supposed to go to Dave Maddox; however, Chloe’s body couldn’t keep up, and she collapsed. Lucifer brought Chloe to the hospital. Dan argued with Lucifer about his decisions; however, Chloe intervened. He assured Chloe that they would get her an antidote. Dan made Lucifer promise that he wouldn’t do anything rash and just follow his lead. Lucifer made the promise and let Dan do all the talking. Dan confronted Dave; however, things got out of hand, and Dan punched him. Dave’s security detail pulled out their pistols as Dan and Lucifer surrendered.

[00:12:00] Dave and his men tortured Dan; he had messed up and blamed himself as Chloe would die because he failed. Lucifer thought that everything was part of Dan’s plan; however, when he realized that they actually had gotten caught, Lucifer intervened and escaped from his handcuffs. He beat up the guards and rescued Dan. Dave returned and saw that Lucifer and Dan had escaped; he had no choice but to cooperate. Lucifer used his powers on him to find out his desires and broker a deal. Lucifer bought one of Dave’s paintings in exchange for information on the antidotes; however, all he had was the list of ingredients. Dave told them that the formulas to the antidotes were all inside Jason’s head. Dan took the list and left.

[00:14:50] Goddess visited Lucifer to offer her sympathies. She told Lucifer that the man responsible for Chloe’s demise was suffering in hell. Lucifer suddenly came up with the idea of going back to hell to speak with Jason. He told Goddess that he only needed to die in order to return to hell. Everyone objected to Lucifer’s plan; no one was sure whether or not he was going to return once he had arrived in hell. Lucifer told them that he would proceed with or without their help, so Goddess left. Amenadiel and Maze stayed to help kill Lucifer. He told Linda that her part would be to revive Lucifer from death.

[00:18:50] Lucifer went back to the hospital and told Dan to acquire the ingredients of antidote. Dan didn’t want to, but Lucifer convinced him. Dan rushed to find Ella and acquire the ingredients; Lucifer took a peek at Chloe, who was sleeping with Trixie inside her room. Maze and Linda went to the room below Chloe’s as Amenadiel stayed upstairs to keep Chloe inside her room so that Lucifer would stay mortal. Lucifer joined Maze and Linda to set up their plan. They were going to use a defibrillator in order to kill him and bring him back to life after 1 minute. Lucifer thought that he wouldn’t have enough time to look for the formula. Maze reminded him that time was slower in hell. Maze took the defibrillator; however, she couldn’t kill Lucifer. Lucifer took it from her hands and shocked himself instead.

[00:22:30] Lucifer arrived in hell while Amenadiel guarded Chloe. He introduced himself to Trixie, who had just arrived. Trixie wanted to know why there were bad people in the world; however, Amenadiel didn’t know the answer to her questions. He assured Trixie that there were more good people than bad people. Meanwhile, Lucifer found Jason in hell, where he was reliving the day of the accident. Lucifer brokered a deal with Jason, so he wrote the formula for the antidote, but Lucifer didn’t keep his end of the deal. After he left Jason, Lucifer heard a distorted piano playing, so he went over to check it out. It was Uriel. He was glad to see his brother; however, it seemed that he was going to relive the moment he had killed Uriel over and over.

[00:29:00] Linda tried to revive Lucifer; however, it didn’t work. Dan and Ella snuck into a garage, looking for ZX3. Uriel reminded Lucifer of his dying message to him. Lucifer thought that it didn’t matter; however, Uriel told him that it was a clue. Linda kept trying to revive Lucifer, but it didn’t work. Maze wanted to rescue Lucifer; however, she didn’t have a soul, so she wouldn’t be able to return to earth if she died. Goddess arrived and told them to send her instead. Meanwhile, Chloe had a seizure as nurses and doctors arrived to assist her. Amenadiel told Trixie to just go with the nurses. The nurses stabilized Chloe’s condition, but they needed to bring her to another room to properly monitor her. Amenadiel told them that he couldn’t let Chloe leave.

[00:33:30] Ella spoke with her brother Ricardo in hopes of getting the ZX3 ingredient from him. She wanted to use the ZX3 in order to save a friend. Ricardo agreed and showed them the way. Meanwhile, Goddess arrived in hell to save Lucifer. She told him that it was her fault that Uriel had died. Goddess pulled Lucifer out of his guilt and saved him from eternal damnation. Lucifer dragged Goddess out of hell in order to save Chloe’s life. Amenadiel fought off the hospital security in order for Chloe to stay in her room long enough to revive Lucifer. Linda managed to revive Lucifer and Goddess; he rushed to the next floor in order to tell Amenadiel that he had succeeded.

[00:39:05] Chloe thanked Lucifer for saving her life. Lucifer told Goddess that Chloe would be alright as he left the hospital. He got into an argument with Goddess. Lucifer called it quits and left Goddess on the sidewalk. Chloe tried to call Lucifer; however, he wasn’t answering. She went to Lux and found that Lucifer was no longer there.





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