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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14 Recap – Candy Morningstar


Published 1 year ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 14 Recap - Candy Morningstar

[00:01:00] Goddess wanted to have sex in order to forget her problems; however, things got weird when she started talking about Lucifer. The guy left Goddess as Maze appeared. She told Goddess that Lucifer despised people who manipulated him and that he must be planning his revenge by now. Goddess told Maze that she didn’t manipulate Lucifer like how God did. Maze responded that although she didn’t manipulate Lucifer like God, she was the one present on earth, so the revenge plot was for her. Meanwhile, Lucifer was somewhere breaking a deal with a mob boss of some sort. He gave a bag full of cash in exchange for something inside a briefcase. The mob boss warned him about the item he was purchasing; however, Lucifer didn’t falter.

[00:03:00] Dan and Chloe headed over to a new case. It had been two weeks, and Lucifer still hadn’t shown up or updated them of his whereabouts. Chloe had seen everything packed up when she visited Lux. Dan told Chloe that everything was going to be alright and that she could tell him if she was upset. Chloe responded that she had already moved on and just wanted to change the topic; however, Ella missed Lucifer as well. Chloe saw Amenadiel through her peripheral vision, but he left before Chloe could get a good look at him. The victim of their latest case was Ash Corrigan. Chloe saw a flyer of Ash’s band named Heavy Woolies, so they went over to interview his band mates. They found out from his bandmates that Ash had been going through a rough time since his divorce.

[00:05:20] Dan pulled information about Ash’s ex-wife, Courtney. She had been arrested for domestic abuse about two years prior to Ash’s death; however, the charges were dropped. As Dan was updating Chloe about Courtney, Lucifer showed up. Chloe lit up like a Christmas tree in December; she was happy that Lucifer was alive because she had been worried about him. Lucifer was about to explain things when a lady appeared. Her name was Candy, and she showed Chloe her wedding ring. Chloe was shocked at the news that Lucifer had gotten married. He explained that he had been working through some family issues and went to Vegas to blow off some steam. Chloe told Lucifer that the issue wasn’t about his vacation. She thought that they were friends; however, Lucifer told her that they were just friends. Dan told Chloe that Courtney was already waiting to be interrogated.

[00:08:30] Chloe spoke with Courtney to find out the truth; it seemed that Ash had gotten all the money with their divorce. She explained that Ash was too immature to handle the responsibilities of being married. Chloe told her that she could relate as she had an immature partner as well. Lucifer thought that Chloe was talking about Dan; however, Dan said it wasn’t him. Courtney also had an alibi as she was at work the night that Ash had died. She added that the divorce mediator was biased towards Ash, which was why she lost the divorce settlement. Chloe wanted to know why Ash was couch surfing if he had gotten a hefty amount from their divorce. Courtney told Chloe that the mediator may have gotten the money instead of Ash.

[00:10:15] Amenadiel checked the internet for information on Lucifer. Candy tagged Lucifer on wobble on the night of their wedding. Goddess couldn’t accept that Lucifer had married Candy. Amenadiel couldn’t believe what had happened either. Lucifer had told him to keep an eye on Chloe, and in the meantime, he went off to get married in Las Vegas. Goddess was convinced that Lucifer was planning something. Dan updated Chloe that Courtney’s alibi was legit; Chloe told Dan about the divorce mediator; however, Dan had already checked him and found nothing. The divorce mediator was Anthony Annan; he didn’t have any records with the police, so he was a dead end. Lucifer and Candy approached Chloe and Dan; Candy noticed Anthony’s picture and pointed out that he had been at the murder scene. Dan confirmed that Anthony was at the crime scene by checking another photo. Dan volunteered to track down Anthony as Lucifer spoke with Chloe.

[00:12:50] Chloe told Lucifer that she didn’t need him any longer. She added that their partnership had ended when he left without a word two weeks ago. Lucifer left the precinct with Candy as Chloe went back to her case. Lucifer and Candy visited Linda; she tried to be discreet about Lucifer being the devil; however, he pointed out that there should be no secrets between husband and wife. Linda asked Lucifer why he had married Candy. He told Linda that his relationship with Chloe wasn’t going too well and that he had already gotten fired as a civilian consultant. Candy advised Lucifer to just keep sticking around in order to get things back the way they were. Linda seconded Candy’s advice, so Lucifer took the advice and set off.

[00:16:00] Lucifer followed Dan; however, Dan knew that someone was following him. Lucifer explained that he was just trying to put everything back the way it was. Dan understood Lucifer and wanted to help. Lucifer wanted to speak with Anthony since he wouldn’t talk without a warrant; he volunteered to pose as a couple who needed a divorce. Chloe didn’t agree with Lucifer’s plan and sent him away. Lucifer told Chloe that she could call anytime if she needed his help. Lucifer took Candy back to Lux, where Goddess was waiting. She introduced herself as Lucifer’s mother and invited Candy to go shopping in order to find out more about her. Maze convinced Chloe that Lucifer did things that were impulsive; however, he would return, and everything would be alright. Chloe told her that she didn’t want Lucifer to return to her anymore.

[00:19:00] Maze told Chloe that they needed a mediator, and it gave Chloe an idea. Chloe accompanied Lucifer to speak with Anthony; however, she posed as Candy. Chloe posed as Candy; however, the problems that she raised during the talk with Anthony were her personal problems with Lucifer. He did his best to provide an explanation, but it didn’t convince Chloe. Anthony called for a break for a little breather. Anthony approached Chloe to ask her if everything was alright. Chloe saw the opportunity to offer a deal to Anthony; however, he told her that it would be illegal. Lucifer came in to point out that he did it before with Ash Corrigan. Anthony had no choice but to cooperate as Chloe showed her badge.

[00:23:20] Anthony told them that he wouldn’t hurt Ash. He had laid out the plan where they put all the divorce money in. Ash and Anthony planned to make the band big; Anthony had bought all of the records of his band in order to boost sales, and it worked. The band got the break it needed and was going on tour. Chloe told Anthony that they had a photo linking him to the crime scene; however, he had an alibi. Anthony explained that Ash and Marla had been fighting and that Marla was going to be kicked out of the band. Chloe wanted to check out Marla; however, she told Lucifer to go home as Candy would be waiting. Goddess had invited Candy to go shopping in order to find out if she was planning anything with Lucifer.

[00:27:20] Goddess told Amenadiel that Candy was hiding something. She told Amenadiel that she didn’t get any information about Lucifer’s agenda. Amenadiel responded that Lucifer might not have any agendas; however, Goddess thought otherwise. She told Amenadiel that only someone truly broken would choose Candy as their wife. Goddess realized that she was a terrible mother, and it was her fault Lucifer was acting up. Dan checked Marla’s information, and she did have a record; however, it wasn’t enough to prove that she was a murderer. They found the cover on the band’s album and saw the guitar Marla was holding. It matched the wounds on Ash’s head, which was enough for Chloe to consider as a lead.

[00:29:00] Chloe received a tip that Marla would be at a bar somewhere in LA. Upon her arrival, she asked the bartender if he had seen Marla; however, he hadn’t. The Emcee introduced Lucifer as their special guest; he sang a song in order to find Marla within the crowd. The crowd forced Marla upstage as Lucifer pointed out to Chloe that she needed her. Ella tested Marla’s guitar for evidence and found Ash’s blood under one of the tuning knobs. Amenadiel wanted to talk with Lucifer regarding Chloe. He found out that Lucifer wasn’t avoiding Chloe; he was trying to protect her because she didn’t have any choice. Lucifer explained that God had placed Chloe on his path, and he needed to take action in order to prevent God’s plan from happening. Amenadiel realized what Lucifer was going through and apologized.

[00:34:00] Chloe and Dan interrogated Marla; she denied the allegations of killing Ash. She told them that she wouldn’t have hurt Ash even if he had kicked her out of the band. Marla explained that she ran because she was carrying a fake ID with her. She didn’t know how Ash’s blood got on her guitar. Marla had an alibi; she was with a client at the time of Ash’s death. The video evidence caught a glimpse of the real killer, the drummer of the band, Doug. Dan wanted Lucifer to go with Chloe to arrest Doug so that he could mend their friendship as well. Lucifer and Chloe went to Doug’s place; Doug tried to strangle Lucifer; however, Chloe saved him.

[00:38:00] Candy arrived at the scene looking for Lucifer. She thanked Chloe for saving Lucifer’s life. She added that Lucifer cared so much about his job and his partner. Chloe realized that Lucifer had gone through hell when she almost died and that he didn’t deserve the poor treatment. Lucifer went to Goddess to have a talk as per Amenadiel’s request. He told Goddess that he hadn’t forgiven her; however, he thanked her for all that she had done, especially going to hell to rescue him. Goddess told Lucifer that the Flaming sword was also Azrael’s blade, which was all they required to return to heaven. After his talk with Goddess, Lucifer returned to Lux to say goodbye to Candy. It seemed Candy had just been pretending to be Lucifer’s wife in order to know what Goddess was planning. She advised Lucifer not to ruin his relationship with Chloe.



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