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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 15 Recap – Deceptive Little Parasite


Published 4 months ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 15 Recap - Deceptive Little Parasite

[00:01:00] Goddess explained to Amenadiel that Azrael’s sword was also the flaming sword of God. Lucifer really thought that God destroyed the sword so that he wouldn’t be able to use it. Lucifer punched a wall and removed the sword from within. He told them that he needed to keep the sword where he could keep an eye on it since humans couldn’t handle its divinity. Goddess told Lucifer that he would be able to light up the sword using his emotions just like last time. Lucifer tried to think about God in order to ignite the sword; however, it didn’t work. Amenadiel punched Lucifer, but that also didn’t work. Lucifer gave the sword to Amenadiel and attempted to kick him; however, Goddess intervened. She took the sword from them.

[00:03:00] Lucifer visited Linda, hoping she could teach him to control his emotions. Linda explained that no one could control their emotions. She could only help Lucifer understand his emotions. Lucifer desperately needed help; however, Linda knew that he wouldn’t open up to her. She wouldn’t be able to help unless Lucifer was willing to lower his guard and let his emotions out. Meanwhile, Maze wondered why Chloe hadn’t prepared breakfast; she told Maze that she was still upset with Lucifer about what happened between them. She told Maze about her problems; however, Maze only pretended to listen as she carefully put in her earbuds. Chloe realized that Maze wasn’t listening and walked out.

[00:06:00] Chloe met Lucifer on their new case; the victim was Debbie Lang. She had worked as an administrator in a lavish school named Starford. Lucifer wondered how Debbie could afford to live lavishly with a career in education. Chloe explained that private schools in L.A. were paid tons of money, especially from rich people, who liked to control the staff. Ella described the murder weapon as a fat knife; however, Chloe discovered the murder weapon. It was a pair of scissors that used to hang up on Debbie’s wall. It suggested that Debbie knew the killer, so they went to the school to gather more information. Chloe and Lucifer went to Starford to find out more information. The head of the school told them that Debbie had gotten into a heated argument with the parents of one child who had been denied admission into Starford.

[00:11:00] Chloe interviewed the parents. They were part of the LGBTQ community. They explained to Chloe that they had paid a large sum of money in order to get their son into Starford and were devastated when their son wasn’t accepted. The parents had tried to reason with Debbie; however, she told them that the school hadn’t received their money even though their check cleared the bank. Dan entered the interrogation room to show Chloe an update on the case. The police had found the murder weapon inside the pool house of the couple. Back at Lux, Lucifer continued to study how to control his emotions when three ladies dressed like Chloe approached Lucifer. They also posed as detectives for the LAPD; Lucifer realized that it was one of Goddess’s plans to ignite the sword.

[00:13:30] Lucifer sent the women away and told his mother not to fret. Goddess pointed out that Lucifer didn’t understand her emotions nor her longing to see the rest of her children. Goddess suggested that Lucifer would understand only if he had children. Lucifer got an idea from his mother and decided to test out his theory. The next day, Lucifer went to Chloe and offered to take Trixie to school as Chloe continued the investigation. However, instead of bringing Trixie to her school, Lucifer posed as a father and had brought Trixie to be his daughter. They attended the Starford school tour in order to help Chloe with the investigation.

[00:16:00] Lucifer asked the guide where the children learned to control their emotions. He checked his list as he was the PP.E.teacher and didn’t know the tour since it had been Debbie’s job. Chloe and Dan were speaking to the head of the school, who admitted that he had embezzled the money, which led to Debbie getting killed. They told him that they were still checking whether the couple in question had killed Debbie and whether or not it had anything to do with the money. The PE teacher entered the office as he had thought a little girl was crying, but it was only the school head. Chloe found out from the PP.E.teacher that Trixie was in the other room attending a class with her father; however, Dan was with Chloe the whole time. She realized that Lucifer hadn’t taken Trixie to her classes.

[00:19:10] Chloe went to the other room and heard Lucifer arguing with the teacher as he wasn’t getting the answers he wanted about controlling emotions. Trixie, on the other hand, told the teacher that she was sad that Chloe had almost died and she didn’t want to tell Chloe her problems since she was busy with work and helped a lot of people. Chloe heard everything that Trixie said; however, before she could approach them, one of the other kids drew his mother stabbing Debbie. Lucifer told Chloe that he had solved their case. Chloe told Dan to check Joy Shernan, the mother of the boy who drew her stabbing Debbie. Lucifer brought Trixie out of Starford, Chloe spoke with her, and she asked to ride with Lucifer to school. Trixie promised that she would tell Lucifer to take her to her real school.

[00:22:40] Lucifer went back to Lux, and a mugger met him in the parking lot. The mugger was Goddess, who threw Lucifer into one of the parked vehicles. She explained that she was trying to get Lucifer angry in hopes of igniting the blade. Lucifer told Goddess that he was on top of things, but she didn’t believe him. Chloe received a letter from Starford inviting her to a grieving gathering for Debbie. She told Dan that Trixie might be accepted at Starford. Dan told her that Starford only wanted to get into Lucifer’s bank account. Chloe told Dan that it would be a great opportunity for Trixie. Dan wanted to finish their case before they discussed Starford. Chloe and Dan interrogated Joy regarding her son’s drawing. She explained to them that she had wanted to kill Debbie; however, she hadn’t acted upon it.

[00:27:00] Chloe got ready to attend the grieving gathering when Maze saw her. Chloe shared with Maze her problem, and she told Chloe that Trixie going to Starford would be the best thing for her because she would mentally dominate the school. Maze added that she would teach Trixie how to handle knives so that she could also physically dominate at Starford. Chloe knew that Maze wasn’t the best person to talk to about Trixie’s future, so she just left and headed for Starford. Chloe arrived at the reception, where the people were looking down on her for being a single mom; however, Maze came to her rescue. Maze told the receptionist that Trixie had two moms. They entered the event; however, no one is grieving the loss of Debbie.

[00:31:00] Amenadiel held the flaming sword in hopes of igniting it, but he failed. Lucifer told Amenadiel that he didn’t have his powers, so he wouldn’t be able to ignite it even if he wanted to. Amenadiel was jealous of Lucifer since Goddess was giving him all the attention because he was the only one who could ignite the sword and get them to heaven. Lucifer didn’t care about what Goddess thought; Amenadiel told him to get serious because they were depending on him to get back to heaven. Back at the gathering, Maze and Chloe came up with a plan to spread gossip in order to snuff out the killer. Maze told a random guy at the gathering that they had DNA evidence of the killer and were about to make an arrest. The gossip spread like wildfire, and in a few minutes, Madison was already trying to enter Chloe’s car.

[00:34:10] Lucifer found Madison and opened Chloe’s car using his duplicate key. Chloe arrived and saw Lucifer as well as Madison rummaging through her car. She realized that Madison was the killer; however, it was too late as Madison had already gotten her gun. Chloe and Lucifer stepped away from the car as Madison held them at gunpoint. Everyone from the gathering came out to the parking lot as they heard the warning shots fired from Chloe’s pistol. Madison blamed the PP.E.teacher; she had had an affair with him and given birth to Ranger. Madison had killed Debbie because she had found out and was going to tell everyone. She was worried that her husband would leave her if everyone found out. Chloe was able to convince Madison to lower the pistol; she apologized to Chloe; however, before she could finish her explanation, Maze tackled her to the ground.

[00:37:50] Chloe had a talk with Trixie; she explained to Trixie that they didn’t need to pretend that everything was okay. Trixie told Chloe that she didn’t want to attend Starford; Chloe responded that she didn’t like Starford either. Meanwhile, Lucifer went to Linda in order to continue their sessions. She advised Lucifer that he needed to let his emotions out and feel the pain in order to move on. He understood that using his pain would ignite the flaming sword. Lucifer went back to Lux and ignited the sword in front of Amenadiel and Goddess. He did his best, but he couldn’t sustain the flames. Amenadiel told Goddess that they had a lot more time to figure out the sword. However, Goddess was running out of time as she checked a wound on her wrist.




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