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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18 Recap – The Good, The Bad and The Crispy


Published 4 months ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18 Recap - The Good, The Bad and The Crispy

[00:01:00] Goddess stapled her wound using the office stapler; she called someone to ask for a favor. Back at Lux, Amenadiel couldn’t believe that he was the favorite son. Lucifer told him that God was trying to manipulate them yet again; however, Amenadiel didn’t mind as long as he was the favorite son. Amenadiel left Lux to process that he was the favorite son while Goddess went to speak to Linda. Goddess asked Linda for help regarding her wound; she showed it to her and nearly killed her with the light. Linda offered duct tape to patch her up.

[00:05:30] Lucifer and Chloe found a man with a burned head. Ella told them that it was a body dump and whoever had done it was a professional. Lucifer left them to visit Linda where he found Goddess and a burned hole in her office. He knew that something was up. Goddess explained that Chet Ruiz had stabbed her, and now she was bleeding light. Lucifer updated Goddess that the final piece of the sword was with Amenadiel; he wanted to send Goddess to heaven before she hurt someone. She explained that she had already hurt a human and Lucifer understood that the body they had found earlier was Chet Ruiz.

[00:09:20] Lucifer visited Maze and asked for her assistance in locating Amenadiel. Maze told Lucifer that she didn’t care about Goddess. Lucifer pointed out that if Goddess exploded, a lot of humans could get hurt, including the humans that she cared about. Maze agreed as long as Lucifer paid her fee. Lucifer agreed to pay. Chloe interviewed Chet’s brother; however, he didn’t know who would specifically kill Chet. He added that their family made a lot of enemies, which was the reason why he had left. He wanted to bring Chet along with him; however, Chet refused. Chloe promised him that she would do everything to bring Chet’s killer to justice. Lucifer tried to get rid of clues to the case so that the police wouldn’t be able to track Goddess; however, he ended up giving Ella an idea of where they could get a lead on the case.

[00:12:30] Amenadiel spent his time with Dan doing improv; however, he didn’t have a clue on how to work on improve. Amenadiel kept using his personal problems as material even though they didn’t suite the scenario provided. Chloe went to investigate a lead regarding a van that was parked near their crime scene during the time Chet’s body had been dumped. She saw two persons coming out of a building with a body wrapped in plastic. Chloe intervened and arrested them. The two were part of a cleaning service, which also cleaned up dead bodies. They told them that their business was legit. Chloe asked them why their van was near the crime scene, and one of them told Chloe that she was seeing her ex who lives in the area. Lucifer kept rushing their investigation, and Chloe didn’t like the idea that he was keeping secrets from her again.

[00:17:00] Amenadiel finished a session of improv as Maze arrived. She asked him nicely to come with her, but Amenadiel refused. He tried to explain his situation; however, Maze wasn’t paid by the hour, so she electrocuted him using a taser. Amenadiel woke up at Lux, but he didn’t have the necklace with him. Maze went to the basement to fetch Goddess as Amenadiel explained to Lucifer why he refused to send Goddess back to heaven. Lucifer told him that Goddess’s powers were returning and that she needed to go back to heaven before Charlotte’s body could no longer contain her powers. Maze arrived and told them that Goddess had escaped. Goddess had gone to visit Linda in order to find out what she knew about Lucifer’s plan. Goddess threatened to hurt her, so she had no other choice but to tell.

[00:22:00] Chloe went to the Lyon sisters in order to get more information. She found Kathleen dead and burnt to a crisp. Ava arrived and saw her sister dead on their office table. Chloe interviewed her; however, she refused to tell who hired her to clean up Chet’s body. She called Lucifer for assistance; however, Goddess had arrived, so he had to end their conversation. Chloe was slowly building up the case, and she knew that Lucifer was hiding something from her. Lucifer and Amenadiel suggested that Goddess shouldn’t go back to heaven; they offered to send her back to hell for her to be in charge. Goddess was disappointed in Lucifer and Amenadiel, and she threw them across the room and wrecked the piano in the process. She tried to ask Amenadiel for the necklace; however, he refused to hand it over.

[00:27:00] Amenadiel told Lucifer to follow Goddess while he checked on Linda. Goddess went to the carnival where Chloe and Dan met up with her. They had tracked her phone and followed her to the carnival. Goddess asked to make a call; she called Lucifer and told her their location. Goddess wanted to speak to Chloe alone; she agreed to speak with her outside the carnival. She kissed Dan one last time as she referred to him as her favorite human. Lucifer called Amenadiel and told him to give Goddess the piece; he added that Goddess had Chloe with her. Maze arrived to check on Linda and found her dying on her office floor. She told Maze that she had tried to resist telling Goddess about Lucifer’s plan; however, she couldn’t do it.

[00:30:30] Amenadiel arrived and assisted Maze with Linda; however, there wasn’t enough time. Amenadiel used his powers to slow down time. Back at the carnival, Lucifer arrived and offered Goddess the flaming sword, but it seemed that Goddess hadn’t killed the cleaner. Hector, Chet’s brother, had arrived. He wanted to kill Goddess; however, Lucifer pointed out that if he killed Goddess, everyone else would die. Hector didn’t listen to Lucifer and fired at Goddess. Time slowed down as Maze wondered how Amenadiel was using his powers. He told Maze to take Linda to the hospital. Lucifer and Goddess jumped from the pier while Lucifer assembled the sword and ignited it.

[00:34:10] Lucifer wanted to stop Goddess as she had already caused so much pain for a lot of people. He used the flaming sword to cut a hole in time and space to send Goddess to a place that had nothing. Lucifer told her to start a new world without them and without God. He added that returning to heaven would bring war and death. Goddess didn’t want to hurt her children, so she agreed to leave and create a new world for her own. Time went back to its normal speed as Chloe shot Hector. Dan rushed to Charlotte’s side, who lay on the beach. She regained consciousness, but she didn’t know what she was doing at the beach, nor did she remember Dan or Lucifer. Paramedics took Charlotte to the hospital as Chloe and Lucifer closed the case.

[00:40:30] Lucifer visited Linda and apologized for what had happened. She told Lucifer that she had done everything because she was his friend, and she would do it again in a heartbeat. Lucifer realized that he needed to tell Chloe everything, so he called her and planned to visit her as soon as possible; however, someone knocked him out just as he ended the call. Lucifer woke up in the middle of nowhere with his wings restored.





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