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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Lady Parts


Published 3 weeks ago

[00:01:00] Two men were flying their drone over a forest in Los Angeles. Somehow they crashed the drone by accident and had to find it on foot. They found pieces of the drone scattered along the forest. Eventually, they found the drone; however, they also found a dead woman. Lucifer continued his sessions with Linda; she told him that mobile phones were not allowed. They continued their conversation about Lucifer’s problems; however, he continued to deny that he was having difficulty. Linda noticed that he was a bit distracted and explained that people tend to make distractions in order to escape their problems. Lucifer once again heard everything differently; he accepted that distractions were an escape; however, in his case, he was literally distracting himself instead of facing his problems. Lucifer left Linda while taking a handful of gummy bears from her stash.

[00:04:00] Chloe and Lucifer went to the crime scene while they discussed her decision to move out of her mother’s house. She told Lucifer that she needed space. Lucifer suggested that Chloe find a distraction as stress was catching up to her. He dared Chloe to name three friends that she could call for a drinking session without mentioning Dan or him. Chloe couldn’t come up with any friends, and Dan went over as he heard that she didn’t consider him as a drinking buddy. She apologized to Dan and told him that she didn’t mean it. Dan informed them that they couldn’t identify the victim as she didn’t have any personal belongings on her. The only thing they could find was a triangular tattoo on her wrist. Lucifer suggested that the stamp was related to a night club.

[00:05:10] Dan added that they found a car registered to uber; however, they weren’t able to find the driver. Chloe used Lucifer’s phone to find the driver since Uber I.Ds were linked to the driver’s phone instead of their vehicle. She found the driver and they immediately brought him in for questioning. They showed the driver a photo of the victim, Daria Mitchell. The driver told them that Daria jumped out of his car. He pulled over and looked for Daria; however, when he found her, she was already dead. The driver added that Daria called her boyfriend using his phone. She wanted to go over to her boyfriend’s place, but he threatened to kill her. Meanwhile, Maze visited Goddess, who was continuing to live life as Charlotte.

[00:06:50] Goddess threw out burnt food as Maze asked how she was doing. Things weren’t working out as planned. She was still acclimating to human life, and she didn’t like spending time with Charlotte’s children as she referred to them as factories of filth. Maze wanted to know how she handled Charlotte’s husband. Goddess told Maze that every time the husband would ask her a question she would just invite him for sex and render him mute. She considered her time being Charlotte as absolute hell. Maze suggested that she just return to hell if there wasn’t any difference. Goddess told Maze that she would rather be on earth since she was closer to her sons rather than being tortured in hell. Back at the precinct, Chloe and Lucifer talked with Ella regarding a new breakthrough in their case.

[00:08:30] Ella found Mandrake in the contents of Daria’s stomach. It was a type of poison that required a full ninety minutes to take effect. This meant that the uber driver didn’t kill Daria. Ella wasn’t able to get anything from triangular stamp on Daria’s wrist; however, she traced the last number that Daria called before she died. The number belonged to a restaurant owner named Davis Fitzgerald. Chloe and Lucifer decided to go visit Davis. He denied that he killed Daria or being with her before she died. Davis told them that he was having an affair with another waitress from his restaurant and that Daria found out, which led to their fight. He added that Daria had a roommate named Naomi, who was another waitress at Davis’ restaurant. Chloe wanted to know why Lucifer was having difficulty focusing on work. He asked Maze for a favor in exchange for his car.

[00:13:20] Amenadiel returned a book that he borrowed from Linda. She noticed that Amenadiel was having a difficult time, but he told her that he was fine. Linda insisted that he talked to her since friends don’t lie to each other. Amenadiel told her that things aren’t working out the way they used to. Linda thought that he had erectile dysfunction. She suggested that Amenadiel try to have some fun and distract himself from his problem. Linda pointed at his groin, and Amenadiel realized that she had misunderstood him.

[00:15:00] Chloe and Lucifer swung by Daria and Naomi’s apartment. The neighbor opened the unit for them while informing them that it had been one week since she had seen either Naomi or Daria. Once Chloe and Lucifer got into the unit they both smelled something awful. Lucifer thought that it was cat litter; however, Chloe told him that it was the stench of decay. In a few seconds, they found Naomi dead on the floor. She had the same triangular stamp on her wrist and showed signs of poisoning like Daria. Chloe arrived at Lux just as Lucifer was about to have a threesome. She wanted to discuss the autopsy report that Ella had finalized earlier. Lucifer told Chloe that they should discuss it during business hours since it wouldn’t make a difference even if they discussed it at the bar.

[00:16:30] Chloe insisted and Lucifer had no choice because the women he had chosen for a threesome already left. Chloe mentioned that Daria and Naomi attended a party near their place. Maze told them that she knew the area and the bartender at a nearby tiki bar. Maze suggested that they check the bar out in order to gain some information. Lucifer seconded the idea, Ella also liked the idea. Chloe felt that she had gained friends and agreed to go to the tiki bar. Chloe asked everyone at the bar regarding her case. After Chloe completed questioning everyone, she decided to head home, but Linda arrived. Linda told her that Maze had invited her over for a girl’s night out. Maze told Chloe that she should have some fun.

[00:19:20] Linda started sharing in order to kick things off on their girl’s night out. She told them that she had worked as a phone sex operator in order to pay for tuition in med school. Ella added that she used to steal cars. Maze told them that she was from hell as Linda urged Chloe to share her thoughts aside from the case. Chloe told them that she was going through divorce and thoughts of single parenthood as well as being homeless. Meanwhile, Amenadiel visited Lucifer at Lux. Amenadiel was drinking at Lux because of problems caused by Lucifer. He pointed out that letting Goddess stay on earth would bring consequences for both of them. Lucifer told Amenadiel that he should just fly Goddess back to hell; however, he couldn’t. Lucifer wondered what Amenadiel’s problems were, but Amenadiel didn’t want to tell him.

[00:21:55] Chloe, Ella, Linda, and Maze continued drinking. Maze wished that she had brought her knives along so that they could seal their friendship with a blood pact. Chloe saw a man at the bar that had a triangular stamp on his wrist. She dragged him over to Ella to show the stamp. Another woman came barging in as she thought Chloe was stealing her man. Maze defended Chloe, but Linda stopped her. Maze beat the crap out of everyone who opposed her, Linda hid underneath the bar and cheered Maze on. Chloe tried to show her badge to stop the fighting, but someone speared her back to the floor. After the fight, Maze threw the guy back in a chair so that Chloe could continue questioning him.

[00:24:30] They found out that Daria and Naomi had partied in a sex club before they died. Chloe returned to the precinct to have a cup of coffee as Dan saw her busted up. She told Dan about their lead and how he was going undercover with Lucifer to invade the sex club. Chloe told him that the club catered to rich men who like to pay for sex and drinks in a secretive, invite-only gathering. Dan didn’t want to go undercover with Lucifer, but he had no choice. Dan joined Lucifer and entered the sex club. Lucifer invited Amenadiel to join the fun as well. Dan reminded them that they were undercover to solve a double homicide. Lucifer and Amenadiel told him that he couldn’t pass for anything other than being a cop.

[00:28:00] Dan noticed the bartender serving up the same drinks as that killed Daria and Naomi. Dan approached the bartender to ask him some questions, but he tried to make a run for it. Lucifer caught the bartender on his way out. The bartender tried to run when he spotted Dan. He knew that Dan was a cop from the moment he saw him. He added that he kept an eye out for the ladies that work there. The bartender served Daria and Naomi some drinks, but he didn’t slip any poison. The bartender told them that there was another blonde girl with Daria and Naomi the night they came to party. Dan and Lucifer left the venue along with a drunk Amenadiel.

[00:30:00] Lucifer and Dan returned to the precinct to inform Chloe about their lead. A guy named Yuri bought Daria and Naomi drinks during the party. Dan didn’t find any info on Yuri; however, he found a cell number and license plate linked to his credit card. Chloe saw Lucifer laughing at her drunken picture. Lucifer told Chloe that he setup girl’s night in order to distract her. Chloe used Lucifer’s phone in order to send Maze a picture of her middle finger. She really thought that she had made a friend during their girl’s night out. Chloe left, and Lucifer followed her wondering what happened that made her so angry.

[00:32:00] Chloe and Lucifer found Yuri inside his car. Lucifer opened the door to let him out; however, he vomited on Lucifer. Yuri told them that Daria and Naomi hadn’t known that he would be their date or that the party was a sex club. He bought them drinks; however, they bailed afterwards. Yuri drank the rest of the drinks and has been vomiting ever since. Yuri showed them a picture of Daria and Naomi along with the third blonde girl. The third girl was their neighbor, Lily. Chloe and Lucifer went back to the neighbor who was busy packing her stuff. Lucifer told her that they already knew what had happened, so she held a knife to Chloe’s throat.

[00:35:00] Lily failed at life, and she tried to make extra money by bringing Daria and Naomi into the sex trade. Lily thought that Los Angeles would be easy given the success that she had had earlier in life, but she was wrong. Lucifer distracted Lily when his phone rang, and Chloe used the opportunity to disarm her and beat her with a yoga mat. Lucifer suggested that Chloe move into Lily’s apartment since she’s going to jail.

[00:36:30] Maze visited Chloe at the precinct to apologize in her own twisted way. Maze told Chloe about their conversation back at the bar. Chloe agreed to be Maze’s roommate. Maze told her that she had money, plus she got along with Trixie, and she didn’t like her fashion sense, so stealing wouldn’t be a problem. Back at Lux, Lucifer disagreed with Maze being Chloe’s roommate. Maze pointed out that he didn’t have a choice since he was no longer the boss. She wanted Lucifer to pay up on their wager; Lucifer told Maze that she could take his car, but she declined. Maze didn’t want the car instead she wanted Lucifer to pour her a drink. Lucifer reached for a glass and poured Maze a drink, he offered a toast for their newfound relationships.

[00:39:30] Amenadiel arrived, and he still had a hangover. He wanted Lucifer to focus on their problems instead of turning a blind eye. Amenadiel wanted to know what Lucifer asked in exchange for bringing their mother back to hell. Lucifer told him that he brokered a deal with God for Chloe’s life. Amenadiel told Lucifer that he needed to keep his end of the deal before God took his end back. Lucifer never thought of it that way; however, it seemed that God was ready to take back his end of the deal as Chloe got into a car accident.

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