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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – The Weaponizer


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - The Weaponizer

[00:01:00] A guy approached a house and moved a skateboard on the lawn. He placed it in the middle of the pathway. The owner of the house arrived, and she tripped on the skateboard because she wasn’t looking at the pathway. She shouted at the top of her lungs and grounded her son because of the skateboard. Her son didn’t accept the punishment, so he marched out of their kitchen, which in turn set their dog free. The dog ran into the street, which caused an SUV to swerve in order to avoid the dog. As the SUV swerved, it hit Chloe’s car, which caused her to become involved in an accident. Lucifer wanted to know if Chloe noticed anything unusual at the time of her accident. She told Lucifer that she didn’t notice anything. Lucifer explained that her accident wasn’t a coincidence.

[00:03:00] Chloe told Lucifer that he didn’t have anything to do with her accident. It was a freak accident because a dog ran in the middle of the road. Lucifer warned Chloe that she was in for another disastrous event because she agreed to live with Maze. Chloe didn’t mind because she considered Maze her friend. Trixie approached Chloe and wanted her to read her bedtime story. Chloe knew that something was off, so she talked with Trixie. She was worried that Chloe would get hurt since her job was dangerous. Chloe told Trixie that everything would be fine and that she was very careful when it came to her job.

[00:04:30] Chloe and Lucifer arrived at their next case. The victim was Wesley Cabot, a washed-up movie star. Wesley had a drug problem, which led to the demise of his acting career. Lucifer pointed out that the villain in one of Wesley’s movies killed him. Lucifer swore on Wesley’s body that he would avenge his death. Chloe went over to interview the kid who had found Wesley’s body as Lucifer and Ella continued their conversation about him being a method actor. Lucifer denied being a method actor, but Ella insisted. Lucifer recognized a man walking outside the dojo and followed him. The man suddenly stood atop the building across the street and looked Lucifer dead in his eyes. Lucifer went to the rooftop of the building; the man he saw was his brother Uriel.

[00:07:00] Uriel told Lucifer that he came to earth seeking his end of the deal. He gave Lucifer 24 hours to show up with Goddess, or Chloe would die. Uriel also revealed that he started the car accident as a warning for Lucifer. Lucifer returned to Lux to tell Maze and Amenadiel about Uriel. Maze suggested that Lucifer just return their mother to hell in order to get things done. Lucifer declined; instead, he wanted Amenadiel to talk with Uriel. Amenadiel had no choice but to talk with Uriel instead of telling both Maze and Lucifer about his issues. Lucifer immediately went to Chloe to protect her. Dan provided them with a lead to the killer of Wesley Cabot. Chloe and Lucifer headed over to Wesley’s ex-wife to question her.

[00:11:00] Jamie told them that she went to see Wesley because of a voicemail that he left. However, when she arrived, Wesley was already dead. Jamie panicked and left the scene as soon as possible. She added that she was with her pilates instructor at the time Wesley died. Jamie added that her husband, Kimo, was in Reno signing autographs for actioncon. Kimo was Wesley’s co-star during his action films. Kimo also replaced Wesley as the king of action movies during their time. Chloe knew that actioncon only happened during the last week of August, so either Jamie or Kimo was lying to her. Dan told Chloe that he was going to look for Kimo. Amenadiel, on the other hand, visited Goddess, who was still struggling as Charlotte. He came to warn her about the consequences of her stay on earth; however, she didn’t want to leave.

[00:15:15] Chloe and Lucifer received a tip that Kimo would be at a parking lot, so they staked the place out. Lucifer threw away Chloe’s burger in fear of her getting poisoned. Kimo came out to the parking lot and tried to mug someone. Chloe got out of her car to arrest Kimo and bring him in for questioning. Lucifer used his powers on Kimo to find out his desires. He confessed that he was currently broke and doing everything he could to make his wife happy, including hiding his financial issues. Kimo told Chloe that he was signing autographs for a small comic book store the day Wesley died. A police officer reported that Kimo’s fingerprints were on the murder weapon, so she had no choice but to arrest him. Kimo denied the crime; however, the evidence was against him.

[00:18:30] Lucifer tried to convince Chloe that Kimo didn’t kill Wesley; however, she thought otherwise. Chloe wanted to know how Kimo posted bail; Lucifer responded that he posted it for him. Ryan Goldburg personally thanked Lucifer for posting Kimo’s bail. Ryan was Kimo’s business manager; he told them how Kimo lost all his fortune by spending lavishly on unnecessary things. Chloe noticed that Dan wasn’t working, so she approached him. Lucifer, on the other hand, saw Amenadiel on the second floor of the precinct. Amenadiel told Lucifer that he didn’t want to use violence against Uriel. Lucifer suggested that he just show himself since Uriel had feared him ever since they were little. He agreed and wanted to use the opportunity to gain back some of his confidence.

[00:21:30] Amenadiel tried to send Uriel away; he mocked his existence; however, Uriel knew better. He realized that something in Amenadiel changed; he punched him and confirmed his theory. Since Amenadiel had lost his powers, he couldn’t defend himself against Uriel, who took the chance to beat up his older brother for all the pain and misery he had caused him in the past. Dan and Lucifer checked Kimo’s alibi, and he was telling the truth. They also found out that the killer was possibly Ryan Goldburg since he was the business manager for both Kimo and Wesley. Kimo and Wesley should’ve made more money than they did. Chloe asked Lucifer to come along; however, he wanted to know what happened between Amenadiel and Uriel. Lucifer returned to Lux in order to check on things.

[00:26:00] Lucifer poured himself a drink as Maze tended to Amenadiel’s wound. Uriel had beat Amenadiel to a pulp. He confessed that he had lost his powers and didn’t know why it happened. Lucifer realized that Chloe was still in grave danger. Uriel continued to play his tricks; he caused a series of events that led to Kimo seeing his wife with Ryan. Chloe arrived on the scene a few minutes after as Uriel waited for the rest of the events to unfold. Meanwhile, Maze visited Goddess, who had chained one of Charlotte’s kids to a goal post. She told Goddess that they needed to talk. Back at the club, Chloe caught Ryan and Jamie kissing and celebrating. She told them how Ryan stole from both Kimo and Wesley. Jamie and Ryan started pointing fingers at each other as Kimo arrived.

[00:30:15] Kimo wanted to kill both Jamie and Ryan; he had figured out what had happened and how Ryan killed Wesley. Chloe tried to stop Kimo as Lucifer arrived with backup. Chloe de-escalated the situation and talked Kimo out of making a big mistake in his life. Kimo lowered his weapon as police officers took them away. Lucifer commended Chloe on her heroics and offered to take her back to the precinct; she thanked Lucifer for his concern; however, she refused. Lucifer returned to Lux, where Maze and Goddess were waiting for him. Goddess told Lucifer that she would return to hell for everyone’s sake; however, Lucifer refused. Maze told him that he needed to keep his end of the deal. Lucifer refused; he wanted to follow his own decisions, and he didn’t want to do what God wanted or what other people suggested.

[00:35:00] Lucifer confronted Uriel inside an abandoned church. Uriel revealed his real plan; he wanted to kill Goddess as he had already seen the pattern that would unfold. Goddess would eventually get back to heaven as God would forgive her, and that was when she would strike and kill God. Uriel would stop at nothing to kill Goddess and Chloe. Lucifer had no choice but to stop Uriel. The two got into a fistfight, but Uriel emerged victorious. Maze came to aid Lucifer, but she was powerless against Uriel. Lucifer outsmarted Uriel and used Azrael’s blade to kill him. He realized that he had killed his own brother.

[00:42:15] Lucifer returned to Lux. Goddess wanted to know what had happened; however, she realized that Lucifer had killed Uriel.


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