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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 18 Recap – The Last Heartbreak


Published 12 months ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 18 Recap - The Last Heartbreak

[00:00:50] Marcus remembers the day he handled the broken hearts killer case. He was still a detective back then. Marcus holds a newspaper showing a headline: “Broken Hearts Killer Dies In Prison.” Chloe enters Marcus’ office to thank him for a great time at the Axara concert. Ella and Lucifer are looking at Chloe and Marcus talking in his office. Ella tells Lucifer that Chloe and Marcus definitely had sex after the concert, but Lucifer thinks otherwise. Marcus wants to take Chloe out for dinner, but Dan enters the office before Chloe can agree. Dan tells them about a double murder case that sounds like the same modus as the broken hearts killer. The murder happened at the same place as before.

[00:04:30] Amenadiel is ordering at a coffee shop when he goes biblical on the cashier. The cashier only asked what he wanted from the menu, but he had already shared his life’s journey with her. She just suggests something off the menu, and Amenadiel agrees. Amenadiel sees Charlotte at the coffee shop and thinks she is the Goddess. He runs to and hugs her, but Charlotte doesn’t recognize him. Amenadiel realizes Charlotte isn’t the Goddess. He leaves her confused because he mentioned the flaming sword and Lucifer. At the crime scene, Lucifer assures Chloe they will remain partners whatever she and Marcus have. Marcus joins the team on the case; he knows it‘s just like the broken hearts killer.

[00:07:00] The victims are Robbie Matthews and Rachael White. Both of their chests were crushed along with their hearts. Lucifer suggests the couple might have a creepy stalker or someone doesn’t agree with their relationship. Marcus tells them about the broken hearts killer. Chloe knows about him, and everything adds up. Marcus hopes it‘s just an MO instead of having a copycat serial killer in their midst. Marcus is still one step ahead of Lucifer, and he’s feeling the pressure of losing Chloe and their partnership. Dan and Trixie arrive at Chloe’s apartment to see it in shambles. Maze had a party, and random people were sleeping around the house, including Trixie’s room. Dan confronts Maze and wants her to get her act together; her actions are unacceptable around Trixie.

[00:10:00] Chloe invites Lucifer over to interview Robbie’s ex-wife. Marcus tags along on the interview; Lucifer is pissed even more. He tells Marcus that Chloe is his partner. She can only have one immortal in her life. Marcus asks Lucifer if he likes Chloe. He declines, telling Marcus that Chloe is just his partner. Marcus tells Lucifer he doesn’t have to worry about anything since they aren’t a couple. Emma hates Rachel and admits she went nuts when Robbie cheated with Rachel. But she couldn’t hurt Robbie. Emma is devastated when they show her Robbie’s picture. Marcus believes Emma is telling the truth, but Lucifer tells them Emma is the killer. Lucifer tries to get Chloe to his side, but Dan tells them about another couple who were murdered. Chloe swings back to Marcus’ side.

[00:13:00] The next victims are Mary Lee and Dennis Horn. The crime scene was similar to Robbie and Rachael. Mary is married, and both of them got their chests crushed. Ella tells the team they found Robbie’s wedding ring inside his body, so she bets they will find Mary’s ring inside her. Marcus remembers the original killer didn’t disclose how he chose his targets. Lucifer is getting a hint Marcus was there at the time of the broken hearts killings. Chloe wants to go back to the precinct so they can find a connection between the two couples. Marcus has another flashback from when he was working on the original case. He worked inside a bar, and the waitress helped him get a lead back then, which he uses on the current case.

[00:16:00] Marcus checks the motel footage one week before the murder. As he remembers, the original killer spent days ahead of time planning his murders, so he thinks the current killer did the same. Marcus sees Neil Berger taking pictures outside the motel a week before the murders. He placed an APB and got a hit that Neil was outside the original killer’s house. Lucifer is amazed at how Marcus is working the case. He needs to step up his game or he could end up losing Chloe as his partner. Meanwhile, Amenadiel visits Linda to tell her Charlotte is back. He adds Charlotte is normal and not the Goddess, but Linda already knows because she is treating Charlotte. Chloe, Lucifer, and Marcus apprehend Neil. They find out he was working as a tour guide for the Broken Hearts tour.

[00:18:00] Chloe pretends they are his next tour group so they can find out more about Neil. Amenadiel wants Linda’s help in telling Charlotte the truth because he feels guilty Charlotte was lost because of what happened with the Goddess. Linda tells Amenadiel that Charlotte is at a very fragile stage in her life because she literally went to hell and back. Linda doesn’t want to tell Charlotte the truth because she was nearly broken when she discovered the truth about Lucifer and everything else; what more if Charlotte knew about it. Neil continues to provide facts and details about the original broken hearts killer at the tour. Chloe and Marcus know they could provoke Neil into talking about the current killer and, maybe, incriminate himself. The plan worked as Neil told them details about the murders that hadn’t been made public.

[00:20:00] Marcus visits the old bar where he used to work and finds the waitress he spoke with. He thinks it‘s the same person, but it‘s the waitress‘ granddaughter. The resemblance is incredible; she looks exactly like her. Marcus finds out his former partner married Kay, and they are both dead. Chloe and Lucifer interrogate Neil only to find out he isn’t the killer. Dan confronted Maze; she gave Trixie pot brownies. Trixie’s teacher was rushed to the hospital because of the brownies. Maze is fed up being told how to act. She moves out and gets into an argument with Dan. Maze calls Trixie stupid, thinking she isn’t around. Trixie hears everything and runs out of the house crying.

[00:25:00] Chloe calls Marcus to update him on the case; they don’t have a lead nor a killer. Marcus remembers his old partner kept his files. Maddie gathers her grandfather’s files for him. Marcus tells Chloe to meet her at the bar so that they can review the case files. Chloe invites Lucifer, but he refuses. He wants them to solve the case, but Chloe can’t deal with Lucifer at the time because of the serial killer. She meets Marcus alone. Chloe finds out the original killer listened to a radio show aired during those days. The radio show gave love and relationship advice. Ella tells them there is a similar show exposing cheating couples.

[00:29:00] Lucifer suggests they pose as cheating couples to lure out the killer. Marcus volunteers himself and Chloe as the cheating couple. Lucifer has no choice but to go on the show to expose them; he attends the radio show. The host calls Chloe and gives out Marcus’ name and address. Lucifer leaves the show to go to the sting operation. Chloe arrives at Marcus’ house, where he sets up a dinner date. Lucifer arrives at the police van where Dan is on the lookout. He asks Dan how he moved on when he showed up and replaced him in Chloe’s life. Dan tells Lucifer he realized they were two different persons with two different roles in Chloe’s life.

[00:35:00] Dan and Lucifer see someone approach Marcus’ house, so they apprehend the person. Lucifer sees it‘s the intern at the radio show. He is taping the reveal as part of the after-show and posts it on his own website. Dan takes the guy in, while Lucifer remains at the scene. Marcus and Chloe are enjoying dinner, but it seems the killer is already inside the house. The killer is the one who bought the original killer’s house. He finds the killer’s journals in the attic and decides to continue his dirty work. Lucifer intervenes just as the killer is going to smash Chloe’s chest in. He knocks the killer out as Dan arrives to back him up.

[00:40:00] Despite what Linda tells Amenadiel, he still follows Charlotte. He sits in the coffee shop pretending to read a newspaper, so he can keep his eye on Charlotte. She pretends to leave and confronts Amenadiel. Charlotte begs Amenadiel to tell her the truth, so he does. Amenadiel invites Charlotte to sit with him at the coffee shop, so he can explain everything. Chloe arrives at home to find the babysitter named Olga. Olga tells her Maze moved out. Lucifer arrives shortly to apologize. He tells Chloe she could have a relationship with anyone and to be careful. Chloe calls Marcus to set up another dinner date. Marcus agrees and ends their conversation.

[00:42:00] Maddie gives Marcus a drink while asking if he’s talking to someone special. Marcus tells her Chloe is special — she’s the key to getting what he always wanted.

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