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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – The One with the Baby Carrot


Published 4 months ago

[00:00:50] Lucifer went to Linda to continue their sessions. Linda didn’t like what Lucifer was doing to his body. Lucifer had tried to cut off his wings again; however, they grew back. Linda told Lucifer that he should stop cutting off his wings. Lucifer responded that he was still searching for The Sinnerman. Chloe also didn’t believe in The Sinnerman. She told Lucifer that someone had already confessed to killing Sam under the pier. Lucifer wanted to tell Marcus about The Sinnerman; however, Chloe stopped him. She told Lucifer that she would only reconsider the case if he showed her proof that The Sinnerman was real. Lucifer agreed and focused on their current case.

[00:05:30] Chloe and Lucifer went to the crime scene. Dan updated them regarding their victim, JD Woodstock. He was a struggling comedian; Lucifer compared JD to Dan, but he disagreed. Dan defended himself, saying standup comedy and improv were two different things. Chloe asked Dan about his improv stint, but he used Ella to change the topic. Ella knew JD because he had made headlines a few days ago when he claimed that Bobby Lowe stole his jokes. Bobby Lowe was another comedian who rose to fame by using his life story in his show. Lucifer vowed to get justice for JD. Chloe was relieved that Marcus wasn’t around; however, Marcus was listening in on their conversation a few blocks away from them.

[00:08:30] Chloe and Lucifer watched JD’s revelation of Bobby stealing his jokes. Lucifer wanted to watch the video that contained the proof; however, JD had died before he could post it online. Ella told them that JD could be lying as she defended Bobby and his show. Lucifer invited Chloe to interview Bobby. Ella begged Chloe to let her come with them to collect evidence. Chloe told her that if Bobby was innocent, she wouldn’t need to collect evidence. Ella begged Chloe again, and she eventually gave in.

[00:10:30] Linda met Amenadiel for a few drinks to thank him for saving her life. He told Linda that Maze had saved her life. Linda had already thanked Maze, and she pointed out that she wouldn’t be alive without him as well. Linda congratulated Amenadiel on getting his powers back. He told Linda that his powers no longer worked since he had saved her. Linda offered to help Amenadiel with his test in order to return the favor. They returned to Lux where Amenadiel showed her Lucifer’s severed wings. He wanted Linda to help him dispose of the wings since it was proof of divinity. Amenadiel pointed out that any drunken person could stumble upon them, and who knew what would happen.

[00:13:00] Back at the precinct, Dan confronted Marcus in order to defend himself. He explained that he wasn’t a corrupt cop, but Marcus proved him wrong by reminding him of what he had done in the past. Marcus wanted Dan to give him all of the intel that he had against Lucifer. Dan told Marcus that he didn’t have any intel; however, he eventually admitted that he had gathered intel against Lucifer back when he was still married to Chloe. Marcus ordered Dan to provide the intel within one hour.

[00:14:00] Chloe, Ella, and Lucifer arrived at the set of Bobby’s show. He didn’t want to speak with them and continued as scheduled. The three of them stayed to see his show as Ella was blinded by Bobby’s unpleasant attitude. She was a big fan, so it was quite a shock to see this side of him. Lucifer interfered to expose Bobby for who he really was. Lucifer used one of Bobby’s sock puppets and accidentally shot Bobby when the pistol inside went off. Bobby admitted that he had stolen JD’s jokes, which triggered Ella since she had defended him against Chloe and Lucifer earlier. Bobby explained that he wanted to end the show, but he didn’t want to lose his money.

[00:20:30] Linda pitied Lucifer for what he was going through. Amenadiel responded that everyone had their own secret pain that they didn’t want to share with the world. Linda agreed and asked him how he knew that everything was a test. Amenadiel explained that God always had a plan, and no one got anything easy when it came to him. Back at the precinct, Chloe and Lucifer reviewed the death threats that Bobby had received. Chloe told Lucifer that JD’s original act was about a guy with insecurities about his micropenis. Lucifer told Chloe that the killer was the victim in this case, and they should just close the case. Chloe pointed out that they still needed to catch the killer regardless of what had happened.

[00:23:30] Lucifer wanted Maze to look for The Sinnerman, but she was busy with her own matters. Marcus came to Lucifer and warned him about The Sinnerman. He told Lucifer that The Sinnerman was real, and he had killed someone very close to him. Lucifer didn’t heed his warning and told him that he would locate The Sinnerman and end him. Marcus left without another word.

[00:26:00] Linda and Amenadiel disposed of Lucifer’s wings. Amenadiel took out his lighter and set everything ablaze. Amenadiel lashed out his disappointment with Lucifer and realized that his test was always Lucifer. He applauded Linda for her wisdom and their friendship. Lucifer went to the precinct to tell Chloe about his conversation with Marcus. He told her about The Sinnerman; however, Dan interrupted him with a lead on their case. The emails had been sent from a local comedy bar named The Laughmaker. They planned to send someone on stage in order to lure out the killer.

[00:29:00] Dan got up on stage and went to work on their sting operation. Lucifer interfered in order to get in on the action. Chloe saw an opportunity and told Lucifer to keep going. He went all out and ended his shenanigans by throwing tomatoes at Dan. Dan approached Lucifer at the bar after his act. Chloe explained the opportunity, but Dan wasn’t convinced until a man approached Lucifer and thanked him for what he had done earlier. Lucifer sympathized with the man and told him that people who made fun of disabilities should be killed. To their surprise, the man agreed, so they took him to the precinct for questioning.

[00:32:00] The man admitted that he had threatened Bobby, but it was before he became famous. He told them that Chuckle Bunnies may have told Bobby about his condition. The man realized that it was JD who had written all the jokes, but he forgave him. He told Chloe about a girl named Shiela who was supposed to give JD a big break before his death. Chloe realized they had gotten a lead and ended the interrogation. Bobby had a warm-up comedian named Shiela.

[00:34:00] Chloe and Lucifer went out looking for Shiela. Chloe found Bobby bleeding on the floor. He told Chloe that Shiela had attacked him. Chloe shouted at Lucifer to warn him about Shiela. Lucifer confronted Shiela as Chloe looked for a distraction. She used a sandbag to get Shiela’s attention and Lucifer knocked her out. Lucifer received a text and went to the precinct. He assumed that the text had come from Dan; however, it was from Marcus. He confirmed that The Sinnerman was in LA. Marcus offered to help Lucifer take down The Sinnerman as long as he kept Chloe out of it. Lucifer agreed and began to interview The Sinnerman’s accomplice. Alonso told Lucifer that he had killed Sam because he was sleeping with his girl.

[00:40:00] Lucifer used his powers on Alonso; however, he seemed to be telling the truth. Lucifer went to Linda and confided in her about what had happened with Alonso. Linda suggested that he keep the wings for the time being, but he disagreed. Lucifer remembered what Shiela had told him before he had punched her. He got a new idea on how to tackle his new problem. A line grew at Lux as people waited for Lucifer to grant their favors.




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