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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20 Recap – The Angel of San Bernardino


Published 2 months ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 20 Recap - The Angel of San Bernardino

[00:00:50] An old woman wakes up and hears men fighting in her house. She calls 911 but can‘t complete the call because she heard gunshots. An angel appears to save the old lady. At the precinct, Marcus invites Chloe to the evidence closet where he kisses her and knocks stuff off Ella’s walls in the next room. Ella knows Chloe and Marcus are getting it on in the evidence closet to her approval. Lucifer shows up at the next crime scene as Chloe and Pierce arrive together. Lucifer asks Chloe if Marcus will always be with her during their cases. She promises Lucifer that Marcus won’t get in their way, but Lucifer spots “DNA” on her shirt from the closet.

[00:04:00] The new case is Kevin Winstead, a member of a wealthy real estate family from New York. Ella tells them Kevin is the black sheep of the Winstead clan. Kevin was a heroin addict, but his arms suggest he had been clean for a while. The homeowner, Mrs. Hernandez, tells Chloe the murderer knew Kevin. She also claims God sent an angel to save her. Lucifer laughs briefly, but Mrs. Hernandez adds that the angel stole her angel Gabriel statue from her collection. Chloe jokes it could have been one of Lucifer’s brothers. Marcus asks Lucifer if one of his siblings could actually come down from heaven. Lucifer assures Marcus one of his siblings will only come down from heaven to pester him.

[00:05:30] Lucifer gets a call from Amenadiel and heads back to his penthouse. Amenadiel is worried about Charlotte. He knows they made a huge mistake by showing her their divinity. Lucifer doesn’t care about Charlotte. He asks Amenadiel if any of their siblings are in town, but Amenadiel disagrees. Lucifer tells him about their current case. Amenadiel responds it could be one bored angel or a deeply confused one. Amenadiel leaves as Lucifer discovers the angel Gabriel statue near his bed. Lucifer goes to Linda and shows her the statue. He thinks it‘s just a coincidence, but Linda recalls he’s been having weird dreams and suggests she might be sleep-flying. Linda explains people sleepwalk when they have difficulty managing problems or avoiding problems. Lucifer knows he has no problems, but Linda thinks he has an issue with Chloe and Marcus.

[00:08:00] Lucifer denies having issues with Chloe and Marcus. He admits he disagrees with their relationship, but he isn’t a teenager to make it a big issue. He adds he wasn’t sleep-flying and has an idea to prove it. Meanwhile, Marcus and Chloe are cuddling when Chloe realizes Trixie is about to come home. She doesn’t want to introduce him to Trixie until she’s sure of their relationship. Marcus assures Chloe he’s all in on their relationship. He agrees to take everything at her pace. Chloe gets a text from Lucifer and meets him at the precinct. Lucifer wants to prove he wasn’t the angel by finding their killer. He plans to ask the killer himself if he was the angel who saved the old lady. Chloe finds his plan to be ridiculous, but she has no choice.

[00:10:00] Chloe and Lucifer go to Sunrise Sands rehab facility. They meet Phil Goldstein, the last person to see Kevin alive before leaving the facility. Phil doesn’t want to speak with Chloe, so Lucifer manhandles him into talking. He denies killing Kevin. He just got into a fight with him because he took rehab seriously. Phil admits rehab is only a façade to keep their jobs and wives at bay. Phil was with hookers at the time of Kevin’s death because he is a sex addict. Chloe didn’t like how Lucifer handled their interview with Phil. Lucifer tells her he just wasn’t getting enough sleep. Chloe orders Lucifer to take the afternoon off to get some rest. Lucifer borrows her handcuffs and promises to return them.

[00:12:30] That night, Lucifer chains himself to a statue as a precaution. Amenadiel wakes him up the next day with a newspaper that says: “Angel of San Bernardino Saves Family From Fire.” Lucifer is no longer handcuffed to the statue and is covered in soot. Lucifer reads the article describing the hero having wings. Amenadiel thinks God is punishing them for showing Charlotte proof of divinity. Lucifer sees it as God manipulating him. He knows he needs to find the killer to prove who the angel is once and for all. Charlotte arrives at the precinct. She looks fine for someone who discovered the truth about divinity. She starts insulting anyone she comes across. Charlotte sees Dan and asks him to come with her.

[00:16:00] Chloe meets with Kevin’s ex. They have a child. She says Kevin liked the drugs more than her; he calls every now and then for drug money. Her husband says he once owed a lot of money to someone but isn’t sure who it is. Charlotte and Dan get drunk over lunch. She gives him a list of all of the stuff she has done. She feels liberated. Charlotte thinks she can put in a good word for Dan with God. She tells him to go to the closet, get naked, and she’ll meet him there. But when Dan gets naked, someone else finds him posing nude. The person wants to call the police, but he shows his badge and tells him he’s a cop.

[00:19:00] Lucifer is upset they can’t find Kevin’s killer. He wants Chloe to check her computer for leads, but Chloe tells him it doesn’t work that way. Chloe wants Lucifer to just go home and get some rest. Lucifer is worried he’ll turn into the Angel of San Bernardino. Chloe suggests he just doesn’t sleep — a great idea for him. Lucifer goes back to his penthouse to start his sleepless nights. He does drugs, has plenty of sex, hosts a fight club, and gets a large TV to pass the time.

[00:21:00] Maze calls Chloe to fix their friendship, but Chloe is still upset at what happened with Trixie. Maze tells her she’s fine at going on her own pace as long as they fix their friendship. Lucifer arrives after being gone for a week. He looks awful as he calls Chloe “Booth,” referring to Booth from the series “Bones.” He tells Chloe he binge-watched all 12 seasons. Chloe found a lead on their case as Kevin was arrested for possession of drugs a few months ago. She wants to find Matt Kessman: Kevin’s drug dealer. Matt’s roommate told her she could find Matt at the Vido Hotel.

[00:23:00] Chloe and Lucifer go to the Vido Hotel and sees Matt attending a wedding reception. Lucifer recognizes Matt — he’s the killer. After his speech, Chloe and Lucifer tail him to the parking garage where Lucifer confronts him. He recognizes Matt from an episode of Bones where he killed a guy. Matt is an actor. The groom hired him to be the best man so he would look good. Matt adds he took a job from Masquerade Inc. He needs to keep Kevin busy by partying and doing drugs, but Kevin refuses, and a fight ensues between them, leading to his arrest. Marcus returns home. Maze is waiting for him. She asks if it‘s time to kill him, but he still has his mark. Marcus wants a painless death, but Maze knows it will be painful for Chloe.

[00:26:30] Marcus doesn’t care who he’d hurt as long as he’ll die. Lucifer wants to go to Masquerade Inc. immediately, but Chloe can’t get a warrant until the next morning. Lucifer demands they go; he can’t sleep without catching the killer. Chloe invites Lucifer into the interrogation room to talk. Lucifer tells Chloe the truth, but she still doesn’t believe him. Chloe tells Lucifer he’s just tired, and the lack of sleep is getting to his head. Lucifer does his best to explain to Chloe who Marcus really is, but she ends their conversation.

[00:30:00] Dan calls Amenadiel to have him check up on Charlotte. Amenadiel goes to her office where she‘s trying on a new diamond necklace. Charlotte doesn’t care about hell anymore. She points out that Amenadiel and Lucifer could bring her to heaven when she dies. Amenadiel tells her the process doesn’t work that way. Neither he nor Lucifer has the power to bring her to heaven. Amenadiel adds nothing changed. She returns to her old self, the real Charlotte Richards, when she thinks she has a free pass. She realizes she can’t change and will go to hell.

[00:32:00] Chloe is at the precinct getting ready to get dinner while browsing the Masquerade Inc. website. Trixie jokingly tells Chloe she could get a new mother if she ever becomes mean to her. Chloe asks how she plans on paying for her new mother. Trixie answers she’s going to use her credit card. Marcus passes by Chloe’s desk and tells Trixie about dating Marcus. Trixie asks Chloe if Marcus likes chocolate cake. Chloe doesn’t know, so she invites Trixie to ask Marcus. Before they get up from her desk, Chloe notices Jeremy’s picture on the Masquerade Inc. website. Lucifer is a step ahead of Chloe. He goes to Masquerade Inc. where an employee enlightens him about Jeremy Bell. Lucifer goes to Jeremy’s home to find out the truth.

[00:35:00] After Kevin left them, Kevin’s ex-wife hired Jeremy to pretend as her husband and father to her child. Jeremy killed Kevin because he wanted his family back. Lucifer realizes that Marcus is distracting him to pursue Chloe. Lucifer punishes Jeremy and leaves. Chloe arrives at Jeremy’s house shortly after where she finds Jeremy confessing to his crimes. Lucifer goes back to Lux and starts looking for the angel Gabriel figurine. Maze arrives, and Lucifer tells her about Marcus’ plan. Lucifer eventually finds the figurine and goes on his way to Chloe, but Maze stops him. Maze wants to know what happened as she gives Lucifer a glass of wine. Lucifer realizes Maze is helping Marcus.

[00:38:00] Maze admits she set everything up. She devised the plan to target Lucifer when Marcus told her about the old lady who thought an angel saved her. Maze knew Lucifer’s daddy issues would throw him off so that Marcus could go after Chloe. Lucifer rushes to Chloe to save her. Meanwhile, Marcus arrives at Chloe’s apartment with beer and chocolate cake. Chloe is about to confess her love for him, but he stops her and leaves. Lucifer arrives, but he is too late. Trixie opens the door, and he sees Chloe sitting on her couch staring at her fireplace, all heartbroken. Lucifer leaves to confront Marcus. He barges inside Marcus’ house and kicks his ass. Marcus tells Lucifer he was so close to getting what he wanted, but he couldn’t hurt Chloe.

[00:42:50] Lucifer wants payback for the damage Marcus did to Chloe. Before Lucifer resumes beating the crap out of Marcus, he sees he no longer has his mark.

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