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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 22 Recap – All Hands on Decker


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 22 Recap - All Hands on Decker

[00:00:50] An event staff scrambles to attend a dog owner in a dog show. One of the staff thought they were in the clear, but the next dog to make it on stage hadn’t been seen all day. The staff goes to the owner’s dressing room only to find a dead person lying on the floor. At the precinct, Ella admires Chloe’s engagement ring. Ella asks Chloe how many days are left before the big day. The wedding is in three weeks. Ella wants to plan the bachelorette party. Chloe doesn’t feel the need for the party; it will be her second wedding, but Ella insists. She doesn’t have any sisters. Chloe is the closest to a sister she gets. Ella played the sister card, so Chloe agreed.

[00:02:30] Ella wants to start planning immediately. She suggests the party and the wedding must have matching themes. Marcus does the same as Ella, and Chloe feels pressured to suggest they postpone the wedding date. Marcus disagrees. He hasn’t been sure about anything else his entire life. He suggests Chloe take some days off to plan their wedding. Lucifer spends the morning sulking over Chloe’s engagement. Amenadiel can’t believe Chloe said yes to Marcus’ proposal. He wants to stop the wedding at all costs. Lucifer is amazed his brother is on his side for the first time. Lucifer still can’t understand what Chloe saw in Marcus. He needs to understand before everything is too late. Amenadiel knows he needs a plan that would work since Lucifer wasn’t much of a planner.

[00:05:00] Lucifer goes to the precinct to give Chloe a personality test. Initially, she thinks it‘s an engagement gift, but she‘s wrong. Chloe tells Lucifer she‘s taking some time off work to plan her wedding. Dan takes over Chloe’s remaining case. Lucifer isn’t thrilled he will work with Dan, but he doesn’t have a choice. On their way to a new case, Lucifer explains to Dan the possible reasons why Chloe accepted Marcus’ proposal, including the possibility that Marcus drugged her. Dan tells Lucifer that Chloe just wants to get married to Marcus. Lucifer disagrees; he knows Chloe doesn’t know what she truly desires, and he can’t help her because his powers don’t work on her. The victim’s name is Francis Hoffman.

[00:06:30] Francis died due to blunt force trauma while his dog was AWOL. The dog left bloody footprints as it walked around the room and must have walked on the pool of blood from Francis’ body. Lucifer keeps on second-guessing Dan’s decision-making skills and compares her to Chloe. Dan tells Lucifer only one of them can be the detective in the case. Lucifer comes up with a brilliant idea on how he can better understand Chloe. He plans to take the case lead and be “Chloe.” Dan is even more pissed as Lucifer misunderstood what he said about having only one detective. Lucifer and Dan speak with Frederick, Francis’ husband. Lucifer promised to find their dog, Cornelia, and justice for Francis.

[00:08:00] Frederick tells them Francis got into an argument with someone at the parking lot of the training center. He can’t provide a name, but he took the other person’s license plate in case their car gets keyed. Maze gets a text from Marcus about getting engaged with Chloe, so she thinks their plan is a go. Marcus tells Maze he doesn’t want to die anymore. He apologizes to Maze and promises to find another way to get her back to hell. Maze asks Marcus to show her his mark. Marcus placed a fake mark on his arm ahead of time, so Maze won’t try to kill him. Maze thinks Chloe is having second thoughts about their relationship, so she tells Marcus she will do her best to have Chloe back on board.

[00:10:00] Chloe has a wedding murder board at the precinct. She doesn’t know how to plan a wedding, but she understands everything when they’re related to work. Ella promises her they will assist in planning her wedding, but they want to do it at the bachelorette party. Chloe leaves to get a wedding dress while Ella returns on the case. She asks Maze to start planning for the party. Meanwhile, Dan and Lucifer are on the way to track down their suspect. Lucifer went full “Chloe” —  he changed outfits to look her part. He asks Dan how he‘s doing with Charlotte. Dan explains their situation and thanks him for caring. Lucifer tells Dan he didn’t care, but Chloe would, hence, his question.

[00:12:00] Amenadiel goes to Charlotte for help. She keeps on digging dirt about Marcus being the Sinnerman. Amenadiel tells her they need a new plan to stop the wedding. Charlotte tells Amenadiel he should find a way to target Marcus’ insecurities. Charlotte volunteers to persuade Chloe at her bachelorette party. Lucifer and Dan get to where the suspect’s car was last seen. Lucifer tells Dan he’s a regular at the illegal gambling place they’re about to enter. Dan praises Lucifer; he seems to act the “be like Chloe” perfectly. But Lucifer doesn’t understand why he‘s having difficulty understanding Chloe when he’s already following everything she does. Lucifer realizes he needs someone to be like him to complete the partnership. He doesn’t have a choice: Dan is already with him.

[00:15:00] Lucifer pushes Dan inside the bar and tells him to just be like him. A man inside the bar approaches Dan and asks him who he is. Dan tries to pull out his badge and gun, but Lucifer swapped them with a wad of cash. He remembers he needed to be like Lucifer, so he shows the guy his money and is allowed inside. Maze guides Chloe to her bachelorette party. It isn’t the party she expected from Maze. She decorated everything in pink. There are balloons, flowers, and nonalcoholic drinks. After Dan nearly loses all his money, Vincent arrives to join their game. He moves closer to Vincent and tries to engage in small talk. He even tries to ask Vincent what he truly desires, but he fails.

[00:18:00] Dan notices bite marks on Vincent’s arm, so he pursues the angle. Before Vincent even tells Dan what breed of dog bit him, Lucifer enters the bar along with SWAT. At the party, Charlotte, Linda, and Ella look for booze. Charlotte tells Ella that Maze has an itinerary for the party which didn’t include booze. Linda knows Maze is up to something, and they want to find out what. Maze is making Chloe answer a questionnaire about Marcus. Charlotte has a plan to get things back on track. Back at Lux, Amenadiel is setting his plan into motion. He invites Marcus over for a few bottles of beer. Marcus is hesitant as Amenadiel has tried to kill him on numerous occasions. Amenadiel tells him there‘s nothing to worry about. He welcomes Marcus to the immortal turned mortal club.

[00:20:30] Amenadiel is trying to get inside Marcus’ head, and he knows what to do. He talks to Marcus about being mortal, and at any moment, he could die. Amenadiel adds everything now has a purpose, and they just need to be more careful. At the party, Maze plans Chloe’s wedding dress using toilet paper. They all hear music from outside, so they check it. Charlotte called a party bus to start the party. Maze is upset they are ruining her plans. Dan and Lucifer speak with Vincent, discovering he didn’t kill Francis. Vincent was arguing with Francis because Cornelia was pregnant and his dog was the father. Dan tells Lucifer that purebred pups cost a fortune.

[00:24:00] Everyone enjoys the party except Maze. She wants the wedding to happen, so she doesn’t want to party hard because Chloe might change her heart. The party gets wilder as the Malibu State water polo team enters the party bus. Maze doesn’t like what‘s happening, but everyone else is having a blast, especially Chloe. Lucifer and Dan go to the pet parlor. One of the staff confesses she took Cornelia and planned to sell her puppies. Lucifer arrests the woman for killing Francis, but Dan knows something is missing. Maze silently kicks the guys off the bus one by one. Linda doesn’t like what Maze is doing. She is ready to pick a fight, but Ella does her best to stop her.

[00:30:00] Charlotte uses the distraction to proceed with her plan and talk to Chloe. Ella notices Charlotte is up to something, so she stops the bus and kicks everyone out except for Chloe. She talks to everyone. Maze and Linda continue to bicker while they all start pointing fingers. Ella wants to save the day by getting fake matching tattoos. Maze realizes Marcus had been lying to her, so she leaves the party. While everyone is too busy fighting and screaming, the party bus leaves with Chloe alone inside. At the precinct, Frederick arrives to claim Cornelia, but she doesn’t want to come with him. Dan notices something strange and goes ahead to investigate. The bus driver talks to Chloe as she notices something is on her mind. Chloe tells her everything is just happening so fast.

[00:36:00] Chloe doesn’t know why she said yes. She hopes saying yes to Marcus will change something in her, but she‘s wrong. The bus driver has been married for 17 years, and her husband means everything to her. She wishes Marcus also meant everything to Chloe. At the precinct, Lucifer discovers that Frederick signed the prenatal papers for Cornelia, but he told them earlier he didn’t know anything about the pregnancy. He knows Frederick is the killer and praises himself. Dan goes to Frederick’s apartment and waits for his arrival. Dan wants to know why Frederick killed Francis, but before answering the question, he pulls out a pistol and points it at Dan.

[00:38:00] Frederick tells Dan that Francis chose Cornelia over him, and when he learned about the pregnancy, he knew Francis would have more reasons to abandon him. Frederick fought with Francis on the day of the dog show; he fell and hit his head. Dan tries to convince Frederick to just surrender and tell them his side of the story, but Lucifer arrives and kicks the door down. Dan uses the distraction to knock Frederick out. Lucifer tells Dan he‘s unreliable. He needs someone who will always be there for him like Chloe always scolds him. Lucifer now realizes why she chose Marcus over him.

[00:39:30] Maze goes to Chloe’s apartment to kill Marcus, but Trixie is sleeping on his lap. Maze tells him he can’t use Trixie as a human shield forever. She threatens to kill Marcus another day. Chloe arrives and sees Marcus on the couch with Trixie. Marcus tells her he went to check up on Trixie and she told him she wanted to come home. Marcus asks Chloe to elope, but she refuses. She returns the engagement ring and tells Marcus she can’t marry him. Chloe apologizes; Marcus can’t respond. Dan goes to Charlotte and confesses his feelings for him. Charlotte can’t believe it, so she just kisses Dan.

[00:42:00] Lucifer arrives at the precinct and sees Chloe is back. He is about to tell Chloe what he learned. Lucifer notices Chloe no longer wears her engagement ring. Lucifer doesn’t tell Chloe his feelings for her. Chloe tells him they have a new case and asks Lucifer if he‘s willing to go back to work with her. Lucifer takes the file and accepts her offer. Marcus stands outside his office, watching Lucifer and Chloe leave the precinct. He wants revenge for what happened between him and Chloe.

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