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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 23 Recap – Quintessential Deckerstar


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 23 Recap - Quintessential Deckerstar

[00:00:50] Charlotte wakes up from a nightmare. Dan gets up to check if she‘s okay. He also asks if it‘s the same nightmare. Charlotte confirms as tears roll down her cheeks. She tells Dan he‘s now part of the nightmare. Charlotte keeps dreaming of her hell loop where her kids end up dying with Dan. Linda asks Lucifer if he’s now going to tell Chloe about his feelings. He tells Linda there‘s no need because she broke up with Marcus. Linda adds that even if Chloe didn’t choose Marcus, it doesn’t mean she chose him. Lucifer reverses what Linda said by saying Chloe didn’t choose Marcus, so she must be choosing him.

[00:03:00] Lucifer wants everything to return to normal, but Linda knows it won’t happen immediately. He has another idea: he should get the normal rolling so that everyone will follow his lead. Lucifer leaves Linda with a different perspective than what he should have. Chloe arrives at the crime scene where a woman lies dead in her living room. Ella apologizes for the bachelorette party from hell, but Chloe has already forgotten what happened. They both hear someone playing the piano, so she checks it out. Lucifer is playing the piano to remind Chloe of the good times. Chloe tells Lucifer she wants things to go back to normal as long as it means they can go back to work. She and Lucifer return to the crime scene where Ella apologizes to Chloe again.

[00:04:50] Chloe tells Ella she just wants to move on. Lucifer seconds the motion while juggling three old baseballs placed as decorations. Ella stops Lucifer, telling him the baseballs belong to Forest Clay. He has no idea who he is. Chloe notices the door locks are broken, but they aren’t enough to make a break in the case. Lucifer keeps going on his trip down memory lane. He smokes pot in the middle of the crime scene. Chloe remembers when he smoked pot during one of their previous cases, but she still stops Lucifer. Chloe finds a bullet casing under the table. Lucifer tells her they found a break on the case because of his shenanigans.

[00:06:30] Amenadiel goes to Charlotte’s office to celebrate their victory for splitting up Chloe and Marcus. Charlotte is still worried; she doesn’t feel any different than before. She really wants the assurance she will eventually go to heaven. She asks Amenadiel how he will know if they did the right things. He responds he will get his wings back. Charlotte realizes Amenadiel is mortal just like her, and he also realizes that if he dies at the moment, he isn’t sure whether he will return to heaven. Charlotte loses hope: if an angel isn’t sure if he would go back to heaven, how can a mere mortal get any assurance. Amenadiel tells her she needs to have faith.

[00:07:50] Forest Clay goes to the precinct; everyone is starstruck. Charlotte asks Lucifer who it is, but he doesn’t care to tell Charlotte his name. Forest looks back at Charlotte, and she recognizes him from her hell loop. Charlotte tells Lucifer: If Forest’s wife is dead, he’s definitely the killer. Chloe talks to Forest, accompanied by his lawyer. Forest does his best to stop his tears as he recalls what happened to Devin. Forest was in the kitchen eating leftovers when it happened. He saw a reflection on the fridge and thought it was Devin. Forest saw a gun and a mask before he was hit in the head and knocked unconscious. The moment he regained consciousness, Forest rushed to Devin, he tried to stop the bleeding, but he couldn’t.

[00:09:00] Chloe wants to know if Forest can recall anything that could help them reveal the killer‘s identity, but he doesn’t remember anything. Charlotte accompanies Lucifer to Chloe to explain her theory that Forest killed Devin. Charlotte recalls a case she previously handled for her previous law firm. Her boss went to her house in the middle of the night and asked her to dispose of a bag that had dried blood on the outside. Lucifer supports Charlotte and tells Chloe the truth, but she doesn’t believe him. Charlotte knows she helped cover up the murder and begs Chloe to look into her angle. Chloe promises to investigate everyone involved in the case.

[00:11:00] Lucifer returns to Lux to avoid the boring forensic part of the case as he usually does. Amenadiel is day drinking which isn’t normal for him. He explains to Lucifer what if humans and celestial beings aren’t different at all. Amenadiel explains he thought Lucifer was his test, and God was punishing him when he lost his wings. He has a new theory: Everything is in their subconscious. He proposes they are in control and must judge themselves to find out what they deserve and don’t deserve. Lucifer disagrees with Amenadiel’s theory and leaves him to ponder needlessly on his own. Dan and Chloe try to find dirt on Forest, but there isn’t any. But Ella tells them Forest is a liar. Forest tells Chloe he‘s hit on the head with a gun.

[00:13:00] Ella explains blunt force trauma causes bruising and swelling, but the wound Forest has on his forehead is an incision. Chloe begins doubting Forest and believing Charlotte. Lucifer and Chloe go to see Forest again. Lucifer uses his powers immediately. Forest spills the beans: He wasn’t at home the night Devin was murdered. Forest was with Mia Hytner, a bartender in his country club. Mia tells them Forest got cut when he fell onto the nightstand and shattered a lamp. Everything fits with Ella’s report. Mia adds Devin is also having an affair with her CEO. Chloe and Lucifer explore the new lead.

[00:15:50] Maze finds Marcus‘ new hideout, or so she thought. Marcus knows the only way to sneak up on Maze is to allow her to sneak up on him. He tells Maze that their plan is still on, but they have a new victim. Marcus wants his mark back. He thinks killing Amenadiel will do the trick. He explains they can frame Amenadiel’s death on Lucifer, but Maze must bring Amenadiel to Marcus. Marcus couldn’t kill Amenadiel even when he was immortal, so he couldn’t take any chances. Maze accepts the new plan and goes on her way. Chloe and Lucifer speak with Devin’s CEO, but he denies the allegations. He and Devin are devoted to working and spends more hours at the office. He adds someone was stalking the building a few nights ago. Chloe wants access to their security footage immediately.

[00:19:00] Amenadiel goes to Charlotte’s previous law firm as Dr. Canaan. He goes to talk with Wheeler about misdiagnosed chlamydia. Charlotte also goes to the law firm to talk to Wheeler but only as a distraction. While Wheeler speaks with Charlotte and stops her commotion, Amenadiel steals the files they need from Wheeler’s office. After a few minutes, Amenadiel steps out and hands the files over to Charlotte. They view the files back at her office and see multiple women have been paid off over the years by Forest Clay, including Mia Hytner a few days prior. Charlotte recognizes a date and remembers she disposed of the bag around that time. Joanne Foles was strangled in a motel during that time. Charlotte knew it wasn’t a coincidence. Amenadiel tells Charlotte they just need to follow the lead.

[00:23:00] Dan arrives at Charlotte’s office, so Amenadiel leaves. He sees Maze crying in the parking lot and asks her what happened. She is just acting to lure Amenadiel. He hugs Maze. She pulls out a syringe but stops when Amenadiel tells her he will always be there for her. Maze hides the syringe and stares at his eyes. Meanwhile, Lucifer visits Trixie and Chloe to resume their Monopoly game. Trixie tells Lucifer it won’t be fun, nor is it normal to continue their previous Monopoly game. Trixie goes to her room to finish her book report, and Chloe returns to work.  Lucifer plays a song on his phone and drags Chloe to the middle of her living room.

[00:25:00] They dance to the music, but Chloe stops Lucifer. She‘s confused about why Lucifer is doing the things they did in the past. Lucifer tells her he just wants things to return to normal. Chloe responds normal still hurts for her and asks Lucifer to leave. The next day, Chloe arrives at the precinct, but she isn’t her usual self. She shows Ella the stalker’s target wasn’t Devin but Forest himself. Ella is worried because Chloe doesn’t look okay. Chloe tells her she stayed up all night and drank too much coffee. Ella thinks Chloe can’t sleep because of Marcus, but she tells Ella it‘s because of Lucifer. She adds that Lucifer is the reason for everything: Why she said yes to Marcus, and eventually, why she said no.

[00:27:00] Ella apologizes to Chloe for not being a good friend. She got wrapped up in the thought of Marcus and Chloe getting married. Chloe tells Ella to just focus on the case as Charlotte arrives. She tells them the stalker is AJ Agalore. He went to jail for the murder of Joanne Foles, but he was innocent. Charlotte shows them the list of women Forest paid to keep their mouths shut. She tells Chloe that Joanne died the night she received the bag from her boss at the firm. Chloe thought everything was just a coincidence, but AJ was released from prison three weeks ago, meaning he has both motive and opportunity. Maze goes to Marcus without Amenadiel. Marcus tries to leave to kill Amenadiel himself, but Maze stops him.

[00:29:00] Chloe shows AJ the gun they found inside his car. The gun matched the casing they found at the crime scene. Chloe knows AJ wanted revenge because he went to jail for killing Joanne even if he was innocent. AJ tells Chloe he wanted revenge for Joanne. He found out Forest was the guy Joanne was dating before she died. AJ went to kill Forest because he thought he was alone that night. Devin was there, and AJ accidentally shot her instead. Lucifer arrives at the precinct only to find Chloe has already solved the case. Chloe thanks Charlotte for helping her solve the case and offers to help her nab Forest. Back at Marcus‘ place, Maze beats the shit out of him. He tries to distract Maze by talking to her, but it doesn’t do much.

[00:31:00] Maze will kill Marcus, but he again distracts her, telling her to call Linda: She will die if he dies. Maze doesn’t believe Marcus at first, but she can’t risk Linda’s life. She takes her dagger off Marcus’ neck, and he takes the opportunity to grab the syringe and stick it into Maze. Maze falls to the floor and loses consciousness. Charlotte goes to Forest’s house where he‘s watching TV with Mia. She tells Forest about everything she discovered. Forest tries to act innocent, but Charlotte tells him she kept the bloody bag he tried to dispose of years ago. Forest goes to get his checkbook. He reaches for his pen but suddenly takes Mia hostage. Lucifer arrives and hears the commotion inside, so he goes to the back.

[00:34:00] Forest confesses he didn’t kill Joanne; everything was an accident. He tried to ask Charlotte for her help. She immediately remembers her hell loop and disagrees to help him. Chloe is there to arrest Forest. She‘s working with Mia and Charlotte to get a confession. She records everything and arrests Forest. Lucifer sees Chloe arrest two suspects in one day without his help. Amenadiel joins Charlotte in a place overlooking LA. She tells Amenadiel the place is the closest to heaven she’ll ever get. Amenadiel realizes it‘s his fault he lost his wings and powers. He thought he was doing God’s work but was just doing things for himself to get his wings back. Charlotte wants to celebrate their tiny victory, but Amenadiel thinks otherwise.

[00:36:00] Amenadiel praises Charlotte for nabbing Forest. He‘s a serial abuser and murderer, and because of Charlotte, he can‘t hurt anyone ever again. Charlotte feels good for what she did. Little did they know Marcus was already behind them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to kill Amenadiel. He takes out his pistol and aims, but Charlotte hears the leaves rustling and looks to see the cause. She sees Marcus holding his gun and jumps in front of the bullet to save Amenadiel. Marcus sees what happened and takes off. Chloe goes to Forest’s piano to play their song. Lucifer commends her for catching two bad guys in one day. Lucifer confesses his feelings for Chloe; he calls her Chloe for the first time. He also tells her he‘s the devil, but Chloe still doesn’t believe him.

[00:39:00] As Chloe and Lucifer kiss, she receives a phone call. She wants to turn her phone off but sees who the caller is and takes the call. Chloe answers and immediately bursts into tears. Lucifer wants to know what happened, but she can’t tell him. Meanwhile, Amenadiel holds Charlotte and asks her why she saved him. Charlotte doesn’t know, but she knows she didn’t do it for herself. As Charlotte dies, Amenadiel gains his powers back and flies her to heaven. Chloe and Lucifer go to the crime scene and sees Charlotte’s lifeless body. Lucifer consoles Chloe as Dan arrives. He runs to Charlotte and holds her body in his arms. Charlotte is wearing the waffle bracelet Dan got her. Lucifer finds a feather at the crime scene and wonders who it belongs to.

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