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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 24 Recap – A Devil of My Word


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 24 Recap - A Devil of My Word

[00:00:50] The coroners take Charlotte’s body away as the team does their best to track down the killer. There are no security cameras in the area. The recovered casing from the crime scene is too common to provide a lead. Marcus arrives at the crime scene and delegates tasks for each one. He wants Dan to go home and grieve, but he disagrees. He tells Marcus he will grieve once they find the killer. As everyone leaves to do their jobs, Marcus speaks to Lucifer and asks him to speak with Amenadiel. Lucifer shows Marcus the feather he found and tells him Amenadiel returned to heaven and hopefully brought Charlotte with him. Marcus celebrates Amenadiel’s departure.

[00:04:00] Dan goes to Charlotte’s apartment to clean up and find clues. He remembers all the great memories he has with Charlotte. He throws the waffle maker he gave Charlotte and shatters the glass table across the room. That’s when he sees the file Charlotte had on Marcus. Speaking of Marcus, he meets with his former associate who knows him as the Sinnerman. They are thrilled to be back in business, but he tells the guy he isn’t back; he just needs something taken care of. The guy asks Marcus what he wants to do with Maze. He responds Maze is to be kept alive. Maze is handcuffed to a heater. The men guarding her underestimated her. She pulls a pipe from the heater and uses it to break free. She manhandles her captors and escapes Marcus’ hideout.

[00:07:00] Chloe and Lucifer are going through Charlotte’s office files when Dan arrives — frantic. He tells Chloe and Lucifer what he will tell them means life and death. Dan found out Charlotte was investigating Marcus — He is the Sinnerman. Chloe doesn’t believe Dan, but Lucifer tells her Marcus told him a few months ago he is the Sinnerman. Dan is outraged. He wants to punch Lucifer, but he stops Dan. Lucifer reminds him people are watching them. Chloe wants to know why he didn’t tell them. Lucifer points out that no matter what he told her, she didn’t believe him. Ella enters the room and tells them Marcus wants to speak to everyone in the precinct. Marcus addresses the precinct about Charlotte’s death.

[00:09:00] Chloe notices Marcus is being emotional — It isn’t like him. She’s convinced Marcus killed Charlotte, but they don’t know how to bring him down. Dan is worried because Marcus is in charge of investigating Charlotte’s death. Ella finds a cigarette butt at the crime scene. The DNA they collected off the butt leads to Steve Chamberlain. Chloe recognizes Steve from Charlotte’s files. Steve is Marcus’ fall guy. Dan is worried that if they don’t arrest Steve, Marcus will know they’re on to him. If they arrest Steve, they lose time to prove Marcus is the killer. Everything seems to be against them, but Chloe has a plan.

[00:12:00] Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan go to Steve for help. They tell him someone is trying to frame him for the murder of Charlotte Richards. Steve doesn’t believe them, but Chloe finds the murder weapon inside his drawer. Steve tells them the gun isn’t his. They tell him again someone is trying to frame him. There’s a party at Steve’s place, so they will narrow down their list of possible suspects. Chloe asks Steve who in the party would have dark secrets, but he tells them everyone has skeletons in their closets. Chloe realizes they are looking for someone who isn’t evil and just wants to get rid of skeletons in their own closet. Dan rushes to Steve’s driver to question him. Lucifer uses his powers on him to make him confess.

[00:17:00] The driver accidentally killed someone, so he called the Sinnerman for a favor. Eventually, Marcus called in his favor, and everything was delivered to him. Chloe asks for his cooperation; he agrees. They are running out of time, so Lucifer suggests getting help. Dan goes to Ella for help. He tells her he needs a favor, but she can’t tell anyone about it. Ella goes straight to Marcus and gives him the burner phone. She tells Marcus that Dan is raving about some frame job. Ella leaves Marcus’ office. He immediately calls his associates to take care of Dan. A man goes to Charlotte’s apartment where Dan is drunk on the couch. He’s about to shoot Dan when Chloe interferes. Dan also pulls his gun out — all part of their plan.

[00:21:00] Lucifer goes to Marcus to talk to him. Lucifer tells him he knows everything about Charlotte. Marcus tries to avoid the conversation, but Lucifer threatens him. He finally understood why he lost his devil face and why his wings grew back. Lucifer believes in Amenadiel’s theory: He feels like a monster, so he becomes one and gets his devil face. The same thing happened with Marcus: He thought getting Chloe to love him would remove his mark, but he fell in love with her and wanted to become mortal just so he could spend the rest of his life with her. Marcus became selfless for the very first time in his life, removing his mark. Lucifer thinks he has Marcus on the ropes, but he’s still one step ahead.

[00:25:00] Marcus calls for help. The majority of the police in the precinct comes to his aid and keep Lucifer off him. Marcus makes a run for it. Lucifer returns to his penthouse. Chloe and Dan are disappointed as he couldn’t keep Marcus distracted. Lucifer apologizes for overestimating his abilities and underestimating Marcus. Chloe calls Marcus and pretends she doesn’t know anything, but Marcus already knows she’s with Lucifer and Dan. Marcus goes to his hideout only to discover that his men are dead and Maze has escaped. Maze wakes up at Linda’s office. They apologize to each other and regain their friendship. As Marcus finds Maze’s demon dagger in his hideout, things won’t end well. Ella doubts God and her faith, but Lucifer tells her otherwise. He finally understands God isn’t responsible for people’s actions and decisions.

[00:30:00] Lucifer tells Ella that everyone is responsible for their own action, their own sins. Ella doesn’t believe Lucifer. She blames Marcus for what he did to Charlotte. Ella takes off her crucifix and declares her relationship with God unstable. Chloe tries to get information from Marcus’ associate, but he won’t talk because Marcus will kill his sister. Dan tries his bad cop act which works. The guy promises to tell them everything as long as they can guarantee to protect his sister. Dan gives the address to Chloe. Lucifer leaves to pick up Kelsey. Chloe and Lucifer have a little talk about his metaphors and devil talk. Chloe blames herself for what happened. She still doesn’t believe in Lucifer and his metaphors. Chloe assures Lucifer that she doesn’t see him as the devil, but Lucifer feels the same.

[00:35:00] Lucifer and Chloe go to Kelsey’s place. Ella receives a call from her buddy in Detroit. They discover that Marcus’ associate is an only child. Dan realizes that Chloe and Lucifer are walking into a trap. Chloe feels uneasy and reaches for her pistol. Marcus suddenly appears with his men. Marcus tells Chloe he needs to kill Lucifer because he knows Lucifer won’t stop hunting him. Chloe steps in front of Lucifer to save him. Marcus wanted to shoot Chloe just to kill Lucifer. Marcus lowers his weapon. Chloe takes the opportunity to shoot him. One of Marcus’ men also shoots Chloe. Lucifer thinks Chloe is dead. Marcus orders his men to kill Lucifer. He uses his wings as a shield and flies them to the rooftop.

[00:38:00] Chloe wakes up. Lucifer sees she’s wearing a bulletproof vest. With Chloe out of harm’s way, Lucifer flies back to finish Marcus and his men. Marcus comes face-to-face with Lucifer as all of his men are dead. Chloe answers Dan’s call, warning her about the trap. She tells Dan she already knows; Marcus tried to kill them. Chloe hears gunshots and goes back to find Lucifer. Chloe is at a safe distance from Lucifer, so he’s immortal again, but Marcus comes prepared. He takes out Maze’s demon dagger so it will be an even fight. After a few swings, Lucifer comes out on top as he stabs Marcus in the heart.

[00:42:00] Marcus isn’t worried about dying because he’s going to heaven. Lucifer reminds him he killed Charlotte Richards. Marcus tells him it’s an accident, but Lucifer knows he will rot in hell and torture himself with the truth for eternity. Marcus dies laughing as Lucifer regains his devil face. Chloe arrives and sees Lucifer’s true identity. The truth shocks her to the core. She keeps on saying to herself everything is true. Lucifer doesn’t know what’s happening. He still doesn’t know he got his devil face back.

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