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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – What Would Lucifer Do


Published 4 months ago

[00:00:50] Lucifer was about to have sex with Lexy when her husband arrived. Lexy told Lucifer that her husband wasn’t supposed to come home until the next day. Lucifer handled the situation by using his powers on Lexy’s husband. He admitted that he had married the Yoga instructor for her body; however, he. was getting old and tired of everything. He could no longer keep up with the partying and the constant need for sex. Lucifer offered him a deal, which the man gladly accepted. Lucifer would keep Lexy satisfied while he reconnected with his ex-wife, which was what he truly wanted.

[00:04:10] Chloe approached Marcus to file for the union rep position, but he denied her request. Chloe wanted an explanation, but Marcus told her that there wasn’t one. Marcus gave Chloe a new case before she left. Ella heard the argument and told Chloe that Marcus was into her. Chloe didn’t believe her, but Ella was convinced as she grabbed her kit to assist on the new case. Lucifer returned to Lux where Amenadiel was waiting for him. Amenadiel told Lucifer that he knew how to get his powers back. He was convinced that Lucifer was his task. Amenadiel would either need to teach or guide Lucifer or vice versa. Lucifer told Amenadiel that he needed to walk in his shoes first.

[00:06:00] Lucifer offered Amenadiel a makeover in order for him to walk in his footsteps. He told Amenadiel that he needed to change his style of clothing and gave him access to his social media accounts. Amenadiel didn’t know where to start, so Lucifer suggested that he get laid first and do all the other things Lucifer normally did.

[00:07:00] Chloe and Ella processed the body of Emily Goddard. Lucifer arrived and asked what the place was about. Chloe explained that it was a transformational facility for juvenile drug addicts. Lucifer was skeptical of the place as the founder of the institution approached them. Chloe asked Jerry if he knew anyone who would want to hurt Emily, but he didn’t have a clue. Jerry told them that Emily was adored by everyone in the facility. He thought that whoever had killed Emily came from the outside. Lucifer laughed and accused one of the juvenile patients,  saying they were the ones who had killed Emily. Jerry defended his institution from Lucifer’s accusations that people never changed. He himself was once an addict and ex-con, he was living proof that people could change.

[00:09:20] Ella showed them the tool belt that they had found inside Emily’s office. Jerry told them that the pruning saw was missing from the belt. Jerry told them that the tool belt belonged to one of their residents. Lucifer pointed out that the killer was inside the institution. Jerry explained that they kept very strict rules when it came to tools given to the kids inside the institution. Lucifer noticed a kid with a hawk badge, so Jerry explained that the badge was given to kids who had truly changed. The badge unlocked more benefits, such as computer time and phone calls. The kid told them that the tool belt belonged to Tyson Chase. Jerry showed Chloe and Lucifer to Tyson’s room. The room was empty, no sign of Tyson anywhere.

[00:11:10] Amenadiel dressed liked Lucifer as he strutted across Lux. He approached a woman and asked her what she desired, but she just laughed at him. Amenadiel tried to approach another woman, but this time he immediately asked to have sex, which resulted in him getting drenched in liquor as the woman walked away. Amenadiel was out of ideas as a woman approached him and handed him a napkin to wipe his face. Back at the precinct, Marcus wanted an updated on the Firehawk case. Chloe gave him an update, but he was disappointed at how slow things were going. Chloe asked Dan why Marcus was a dick to her. Dan told Chloe that he was a dick to everybody. Chloe asked Lucifer for help on the case, and he suggested that Tyson was up to his old tricks again since people never changed.

[00:14:10] Chloe wanted to do things the right way and get a judge to unseal Tyson’s records for them to get a new lead. Lucifer offered to speed things up, but Chloe refused. She didn’t want to get in trouble with Marcus. Lucifer went back to Lexy’s husband, who was now reconciling with his ex-wife. He wanted to collect on his part of the favor, which meant that he needed to unseal Tyson’s file for them. Lucifer saw the file and knew where to find Tyson. He eventually caught Tyson trying to steal another car from the same place where police had caught him. Tyson told Lucifer that he would rather die than go back to Firehawk. Lucifer obliged and started driving like a maniac in order to settle Tyson’s desire.

[00:16:00] Lucifer drifted to the edge of a cliff and opened the passenger side door. Tyson nearly dropped out of the car as he stared down the bottom of the cliff. Lucifer brought Tyson to Chloe as he agreed to cooperate in exchange for his life. Chloe explained to Tyson that Emily was dead and that he was the lead suspect. He responded that he loved Emily and that he had only wanted to talk to her. Tyson kissed Emily, but she told him that it was a mistake. Tyson had recently turned 18 and no longer needed to stay at Firehawk. He wanted Emily to come with him, but she refused. Tyson begged Chloe to believe him, but Lucifer thought otherwise. Chloe presented Tyson to Marcus; however, he knew they didn’t have any evidence against Tyson.

[00:18:50] Lucifer threatened to hurt Tyson if he didn’t tell them the truth. Chloe stopped him and took responsibilities for his actions, but Marcus condoned Lucifer for setting a good example. He explained that if Tyson wasn’t the murderer, then Lucifer had. done a good job by scaring him straight; he would never do anything bad again. Marcus commended Lucifer for being a good example, but Lucifer didn’t like the commendation since he was trying to be a bad example. Lucifer went back to Firehawk in order to become the bad influence that he was. He called out the teens of Firehawk in order to find out about their true desires. Everyone just wanted to go back to their glory days. Lucifer taught them about starting their own drug empire. One of the teens was one step ahead. She showed everyone the marijuana plants that she had planted on the estate.

[00:22:00] Lucifer got all the teens to harvest the plants while he got high himself. Chloe arrived at Firehawk only to find Lucifer too high to even make sense. Chloe told Lucifer that Emily was about to expel a student at Firehawk for running a drug operation. Lucifer presented Carly to Chloe and told her that she was running her own weed operation. Carly told Chloe that she wouldn’t say anything without her lawyer. Dan came to rescue Amenadiel for beating up a pimp. The woman who had approached Amenadiel was a prostitute. She wanted money in exchange for sex, but Amenadiel wasn’t able to pay up. Dan pulled a few strings to get Amenadiel out of jail. Dan assured him that he hadn’t told Lucifer about what had happened.

[00:25:00] Chloe updated Marcus about the case and Carly Glantz. Marcus asked Lucifer for suggestions; however, he was still high. Lucifer told Marcus that they needed to expect the unexpected. Marcus told Chloe to throw out the manual and think outside the box. All of a sudden, Carly arrived and told them that she wanted to talk. Carly told them that Tyson was burying something under the sundial the night of the murder. Chloe wanted proof that Carly hadn’t killed Emily. Her father presented proof that Carly was video chatting with her boyfriend the night Emily had died. Chloe and Ella returned to Firehawk to dig under the sundial. After a few words with Ella, Chloe found the missing murder weapon.

[00:28:30] With all the evidence against Tyson, they had no choice but to arrest him. Chloe knew that something didn’t add up. Since Carly was the lowest ranking student in the program, she shouldn’t be video chatting with her boyfriend. She shouldn’t have that kind of privilege. Chloe wanted to go back at Firehawk to question Jerry. Lucifer had obligations with Lexy, so he couldn’t come. Marcus volunteered to accompany Chloe. She didn’t want Marcus to come, but she didn’t have any choice. Chloe told Marcus that she was one of the best detectives in the precinct. Marcus knew that she was the best. He. had declined her request to be union rep because it was a waste of time. Before Chloe could finish her sentence, Jerry came out of his house with a shotgun.

[00:32:00] Marcus took the shot for Chloe. Chloe fired back, but Jerry escaped. She called paramedics to save Marcus. Lucifer arrived and asked Chloe how she was doing. Chloe told him that she was fine and went straight to the hospital. Lucifer felt guilty for not being there for Chloe. He realized that Jerry had worked with Carly and knew where to find him. Lucifer went to the beach where he found Jerry going through his money stash. Jerry tried to shoot Lucifer, but he knew better. Lucifer beat Jerry to a pulp; Amenadiel arrived to stop Lucifer before he killed Jerry. Chloe visited Marcus at the hospital. Marcus told Chloe that they were even. Dan arrived and thanked Marcus for picking him for the union rep.

[00:39:00] Dan left as Chloe looked at Marcus. She remembered what Marcus had told her about the union rep position. Lucifer and Amenadiel returned to Lux. He thanked Amenadiel for interfering earlier with Jerry. Amenadiel told Lucifer that God wanted him to be there for him. The two argued, so Amenadiel decided to leave. He told Lucifer that he would always be there for him. Lucifer threw his glass to the wall. He broke his mirror as tears ran down his face.





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