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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – O, Ye of Little Faith, Father


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 3 Recap - O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

[00:00:50] Father Kinley introduces himself to Lucifer. He tells Lucifer that Chloe went to Rome to send him back to hell. Lucifer doubts Kinley, but he assures Lucifer he’s merely warning him about the things to come. Father Kinley leaves Lucifer to think about what he said. Chloe is supposed to ask Ella for advice, but she’s nursing a bad headache. Ella skips church again and doesn’t hear Chloe out. Dan keeps receiving calls from random people because Lucifer gave out his phone number across the precinct. Chloe defends Lucifer, but Dan has enough of everyone defending him. Dan knows Lucifer is a bad guy, but no one believes him.

[00:05:00] Lucifer meets Amenadiel at Lux. He tells Lucifer that Linda is pregnant. Amenadiel thought Linda was an angel in disguise, but Lucifer knows Amenadiel impregnated her when he became mortal. Amenadiel is terrified of becoming a father. He doesn’t know what to do or where to start. Lucifer tells Amenadiel he will be a great father than God ever was. Amenadiel is there, unlike God who isn’t. Chloe and Lucifer go on their new case. The victim is Susan Ochoa who worked as a rocket scientist at Brody Aerospace. She died because someone stabbed her in the back with a knife. Chloe notices two wine glasses and a bouquet on the counter — the victim knew her killer. There were no witnesses, but Susan’s friend, Oscar, came to town.

[00:08:30] Chloe speaks with Oscar to get more information about Susan. Oscar and Susan were previous members of Los Xs. Oscar got out of the life first and helped others like Susan get out as well. He makes Lucifer swear to punish whoever killed Susan. Lucifer happily obliged. Lucifer asks Chloe if she ever mentioned he is the devil to anyone else. Chloe says she didn’t tell anyone about him. Lucifer knows Chloe is lying, so he goes straight to Linda for answers. Linda is currently in session with another patient when Lucifer arrives. He forces the other patient out and congratulates Linda on her pregnancy. Linda doesn’t want to talk about her pregnancy at work, so Lucifer turns her attention to his problem. He tells Linda about Chloe and her possible plan of sending him back to hell.

[00:11:00] Linda tells Lucifer to approach Chloe cautiously because accusing her of betrayal is something he cannot undo, especially if he’s wrong. Back at the precinct, Ella shows Susan’s murder board to Dan. He ridicules Susan’s effort to turn her life around, only to get killed for no apparent reason. Ella tries to console Dan, but he doesn’t want to hear any of the “God works in mysterious ways” shit. Ella tells Dan she isn’t really a believer anymore despite still wearing a crucifix around her neck. She immediately removes the crucifix to show Dan she’s true to her word. Dan asks about the case details. Ella tells him the flowers found at her apartment were traced back to her boss, Anders Brody. Dan tells Ella he will provide Chloe with an update.

[00:14:00] Chloe and Lucifer go to Anders Charity Regatta to have a little talk with him. The current issue is still trust and betrayal as Lucifer tries his best to get Chloe to feel guilty, but it still doesn’t work. Pissed at his failure, he vents his anger on Anders who denies knowing Susan. Chloe speeds things up by telling Anders about the flowers he bought using his credit card. Anders tries to run away, but Lucifer catches him using a boat line. Lucifer ties the line to his neck and hooks the other end to a leaving speed boat. Anders has no choice, so he confesses he has betrayed Susan. Lucifer cuts the line, but Anders doesn’t want to talk without his lawyers.

[00:16:30] Maze visits Linda to satisfy her curiosity about childbirth and labor. Linda tells Maze she won’t give birth to the baby anytime soon. Linda tries to get rid of Maze, but she knows it’s Linda’s lunch hour. Maze tells Linda that her lunch hour will soon be used to milk herself for her baby instead of checking out hot guys on tinder. Linda can’t take it anymore, so she requests Maze to leave. Back at the precinct, Chloe and Lucifer arrest Anders Brody. Chloe requests Lucifer to be less violent in their next case. Lucifer doesn’t want to be less violent because it won’t be fun anymore. Chloe suggests he try to make the suspects confess more specifically because Anders just told them he betrayed Susan, which could mean many things.

[00:18:00] Lucifer wants to brainstorm a list of possible betrayals and offers Chloe the first turn, but she receives a call from Ella. She tells Chloe that Anders isn’t their killer because the real killer struck again while Anders was in custody. The new victim is David Ramirez. David and Susan were both part of Los Xs. They were also trying to turn their life around just as they were killed. Dan can’t control his emotions as both David and Susan died like Charlotte — trying to turn their life around. Chloe asks Dan to get a warrant so that they can find a lead. Lucifer uses his powers on Anders to find the truth. Anders wants forgiveness for what he did to Susan. He demoted Susan because of her past life.

[00:20:00] Anders didn’t want a PR crisis within the company. Susan was the head of safety protocols, and he didn’t want anyone to learn about her past. He realized his mistake and went to Susan to ask for forgiveness, but he was too late. Anders hugs Lucifer before leaving the precinct. Chloe sees what happened and tells Lucifer his approach has evolved. Lucifer responds he would do anything to get answers. Chloe tells him they can’t work on the case until they get the warrant. She invites Lucifer over for a date. Meanwhile, Amenadiel shows up at Linda’s office bearing gifts for her. Clearly, he’s also in a state of panic as he got Linda things she didn’t need. Linda tells Amenadiel she could handle everything on her own. Amenadiel gets offended as he just wants to help.

[00:23:50] Amenadiel takes all of his stuff and leaves. Trixie helps Maze pick out a knife for Linda’s baby. Dan walks in and tells Maze that Trixie can’t play with knives. She shouts at Dan telling him the knives aren’t for Trixie. Dan tells Maze that Trixie shouldn’t be involved with anything knife related. Maze accepts his new rule. Dan tells Trixie to grab her stuff; it’s time to go home. She takes one of the knives and secretly gives it to Trixie. Maze wants to know what’s bugging him. He’s taking the case too personally. They can’t act on the case without a warrant, and he feels helpless. Maze offers her services as a bounty hunter to make things easier. Lucifer goes to Father Kinley to tell him he’s wrong about Chloe.

[00:25:00] Father Kinley seems desperate. He tells Lucifer about the vial he gave Chloe. He tells Lucifer about the ceremony of banishing him to hell permanently. Kinley adds the vial contains some poison that would sedate the devil. Lucifer merely laughs at Father Kinley and leaves. Father Kinley tells another priest their trap is set. Chloe and Lucifer go on their date. She warns Lucifer that things will be painful during their date. Chloe asks Lucifer for forgiveness as they go on their way. Lucifer is worried for his life. Dan and Maze run their own covert mission into Los Xs headquarters. Dan goes inside while Maze waits for his signal. Maze and Dan beat the crap out of everyone to get the information they need.

[00:30:00] Maze and Dan thought they won the fight, but more Los Xs members arrive to back up their leader. Meanwhile, Chloe takes Lucifer to volunteer for the homeless. Chloe suggests they do something nice for a change. Lucifer pulls Chloe aside to get things over with. He accuses Chloe of lying, but she denies it. Lucifer asks for her purse. He opens it to find the shocking truth. He pulls out the vial, but Chloe is still in denial. Lucifer wants to drink the vial‘s contents, but Chloe stops him. Lucifer tells her he knows about Father Kinley and all of her plans. Chloe is forced to answer Dan’s call who tells her who the real killer is. It seems Dan and Maze survived the hoard of Los Xs members.

[00:32:00] Dan sends Chloe a picture of Oscar. According to the leader of Los Xs, Oscar killed both Susan and David. Lucifer tells Dan that Oscar betrayed Susan and David, to which Dan agrees. Chloe wants to know. So does Lucifer, but he can’t even look at Chloe while riding to Oscar’s place. Lucifer barges into Oscar’s house and seals the front door to stop Chloe from following. He throws Oscar across the room. Lucifer realizes there‘s something wrong as he approaches him. Oscar wants Lucifer to punish him, but when he doesn’t, Oscar commits suicide. Dan had a blast beating up Los Xs with Maze. He thanks Maze for showing him a good time. Maze tells Dan his bad side is better than his good side. Dan assures Maze he no longer has a good side.

[00:35:40] Ella processes the crime scene as Lucifer searches the house for clues. Lucifer tells Chloe that Oscar knows about his true self. Oscar tells Lucifer to show his true self to them. Lucifer figures Oscar isn’t working alone. Chloe figures the mirror is two-way, so Lucifer throws something to break it. They confirm someone else is watching the events that unfolded earlier. Ella gives Chloe a piece of paper and confirms their theory. The Catholic Church owns the house. Chloe begs Lucifer to trust her, but they are way past it already. Lucifer doesn’t even know if he‘s in danger from the Catholic Church or Chloe.

[00:37:30] Father Kinley tries to show another priest that Lucifer is the devil, but his plan fails. He uses Oscar to kill Susan and David to orchestrate his plan. Chloe shows up to arrest Kinley. The other priest tells Chloe he will testify against Kinley for all the evil deeds he did. Linda is sitting alone beside other pregnant women when Amenadiel arrives. He tells Linda she shouldn’t be alone in her pregnancy. Amenadiel kneels in front of Linda to propose, but she declines. Linda just wants someone to be there for her. Amenadiel assures Linda everything will be alright.

[00:42:00] Chloe goes to Lucifer to explain things. First off, she tells Lucifer she arrested Father Kinley, so he won’t hurt him anymore. Lucifer doesn’t care Kinley will hurt him. What bothered him was Chloe wanting to send him back to hell. Chloe does her best to explain things, but in the end, she tells Lucifer the truth. She‘s truly terrified of Lucifer and his true self. Everything she knew about good and evil showed that Lucifer embodies evil. She goes away to process everything. She ends up in Rome where Father Kinley finds her and uses her. Lucifer shows his true self to Chloe and asks her if she can accept him as the devil. Chloe doesn’t know if she can. Lucifer settles with her answer and turns his back on her.

[00:45:00] The Catholic Church excommunicates Father Kinley. The other priest visits to tell him of the church’s decision. Kinley tells the priest about the prophecy. He asks Kinley how he‘s sure Chloe is Lucifer’s first love. He responds there won’t be any other woman in the world. Lucifer’s first love isn’t Chloe as a lady in white approaches the bar at Lux. She requests an appletini.

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