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Lucifer Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – Expire Erect


Published 1 month ago

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 5 Recap - Expire Erect

[00:00:20] Lucifer wakes up and plays the piano. Eve bought an “Eve” costume — undergarments using plastic leaves. She calls Lucifer her boyfriend which surprised him. Lucifer goes to Linda to ask for advice. He doesn’t consider his relationship with Eve a serious one. Linda tells Lucifer he’s just using Eve to forget Chloe, but he hasn’t received the proper closure to their relationship. It’s been a week since Chloe saw Lucifer with Eve. She has a new case involving a car enthusiast named Derek Lee. He was killed using his powerwasher. Neighbors heard him arguing with someone about the price of his vintage car. Dan tells Chloe that Derek won an auction at the Malibu Motor Enthusiast group. Ella tells them you must own a vintage car just to get in.

[00:06:00] Chloe thinks Lucifer can help them get into the car club since he owns a vintage car. Ella knows Chloe is thinking of Lucifer and tells her the time is right to speak with Lucifer. But Lucifer is still partying with Eve. She can’t think of anything but having sex with Lucifer. Chloe arrives and tells Lucifer she needs his help to find some closure for their case. Lucifer hears the word closure and agrees to help the case as long as he finally gets closure on their relationship. Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the auction. They find the car Derek won. It’s being handed to a scrawny-looking guy. Lucifer shouts that the man is wanted by the police, so he runs. Chloe chases the guy and tells Lucifer to help with the chase.

[00:09:30] Lucifer pulls a vintage wheel from the collection and throws it to the suspect’s direction. It hits his head and knocks him out cold. Lucifer tells Chloe it will be their last case, so he wants to go out with a bang. Chloe was shocked Lucifer mentioned it would be their final case together. They ask the man, and he admits he hates Derek, but he didn’t kill him. The guy sells fake vintage cars to people who can’t tell the difference between real vintage and fake vintage. He sold Derek a few fake cars and threatened his reputation within the car community. The guy also had an alibi as he was selling a fake car during the time of Derek’s death. Chloe tells him they must check his alibi.

[00:12:00] Chloe notices Eve is calling Lucifer. He rejects the call and tells Chloe that Eve is staying with him. They still aren’t telling each other the truth as they resume the case. Amenadiel goes to Lux because Lucifer sent them a baby gift, but it isn’t appropriate. Eve greets Amenadiel. He asks her what she’s doing on Earth. Eve is fine even if Lucifer killed Cain. She mentioned meeting Charlotte Richards on her way out of heaven. It seems Amenadiel went back to heaven and told everyone that the children of God can create their own fate. It’s why Eve was able to leave heaven and return to Earth. Amenadiel tells Eve the possible consequences of leaving heaven. One of which is not being able to return. Eve tells Amenadiel she doesn’t care as long as she’s with Lucifer.

[00:13:30] Amenadiel asks Eve what happens when her time with Lucifer ends. Eve responds she could keep partying with Lucifer in hell. Lucifer and Chloe go back to the precinct. Lucifer addresses everyone and bids them farewell. He rented a Carl’s Jr. truck and gave everyone free burgers. Ella asks Chloe if Lucifer is really leaving them. Chloe thinks it‘s just one of Lucifer’s phase as she remembers how Lucifer married Candy. Ella agrees, but Lucifer enters the lab to ask for an update on their case. Chloe finds the guy they are looking for. She also remembers the area — one of Lucifer’s favorite spots in LA. Lucifer tells Chloe he will miss everything after their case is over.

[00:15:30] Maze brings in another bounty and invites Dan to tag along on her next. Dan refuses and tells Maze that beating up Los Xs was just a means to an end. Maze tells Dan to holler if he needs another means to another end. Chloe and Lucifer arrive at their lead’s location. Chloe tells Lucifer it doesn’t really have to be their last case, but he knows it’s time to end their relationship. Lucifer tells Chloe about Linda’s advice on getting closure. Chloe finds blood trails on the ground near their suspect’s car. They follow the trail and eventually find their suspect — also murdered. Lucifer tells Chloe their case, and their relationship will drag on for a while.

[00:17:00] Chloe and Lucifer return to the precinct to find a connection. Ella enters the room and tells them she has solved the case. Derek and Sid served in Iraq with Marco. Marco went to jail for a bank robbery that went wrong. He killed Derek and Sid because they are both his accomplices. They escaped while Marco got jail time. Ella tells them Dan is already on his way to arrest Marco. Chloe and Lucifer are disappointed because the case is solved but not on their terms. Chloe tells Lucifer things don’t have to end in such a way, but it’s best for everyone. Lucifer leaves the precinct.

[00:20:00] Ella goes to a party at Lux where she meets Eve. Eve hugs her as soon as she introduces herself. Apparently, Lucifer told Eve a lot of great things about Ella. Ella can’t resist the hug. They exchanged compliments about their dance moves. Eve offers Ella some candy, not knowing it‘s a party drug. Ella takes some and enjoys the night of her life. Lucifer goes to his penthouse where Amenadiel is waiting. He asked Lucifer why he didn’t tell him that Eve was with him. Amenadiel thinks Eve is trying to get the old Lucifer back. He doesn’t want Lucifer to go back to his old self. Lucifer assures Amenadiel he won’t go back to his old self. Lucifer goes down to the bar where he sees Chloe.

[00:23:00] Chloe tells Lucifer they still have work to do as Dan isn’t able to arrest Marco. Lucifer tells Chloe to wait for him; he needs to get his jacket. While Lucifer returns to his penthouse, Ella sees Chloe and introduces her to Eve. Chloe realizes Eve is Lucifer’s ex-girlfriend from the beginning of time. Marco arrives at Lux, looking for Chloe. Lucifer interferes, but Marco shoots him. Marco holds everyone at Lux hostage. He tells them the whole place is wired to explode unless they cooperate. Chloe tries to make a deal with Marco, but he refuses. Marco tells Chloe he just wants to find his wife. He orders Chloe to find his wife so he can apologize for his actions.

[00:25:30] Marco’s wife left and changed her name. He wanted to make amends with her. Chloe calls Dan to tell him what’s happening at Lux. Maze hears about what happened and wants to go in as soon as possible. Dan can’t risk everyone dying, so he tells Maze they must do things correctly. Dan tells Maze they must find Leona Franklin. Marco wants to speak with her; it’s the only way to stop Marco. Leona didn’t have any footprints to follow. She disappeared without a trace, but Maze had an idea who had helped her. Chloe apologizes for involving Lucifer in the case. Lucifer tells Chloe it’s not her fault. Chloe is freaking out. She doesn’t know what to do. She can’t concentrate on the thought of Lucifer dying.

[00:29:00] Eve tells Chloe that Lucifer thinks of her in high regard. She convinces Chloe to think of a plan to end things. Chloe assigns Eve to take care of Lucifer while Ella diffuses the bomb when the time is right. But Ella is too high and drunk to listen to Chloe’s plan. Chloe asks Lucifer how they can get Ella to sober up. Lucifer tells her they can’t sober her up, but they can take her out of the groove by giving her cocaine. Chloe doesn’t want to give Ella cocaine, but she has no choice. Meanwhile, Maze found the guy who helped Leona escape. She caught him with Dan’s help, and they found Leona.

[00:31:30] Chloe gets to speak to Eve once things settle down at Lux. Chloe asks Eve about Lucifer’s true self and if it ever scared her. Eve tells Chloe there’s no reason to be scared. Eve adds she was literally made to be someone’s wife, but no one ever asked her if she really wanted to be with Adam except for Lucifer. Chloe notices Marco keeps looking at the second level of Lux, so she had a gut feeling the bomb was there. The cocaine starts to kick in as Ella suddenly goes into hyperdrive. Ella speaks to Lucifer and tells them how good they are as a team. Lucifer wants closure, but he isn’t entirely sure what he meant by the closure. Chloe tells them about the bomb’s location.

[00:34:00] Dan and Maze found Leona. Dan begs her to come help save the people he cared about. Marco receives a sandwich from the police, but it‘s just onions and dressing on a hotdog bun. Ella starts to panic; she will diffuse a bomb for the first time in her life. Eve does her best to calm Ella down but nothing works so she just kisses her. Lucifer thanks Ella and Eve for the opportunity to die erect. Chloe recognizes the sandwich and knows it‘s a coded message from Dan. Dan convinces Leona to go with them. Leona tells Dan that the only way to stop Marco is for her to go inside and talk to him face-to-face. Dan allows Leona to go inside where she apologizes to Marco.

[00:38:00] While Marco speaks to Leona, Ella and Eve tries to diffuse the bomb. Leona hugs Marco but suddenly stabs him. Chloe thinks it‘s part of the plan, but it turns out Leona is the mastermind of the bank robbery. Ella does her best to defuse the bomb while Chloe distracts Leona. She gets her to the southwest corner of Lux where the SWAT will enter. The wall explodes and knocks Leona down. She reaches for the detonator and presses it but nothing happens. Ella successfully diffused the bomb. SWAT enters the building and arrests Leona. Chloe makes sure Lucifer is okay. Lucifer tells her they can resume their partnership after Chloe jumped on him to shield him from the explosion that didn’t happen.

[00:44:00] Dan blames himself for everything that happened. Maze tells him he needs to think like a criminal to catch them. Maze leaves as Ella consoles Dan. Dan notices Ella is high on drugs. She tells him it‘s just a bit of ecstasy and cocaine. Chloe invites Amenadiel over to talk. She wants to know if Eve is a threat to humanity; Amenadiel disagrees. Chloe knows Eve is the right girl for Lucifer; she knows him so well. Amenadiel tells Chloe why her father is so proud of her: She puts others first all the time. Chloe tells Amenadiel her dad is dead. She suddenly realizes Amenadiel talked to her father in heaven.

[00:47:30] Lucifer finally makes his relationship with Eve official. He almost cut himself making a celebratory drink. Eve asks Lucifer about being vulnerable. Lucifer tells Eve he’s only vulnerable when the detective is around. Eve realizes something, and it seems she’s up to no good.

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