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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 Recap – Really Sad Devil Guy


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 Recap - Really Sad Devil Guy

[00:00:50] We see the thief who Lucifer has helped countless times. He’s having the time of his life hosting a party on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. Lucifer comes into his suite to say hi, but the thief wants Lucifer to leave. He’s grateful for the money and gold Lucifer gave him, and things are already going great. Yet, things always go south when he sees Lucifer. Lucifer expected a warmer welcome, but he just came to warn him that someone will kill him. The thief doesn’t believe him, but Lucifer tells him it happened before and it will happen again. Lucifer counts from five, and someone enters the room in a ski mask. The man shoots the thief, and he dies.

[00:02:00] The thief’s name is Lee Garner, and he met Lucifer in his hell loop. Meanwhile, Chloe and Ella are at the crime scene with Maze. Lee died from a gunshot wound in the chest. The killer also cut his right hand postmortem. Chloe asks Maze for her opinion, but all she can say is she might have boned Lee in the past. Chloe points out she may have slept with the victim of their previous case, but it doesn’t mean she slept with all the criminals in LA. Ella applauds Maze for being Chloe’s new Lucifer. Chloe praises Maze for assisting her with the cases now that Lucifer has returned to hell. Ella can’t accept not being able to say goodbye to Lucifer. She thinks Lucifer moved to Florida to help with some family business because she doesn’t know the truth.

[00:04:00] Ella apologizes to Chloe for bringing up Lucifer, but she just misses him so much. Chloe assures Ella that everything is fine. She is busy with work that she doesn’t have time to think about Lucifer. Ella doesn’t have any leads on the case, so Chloe invites Maze to pursue other work-related issues. Maze and Chloe party at Lux to forget about their problems. It seems Chloe hasn’t taken her mind off Lucifer since he left. Amenadiel is keeping things under control, even the drug deals happening inside Lux. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues his conversation with Lee. He wants Lucifer to take him out of hell, but it’s not up to Lucifer. Lee tries to leave on his own, but he can’t. Lucifer explains his own guilt brought him to hell.

[00:08:00] Lee wants to know who killed him, but it‘s no longer Lucifer’s job. Lee wonders why he died, especially now that he had everything. He mentions his boat is docked in LA. Lucifer looks out the window and reminisces his time with Chloe. He adds that mere months for them is already a very long time in hell. Lucifer tells Lee that he will solve his murder for old times’ sake. Lee doesn’t understand how things work in hell, so he asks Lucifer if the gunman will still arrive. Lucifer tells Lee that he will take care of the gunman for him. The gunman enters the room again, but Lucifer stops his hell loop just before he gets shot. Lee lifts the ski mask, but the man doesn’t have a face.

[00:10:00] Lucifer explains that a hell loop is made from his memories. Lee didn’t see the killer’s face, so he didn’t know who killed him. Back at the precinct, Chloe questions Lee’s sister. She didn’t have any clue who would want her brother dead. All she knew was that Lee owed a lot of people some money, and he was always a magnet for bad people and things. Maze arrives with some random dude — a lead. The man tells them Dirty Doug killed Lee. Doug runs a high-stakes exclusive poker game, and Lee owes him some money. The word on the street: Doug cut Lee’s hand to send everyone a message. Chloe doesn’t understand the message, but the man tells her the message has been sent. Maze and Chloe plan to pose as high-end poker players. The man laughs and tells them that Doug‘s game is invite-only, and they won‘t get one.

[00:13:00] Chloe remembers how Lucifer would always bail her out when she needed help with criminals. Maze tells Chloe she will get them an invite to the poker game, so she doesn’t need Lucifer anymore. Meanwhile, Linda asks Ella for some assistance with Charlie. She wants Ella to teach Charlie some Science lessons despite only being two months old. Linda tells Ella that Charlie is special; she even demonstrates Charlie’s ability by showing him a table of elements. Linda asks Charlie to point out the element Boron. Charlie does nothing, but Linda tells him he’s correct. Ella agrees to teach Charlie some Science lessons every Wednesday. Amenadiel visits Dan to report a crime. Dan wants Amenadiel to stop being a vigilante. Amenadiel tells Dan he needs to help shape the world into a safer place.

[00:17:00] Amenadiel finally gets a big-time drug dealer to trust him since he’s now the owner of Lux. Dan has second thoughts, but Amenadiel tells him they need to be changed. Lucifer and Lee enter someone else’s hell loop to find out who killed him. Lee tells Lucifer about Dirty Doug. Meanwhile, Chloe and Maze arrive at Doug’s place to play poker. They planned to lose, so Doug would loan them some money. Back in hell, Lucifer can’t get any leads from Lee. Meanwhile, Chloe enjoys winning at poker. Maze reminds her that the plan is to lose. Chloe tells Maze this is her first time winning, so she wants to continue. But Maze tells her otherwise. Chloe goes all in.

[00:22:00] Lee explains he accepted a marker from Doug, allowing him to play and rack up a huge debt. Chloe lost which prompted Doug to offer them a marker. Chloe asks Doug what would happen if they were unable to pay. Doug knows they are referring to Lee, so he tells them Lee owes him a lot of money. But despite owing him money, Lee bought a boat instead of paying him, so he ended up dead. Maze thought Doug was going to confess. He tells them Lee got shot in the head which meant he was lying. Doug wondered how Chloe knew where Lee was shot. He asks if they are cops. Chloe confirms, and one of the men inside Doug’s poker game runs for his life. Maze and Chloe go after the runner.

[00:24:00] Chloe and Maze chase the runner to the street, but they can’t catch him. The runner gets hit by a car, flies to the opposite lane, and dies instantly. Ella finds a pistol on the victim, so she suspects it’s their murder weapon. The victim arrives in hell where he meets Lucifer. Chloe is inspecting the victim’s body when it suddenly rises from the dead. Lucifer instructs one of his demons to possess the victim’s body and deliver a message to Chloe. The demon tells Chloe that it’s safe where she stored it. Chloe doesn’t understand a thing the demon says. The demon can’t continue using the body, so he leaves. Chloe doesn’t know what she has hidden and where she hid it.

[00:27:00] Lee tells Lucifer he also left people behind, like his sister, Meg. Lee is trying to get Lucifer’s sympathy, but he realizes what Lee is trying to do. He denies all accusations, but eventually, he tells Lucifer he’s the king of hell, so he can help him if he actually wants to. Lucifer gets pissed off at Lee and wants to show him why he is in hell. Meanwhile, Dan and Trixie go to Linda. Dan returns the books he borrowed on self-help. He wants more books, but Linda no longer has anything to offer. Trixie makes Charlie laugh — his first laugh according to Linda. Dan acknowledges that for a two-month-old baby, it‘s advanced. At the precinct, Ella finally gets a lead for Chloe.

[00:31:00] The latest victim is Vernon Gill, a known hitman. Maze found $20,000 inside his car. Vernon killed Lee using his gun. They thought Doug hired Vernon, but it turns out someone else did. Maze speaks to Doug and tells her what had happened before they arrived. Doug takes credit for killing Lee which is bad for Vernon. Chloe shares the lead Lucifer gave her. Ella remembers reading “You stored it” from Lee’s file. Lee was paying for a storage facility named You Stored It. Maze wanted to know where Chloe got the information. She tells her it came from Lucifer. Chloe and Maze go over to check. Maze gets upset that Chloe didn’t mention the lead sooner. Everything is happening so fast that she forgot to tell Maze.

[00:33:30] Chloe and Maze find Lee’s storage facility where Meg tries to kill them. Back at Lux, Amenadiel speaks with the drug dealer. Amenadiel deals with Kyle: 20% of Kyle‘s total sale goes to him. Once Kyle gives Amenadiel the drugs, Dan comes in to arrest him. Dan searches Kyle’s bag, but they don’t find anything except the one bag he gave Amenadiel. Kyle isn’t a legitimate drug dealer. He just stole his mother’s pills and sold them off as drugs. Amenadiel couldn’t believe he failed as Dan got pissed off. He apologizes to Dan, but he understands what Amenadiel is going through. Dan assures Amenadiel he just needs to be there for his son. He can’t remove all the dangers in the world, but just being there will ensure good things for his son.

[00:37:00] Lucifer brings Lee to the real reason he’s in hell. Lee recalls what happened 15 years ago. Meg just got out of pregnancy with his niece. It was the last time their family was together, but Lee didn’t attend the baby shower. His mother got sick after and died. His father died not long after. Lee never moved on from the guilt of not seeing his parents for the last time before they died. Meanwhile, Meg explains herself to Chloe and Maze. She found the storage facility from Lee’s credit card receipts. Lee owned a biometric safe, so the killer cut off his hand. Despite all his nasty actions, Meg still considers Lee as her brother. Hearing Meg’s explanation triggers Chloe’s emotion from Lucifer leaving. Chloe wants some time off to process her emotions.

[00:40:00] Maze tells Chloe they don’t need Lucifer. Chloe says they are using each other to fill the void left behind. Chloe ends their partnership for both of them to move on. Maze doesn’t take the breakup lightly, so she leaves Chloe without saying a word. Back in hell, Lucifer urges Lee just to enter the house, but he doesn’t want to. Lucifer knows Lee doesn’t want to see his family because he could screw up again and disappoint them. In the same way, Lucifer doesn’t want to disappoint God or Chloe.

[00:43:00] Chloe takes Meg home. She sees Lee’s hand on her countertop when they enter the house. Lee’s old team came to Meg because the safe was empty when they opened it. They want the money because Lee didn’t pay them for their last heist. Chloe has to cooperate with the gunman to keep Meg safe. Chloe remembers Meg has Lee’s pistol inside her bag. She tricks the gunman into thinking their money is inside the bag. She opens the bag and kills the gunman. Three other men come into the room and start shooting. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Lee argue. Lee notices something isn’t right with Lucifer. He asks Lucifer if it‘s really his hell loop. Lee tells Lucifer he missed the chance to make things right and asks him if he did the same.

[00:46:00] One of his demons brings the gunman to him. He tells Lucifer what‘s happening to Chloe. Lucifer goes back to Earth in a heartbeat to help Chloe. He distracts the three men long enough for Chloe and Lucifer to take them down. Meg runs outside as Chloe instructs. After the fight, Chloe and Lucifer speak with each other. She kisses him like never before. But Chloe notices something different with Lucifer. Lucifer tells her a couple of months on Earth is a thousand years in hell. Everything returns to normal. Linda and Amenadiel raise Charlie together while Ella returns to her old ways of dating bad men. Maze returns to the penthouse to vent her anger.

[00:49:00] Everything looked fine, but Lucifer didn’t leave hell to help Chloe. Lee asks Lucifer if he‘s sure he won’t help Chloe. Lucifer tells him that Chloe will be fine, and he’s right where he should be. It seems someone who looked like Lucifer came to help Chloe.

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