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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 10 Recap – Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam


Published 2 years ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 10 Recap - Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam

[00:00:50] Lucifer wakes up and goes to his piano to play and sing. He keeps thinking of Chloe as he sings his heart out. Chloe does the same. She can’t sleep because she just keeps thinking of Lucifer. She gets out of bed to prepare breakfast as she starts her day. After his number, God gets out of the elevator and compliments Lucifer for his talent. Lucifer tells God he should thank him for his voice and knack for telling the truth. Lucifer wants to know why God is still on Earth. God tells Lucifer he decided to stay a little longer. He adds that Michael had already gone home. God wants to spend time with Lucifer, but he refuses. He blames God for ruining his relationship with Chloe. Lucifer pushes God to the elevator and presses the down button.

[00:05:00] Lucifer receives a message from Chloe about their next case. He arrives at a football field where a referee lies dead on the center field. Chloe interviewed the school mascot, but he didn’t see a thing. Lucifer is surprised to even get a text from Chloe. He assumes that their relationship and partnership are kaput. Chloe tells Lucifer they only have a disagreement on their relationship, so they can still resume their partnership at work. Lucifer agrees. Chloe adds that she refuses to believe that Lucifer is incapable of love because no one is incapable of love, even the devil. Ella updates Lucifer on the murder. Steve Rockwell died at the 50-yard line just before the end of the game. Everyone thought he had died from a heart attack, but Ella found his whistle was dipped in poison.

[00:06:00] Ella tells Chloe and Lucifer it’s just a regular day as another one bites the dust. Suddenly, everyone just starts dancing and singing “Another One Bites the Dust.” Lucifer gets confused about what’s happening, but he eventually joins everyone. After the dance number, it’s as if nothing happened. Lucifer sees God, so he knows he’s messing with him. Lucifer confronts his father and tells him to leave. God just wants to see what Lucifer does for work. He asks Lucifer if he’s a police assistant. He corrects his father that he’s a consultant. God wonders how Lucifer knows he’s there. Lucifer says the singing and dancing gave him away. God promises he will no longer interfere as people continue dancing behind him.

[00:09:30] Chloe speaks with Steve’s wife. She wants to know if Steve has any enemies. His wife tells Chloe that Steve has a lot of enemies because of his job. Steve had to make tough calls which would sometimes cause teams to lose. Everyone took sports seriously, and the losing side always dished out their anger on Steve. They received threatening emails just because of last week’s game where Steve made a tough call and caused a local team to lose the district championship. Chloe wants to look at the said emails; Steve’s wife agrees. Chloe leaves Steve’s wife as she sees Lucifer arguing with someone. She approaches Lucifer and asks who he is talking to. Lucifer doesn’t want to tell Chloe, but she convinces him. Lucifer tells her that he’s his father. Chloe gets surprised and immediately approaches God.

[00:11:00] Chloe tells God he’s a terrible father. She brings the house down as she talks with God about Lucifer’s issues and how badly he treated him. Lucifer gets surprised that Chloe is defending him. God just greets Chloe and shakes her hand. He commends Chloe for her love and support for Lucifer. God tells her Lucifer is lucky to have her in his life. Chloe remembers she’s a gift for Lucifer, so she doesn’t waste any time getting to that topic, but Lucifer stops her. He tells Chloe it’s enough for their first meet and greet; he doesn’t want Chloe smitten. Lucifer wants to focus on the case. Meanwhile, Linda and Amenadiel argue over Charlie being human. Amenadiel thinks angels are better than humans which offends Linda.

[00:14:00] Chloe and Lucifer question JJ, a linebacker for the Mulholland High Saints. Steve received an email from JJ’s account threatening to end his career as a referee. JJ’s mother blamed Steve for the loss of JJ’s scholarship. Since his team lost the playoffs, he didn’t get the scholarship. It seems his mother has more issues with Steve than JJ does. Suddenly, everything becomes a musical again. JJ’s mother sings “Every Breath You Take” for her son. Lucifer sings along to get things over, so he gets up and stares at the two-way mirror. God is on the other side grinning as he watches Lucifer sing.

[00:18:00] After the song, Lucifer uses his powers on JJ. JJ tells them he wants to be a pastry chef instead of a football player. His mother tried to shush him up, but Lucifer tells her that JJ needs to start making decisions for himself. Lucifer heads out of the interrogation room to speak with his father. JJ’s mother confesses she sent the email using JJ’s email. JJ tells Chloe he saw a man arguing with Steve on the school parking lot. He didn’t recognize the guy, but he tells Chloe he owns a very old school truck. Chloe ends the interrogation and looks for Lucifer. He’s in the hallway looking for his father, but God has already left. Chloe tells Lucifer that JJ’s mother is innocent.

[00:20:00] Lucifer is projecting his issues on JJ and tells Chloe that JJ should leave and get away from his mother immediately. Chloe suggests JJ should keep his parent close and work to resolve their issues and rebuild their relationship. Chloe is pertaining to Lucifer, and he understood. Lucifer takes God back to his penthouse to show him around. He tells God he’s willing to share the penthouse with him to rebuild their relationship. Lucifer shows God around the precinct. God wonders why Lucifer doesn’t have an officer or even a desk. Lucifer asks Dan to explain to God how he’s very important to the police force. Dan doesn’t want to get himself involved, but Lucifer introduces him to his father as God, turning his frown upside down.

[00:23:00] Dan freaks out at the sight of God. He stutters as he introduces himself. He kneels in front of God and even hugs him. God knows who Dan is because he met the Goddess. Dan looks at Charlotte’s photo and knows what’s coming. Lucifer takes God away to show him the vending machines. Maze arrives at the precinct to bring her latest bounty in. She calls Ella and tells her that her bounty has a Harley motorcycle. Ella resists her urge for bad, but Maze tells her she’s just being herself. Ella and Maze sing a mashup of “Bad to the Bone” and “No Scrubs.” After their number, Ella rushes back to her lab where Chloe is waiting. Chloe is looking at security footage of the school parking lot. Ella got her a lead from the results of Steve’s whistle.

[00:27:00] Dale McVey is the coach of the Benedict Canyon Wildcats. He’s the man JJ saw arguing with Steve at the school’s parking lot. Dale also drives an old-school yellow truck. As Chloe tries to piece things together, she hears Lucifer arguing with God. She goes out, and Lucifer tells her God spat the coffee into the garbage bin. Lucifer wants Chloe to try the coffee and tells God it’s good. Chloe doesn’t want to interfere with them, so Lucifer takes God to Linda for professional help. Linda knows it isn’t about the coffee, so she asks them to explain things. Lucifer and God air out their grievances, but Linda has enough. She asks them to stop to explain what she thinks.

[00:31:00] Linda points out they have millennia to work things out and evolve, but they didn’t. They aren’t any different from the humans’ petty squabbles on Earth. Linda starts projecting her problems with Amenadiel. She tells God that a father should love his child unconditionally even if his child doesn’t have wings and can’t fly. God tells Linda he understands where she’s going. He approaches Lucifer and tells him he’ll be supportive from that point onward. God goes with Chloe and Lucifer to speak with Coach McVey. The coach denies killing Steve. He confesses that he tried to bribe him into making a favorable call for them. Steve declined Dale’s offer but come match day, Steve made a bad call that made Dale’s team win. He came over to pay Steve, but he threatened to report Dale to the commission.

[00:35:00] Dale tells them someone stole his bag from his truck a few days ago; it contained his whistle. He assures them he didn’t kill Steve. Lucifer and Chloe want to take Dale’s truck for processing. Dale surrenders his keys to Lucifer to avoid further charges. Meanwhile, Dan visits Lux to have a few drinks. He sees Amenadiel who offers to give him some space if he makes things awkward. Dan doesn’t have an issue with Amenadiel being an angel, but he asks him why God thinks Charlotte is his wife. Amenadiel explains that the Goddess inhabited Charlotte’s body for a few months. Dan wants to know if those few months were the times he also inhabited Charlotte. Amenadiel confirms, and Dan starts to worry. He asks Amenadiel if God is a jealous type. Amenadiel confirms yet again.

[00:38:00] Dan knows he’ll go to hell for sleeping with the Goddess. Another song number comes up as Dan sings “Hell.” Lucifer and God arrive at Lux. Lucifer wants the singing and dancing to stop. God promises Lucifer he would stop with the singing and dancing just after Dan’s number. The next day, God wakes Lucifer sleeping on the couch naked. He hands him a food tray for breakfast and tells Lucifer to taste the coffee. Lucifer loves the coffee. God tells him he got the coffee from a farmer in Bolivia by the name of Jesus. He wants to accompany Lucifer to work again, but he tells God to take the day off and visit his other children. Lucifer goes to the precinct alone in a pretty good mood.

[00:43:00] Ella tells Chloe they found traces of long hair, dyed orange and blue on Dale’s truck. Ella tells Chloe that Steve was a referee for a school with the same color: orange and blue — Van Ness High. Upon Lucifer’s arrival, he tells Chloe about God being so judgmental. Chloe realizes something, so they have a new lead. Meanwhile, Linda and Charlie are taking their morning walk when things go musical again. Amenadiel joins them as everyone in the park sings and dances. God looks from afar as everything turns back to normal. Chloe and Lucifer visit Van Ness High to speak with Darla. They know she killed Steve and tried to frame Dale.

[00:46:00] The chemical component used to poison Steve isn’t accessible to just any normal person. It’s either placed as a special order for hospitals or school laboratories. Darla confesses to killing her husband because she had enough of his judgmental ways. Nothing was ever right for Steve. Chloe is about to arrest Darla when she tries to resist and use the Bunsen burner on Chloe. Lucifer stops Darla as he burns his sleeves, protecting Chloe from the flames. After the case, Lucifer speaks with Chloe. He’s already giving up on changing God and himself, but Chloe has faith in him. She doesn’t want Lucifer to give up. She tells him that issues aren’t changed overnight. Chloe goes home to tuck Trixie to bed and prepare for her musical number. Trixie comes out of her room to sing while Chloe reminisces all her time with Lucifer.

[00:52:00] God is outside Chloe’s apartment. He wants to knock on her door but decides not to. Lucifer goes back to his penthouse where God is waiting. They have a small talk about Lucifer’s day despite God already knowing what happened. Lucifer doesn’t want to argue, but all their talk always leads to arguments. Lucifer blames God for ruining his relationship with Chloe. He’s full of emotion and pain, so God decides to turn it into a musical number. Lucifer has no choice but to sing his part. They sing “I Dreamed A Dream.” After their number, Lucifer just wants God to stop controlling him. God doesn’t understand what Lucifer means, but he points out that he’s just forced to sing a few moments ago. God tells Lucifer he’s losing control of his powers.

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