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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 15 Recap – Is This Really How It‘s Going to End?!


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 15 Recap - Is This Really How It‘s Going to End?!

[00:00:30] Lucifer is busy with his campaign for Godhood. He’s currently speaking with one of his siblings named Jophiel. He thinks Michael will do a better job at being God than Lucifer. Jophiel points out that Michael is a dick, but he’s been with their father for the longest time, so he’s practically running heaven. Lucifer does his best to get Jophiel’s vote, but he’s already Team Michael. Chloe and Lucifer go over their next case. They both have butterflies about the future. Chloe worries about Trixie and what life will be as God’s consultant. Lucifer tells Chloe not to worry. They will have a lot of time to micromanage once he becomes God. Lucifer isn’t sure he can convince his siblings to take his side. Chloe assures Lucifer that if anyone could do it, it would be him.

[00:05:00] Dan is trying to set Ella up for one of his friends, Carol Corbett. Ella refuses the offer, but Dan won’t give up. Ella introduces Lucifer and Chloe to their new victim, Jonathan Donnelly. Someone tortured Jonathan into drinking tons of wine before they killed him. Jonathan worked as a tech in the medical examiner’s office. Lucifer suggests Jonathan can’t afford the wine cellar with his measly salary. Dan realizes Lucifer is correct and goes out to check his financial records. Ella shows Chloe the threatening text message Jonathan received just before his death. Ella heads out to find who sent the message. Chloe excuses herself from the case to do something personal.

[00:08:00] Chloe addresses the precinct about her retirement. Ella and Dan are shocked about her retirement, but Dan knows it’s about Lucifer and his campaign for Godhood. Dan congratulates Chloe on her new career. Ella doesn’t take the news so well, so she confronts Chloe. She tells Ella she’ll help Lucifer run the “family business.” Ella realizes Lucifer is also leaving, so she gets angry at them. Chloe asks for an update on their case. Ella tells them the message Jonathan received came from Odetta Watson. Odetta works as a psychic, so Chloe and Lucifer go to her for questions.

[00:11:00] Chloe knows Odetta is a con artist, but Lucifer tells her God gives a few people the ability to look into the future and hopes that Odetta is for real. She gets a few good guesses, but Chloe has enough fun and tells her their real agenda. Odetta runs a scam about finding lost things from dead people. Jonathan worked in the medical examiner’s office, so he would steal things from dead bodies to hide them. Then, they would send online ads to the deceased’s loved ones to trick them into paying Odetta for assistance. Lucifer commends Odetta for creating a perfect scam. Odetta admits to the scam, but she denies the murder. She won’t harm Jonathan because he plays a key role in their deception. Jonathan would give the items to a guy named TJ for the families that didn’t bite on their scam.

[00:15:00] Dan is spending time with Trixie when Amenadiel arrives. He tells Dan he wants to be a cop, but Dan just laughs at him. Amenadiel misunderstands Dan and thinks he doesn’t believe Amenadiel has what it takes to be a cop. Amenadiel leaves disappointed; he thought Dan would be excited for him. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues his campaign for Godhood as he speaks to one of his sisters. Lucifer tries to strike a deal with Saraqael; it almost works. He can’t answer her questions about why he wants to become God. Sara backs out from her deal with Lucifer. Chloe and Lucifer roam LA looking for a fence named TJ. They find him, but TJ threatens to hurt them. Lucifer doesn’t believe TJ can hurt him, but he kicks him across the room. TJ jumps the fence and flees.

[00:23:00] Lucifer and Chloe return to the precinct empty-handed. They find a shoe print in TJ’s house, matching the print they found in Jonathan’s wine cellar. The team knows the person who killed Jonathan is also looking for TJ. Chloe delegates tasks for everyone and leaves with Lucifer to track down TJ’s friends and family. Dan gives Ella his friend’s number and begs her to call him. Ella takes the number and agrees. Chloe reminds Lucifer they still need to check how TJ managed to kick him across the room. Lucifer tells Chloe he already has a theory. Chloe wants Lucifer to check out his theory while she does some grunt work for the case.

[00:26:00] Maze is trying on a few outfits for her return to hell as its new queen. Linda tells Maze she doesn’t have to be the Queen of Hell, but she wants to. Lucifer arrives to ask Mazikeen if any demons escaped hell, roaming Earth. She tells Lucifer it isn’t impossible given that no one is guarding hell at the moment. Lucifer wants Mazikeen to keep track of the demons while he works on getting elected as God. Maze has second thoughts as the next sibling in line for his campaign interview is Zadkiel. Lucifer knows Zadkiel hates his guts, but he has a plan. Lucifer speaks with Zadkiel, but his plan fails. Zadkiel only came because Jophiel told him about the top-shelf vodka.

[00:30:00] Lucifer tells Zadkiel the truth: He wants to become God so he can finally be worthy of Chloe’s love. Zadkiel asks Lucifer if Chloe is the gift from God. Lucifer defends Chloe and says she’s much more than just a gift. Dan is doing grunt work for the case when he notices something off. He tries to call for backup, but it was too late. A guy tells him to drop the phone while pointing a gun at his head. That evening, police found the body of a woman. She spoke with Dan earlier. Lucifer notices a disturbance in the garden indicating a fight. They find Dan’s phone and a dog tag — a clue. The tags they found belong to the French Foreign Legion. The tag owner is part of a mercenary group led by Vincent Le Mec.

[00:34:00] Maze arrives at the precinct. She wants to help with the search for Dan. Maze tells Chloe she will find Vincent. Lucifer knows time is against them. He orders Maze to call in all his criminal favors to speed things up. Maze gets the possible location of Vincent and his mercenaries. Chloe asks Amenadiel for help. They all leave the precinct hoping to find Dan alive. Dan doesn’t give any information about TJ, so Vincent orders one of his men to kill him. Dan manages to escape, but Vincent shoots him three times. Chloe finds Dan, but he’s slowly bleeding out. Dan tells Chloe that it’s Caleb, but she doesn’t understand. Chloe holds Dan as tight as she can until paramedics arrive.

[00:41:00] The paramedics bring Dan to the hospital, but he doesn’t make it. Trixie arrives and sees everyone crying. She asks Chloe about Dan, but she can only apologize as she tells her that her father’s gone. Trixie tells Chloe to fetch Dan, so they can all go home. She asks Maze to stop crying because Dan’s not dead. She even asks Lucifer for the truth because she knows he won’t lie. Sadly, Lucifer can only tell Trixie the truth — Dan is dead. Amenadiel wants to know if they caught the mercenaries. Lucifer tells Amenadiel they haven’t found them. Dan’s last words were Caleb. Amenadiel understands why he told them about Caleb.

[00:44:00] Amenadiel brings Lucifer to Caleb’s grave. He knows Michael has something to do with Dan’s death. Lucifer doesn’t follow, so he explains what happened. Amenadiel laid his necklace on Caleb the day he died. Lucifer finally pieces everything together. Jonathan stole the necklace from Caleb’s body and sold it to TJ. TJ never sold the necklace, so Michael hired the French mercenaries to look for the necklace. The mercenaries tortured Jonathan, but he didn’t have the necklace because he had already sold it to TJ. The necklace explains TJ‘s strength. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Michael is trying to assemble the flaming sword of Azrael. Amenadiel points out that Azrael’s blade is in the Goddess’s dimension. Lucifer realizes Gabriel was working with Michael; she brought the blade back with her.

[00:47:00] Lucifer offers Chloe a drink as she finally puts Trixie to sleep. Chloe wants Lucifer to tell her that he will become God and fix the whole mess. Lucifer tells Chloe the truth about why he wants to become God. Chloe gets mad because Lucifer still doesn’t feel worthy of her even after all those years. She admits that his reason makes him unworthy of becoming God. Chloe and Trixie attend Dan’s funeral with everyone else. Ella finally meets Carol at Dan’s funeral. She asks him to save a seat while she talks to Amenadiel. She clarifies Amenadiel’s guilt for his last conversation with Dan. Ella tells Amenadiel that Dan submitted his application to the police academy the day he died.

[00:52:00] Amenadiel tells Lucifer that Dan isn’t in heaven. Lucifer thinks it‘s unfair that Dan still ended up in hell despite all the good things he did. Amenadiel tells Lucifer they have no control over guilt. Amenadiel addresses the crowd at Dan’s funeral. He bids his farewell and tells Dan he will continue to do better moving forward. Maze arrives to tell Lucifer she found the mercenaries. Ella and Lucifer sing a song for Dan‘s burial.

[00:57:00] Maze and Lucifer visit the mercenaries after the funeral, killing everyone except Vincent. Lucifer whispers something in Vincent’s ear. He cries almost instantly. Maze and Lucifer leave the scene leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Lucifer goes to Linda and tells her about the people who killed Dan. Lucifer feels all the pain and suffering from the unjust system called life. He tells Linda that pain shouldn’t exist in the first place, that Trixie shouldn’t be suffering the loss of her father, and that Dan should still be alive. Linda reminds him he can’t control all the bad things in the world. Lucifer finds a new reason to be God. He wants to fix the system, so he’s willing to go to war.

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