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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 16 Recap – A Chance at a Happy Ending


Published 3 weeks ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 16 Recap - A Chance at a Happy Ending

[00:00:30] A bus transporting prisoners is traveling in the middle of nowhere. One of the prisoners removes his handcuffs. He looks at the prisoner sitting behind him who gives him the go signal. The prisoner calls the guard and tells him the other prisoner is already peeing on his seat. The guard comes in to check. The first prisoner chokes him. The guard tries to shoot the prisoner, but he shoots the driver instead. The driver dies on the spot and leaves his foot on the gas. The bus goes straight down a ravine. No one seems to survive.

[00:03:00] Lucifer contemplates his next move when he hears someone playing a tune on his piano. He turns around and sees Michael. Lucifer is enraged as he approaches his brother. Michael offers him a deal: He wants Lucifer back on his old job as King of Hell while he takes the throne up in heaven. Lucifer refuses, but Michael tells him that Chloe will be with him. Lucifer tells Michael that only one’s guilt will take them to hell. Michael tells Lucifer that the guilt of Dan’s death will always be on Chloe, ensuring her place in hell. Lucifer realizes Michael ordered Dan’s death. Michael confesses he saw a golden opportunity when Vincent called him about Dan. He gives Lucifer until the next day to make a decision.

[00:06:00] Michael plans to hold the voting of God’s successor on Earth, so Lucifer can attend. He’s banished from heaven and will get incinerated if he ever returns. Maze, Linda, and Amenadiel go to Dan’s apartment to clean up. Amenadiel sees a picture of him with Dan when they went to a baseball game. Maze tells Amenadiel it‘s what they get for getting emotionally attached to humans. Maze sees an NSYNC shirt in Dan’s apartment. He used the shirt to get home because Maze dumped him naked inside Chloe’s apartment. Maze sobs at the thought of missing Dan. Linda and Amenadiel console her. She continues to reminisce about her times with Dan. Linda advises Maze that never loving anyone is worse than losing the ones you love.

[00:11:00] Chloe comes to Lux at Lucifer’s request. Lucifer admits to her that he wanted to be God for the wrong reasons, but he realizes he needs to be God for Dan’s sake. Chloe doesn’t understand, so Lucifer explains what happened. He tells Chloe about Michael’s plan to kill Dan, so Chloe will end up in hell. Lucifer doesn’t want Chloe to feel guilty, but she already feels guilty. Lucifer doesn’t want Chloe to end up like Dan. Chloe can’t believe Dan is in hell. Chloe wants Lucifer to tell her the truth, but he can’t. Remiel arrives at Lucifer’s balcony, but she dies immediately. Lucifer thinks Michael killed Remiel using the flaming sword, but Chloe points out there are no burn marks on Remiel’s wound.

[00:14:00] Lucifer tells Chloe that Michael must be bluffing when he told him about the flaming sword. He asks Chloe for her help as a detective for one last case. Chloe agrees. She can’t control her guilt, but she knows how to channel her anger. At the precinct, Ella prays to God for Dan while she looks at Dan’s desk filled with flowers and candles. Ella feels like God is no longer in heaven. She asks the big guy for a sign that she’s in the right direction or the right location. Chloe suddenly arrives at her lab and asks for her help. Ella takes it as a sign from God that she is where she’s supposed to be. She tells Chloe that the compound on Remiel’s feather is yeast.

[00:17:00] Ella wants Lucifer to tell her the truth about the mysterious case they’re working on. Lucifer is about to tell her when Ella asks Lucifer if he hits an emu. Chloe comes back to the lab. Ella leaves so they can talk in private. Chloe tells Lucifer that TJ worked as a fence, and one of his spots was an abandoned beer factory. Lucifer acknowledges the yeast could’ve come from the beer factory. He wants to go immediately, but Chloe doesn’t want to fall into a trap. Lucifer asks Ella for a favor. Meanwhile, Eve is waiting for a guy named Steve to meet her at Lux. Maze comes to her table and tells Eve she is Steve. Maze tells Eve she wants to be with her. She no longer cares if she‘s mortal.

[00:21:00] Michael and the other angels struggle to get the necklace from TJ. He doesn’t want to give it up. One of Michael’s siblings tells him that angels can now kill humans because their father isn’t around anymore. Michael doesn’t want to kill TJ because it‘s really Lucifer impersonating Michael. He removes the fake scar on his face, so his siblings would let TJ go. TJ almost escapes, but the real Michael comes in and slashes his throat. Michael retrieves the necklace and is about to assemble the flaming sword when Chloe shoots him. Michael laughs at Chloe’s effort and reminds her that bullets do not affect him. Chloe tells Michael that shooting him is only a distraction as Lucifer takes Chloe and escapes.

[00:23:50] Linda and Amenadiel are talking about Charlie’s future. Linda compares him to the other babies within her social group and wants to take the necessary steps to ensure Charlie wouldn‘t hurt himself as he learns how to walk. But Amenadiel wants Charlie to figure everything out on his own. He tells Linda that‘s how he lost everything and got back on his feet. Linda doesn’t care about Amenadiel’s advice and proceeds to do her own thing. Amenadiel receives a phone call and his smiles immediately turn into tears. Linda asks Amenadiel what happened as he holds his tears back.

[00:25:30] Amenadiel and Lucifer bury Remy where they buried Uriel. Lucifer blames himself for getting them into their current predicament because he didn’t kill TJ the first time. Chloe tells Lucifer it’s not cowardly to fight for a single soul. Amenadiel tells Lucifer they will continue to fight until their last breath. Maze arrives and gives Chloe one of her demon blades. It‘s the four of them against an army of angels, but Amenadiel knows how to even the tides. Maze gets hyped as they set forth to kill angels, but Amenadiel tells her there will be no more killing. Maze doesn’t want to agree, but she tells them there’s a consolation — dying together.

[00:28:30] Lucifer and Chloe go to the LA Memorial Coliseum for the voting of God’s successor. Amenadiel arrives, but Maze isn’t with her. He tells Lucifer that gathering their army will take a while. Lucifer knows they need to stall until Maze arrives. The angels gather behind Michael as they quake, fearing the flaming sword. Amenadiel tells Michael they accepted him as their God, but he wants to hear from Lucifer. Lucifer bends the knee but takes it back instantly. They are just stalling. Lucifer asks for a vote. Michael laughs at him, but since he insists, Michael asks everyone who isn’t voting for him. The other angels just look at one another. No one dares to take Lucifer’s side. Lucifer addresses his brothers and sisters with the truth. His real reason for wanting to be God.

[00:31:00] Zadkiel tells everyone that Lucifer’s reason is for love. Everyone laughs, but their laughter dies when Zadkiel takes Lucifer’s side. He tells everyone that love is the single best reason to choose Lucifer. He declares Lucifer worthy of being God’s successor and asks the rest of their siblings to decide. Lucifer only got Zadkiel and one of his sisters. The rest still chooses Michael to be God. He declares himself as God, but no Godly powers come to him. Lucifer’s sister returns to Michael’s side. Lucifer asks Amenadiel where Maze is, but he doesn’t have a clue, so Lucifer stalls by singing “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. Michael knows they are stalling and tells them to stop singing.

[00:35:00] Maze arrives with the prisoners from the bus earlier. No one survived, and the demons used their bodies as vessels to help Lucifer out. Maze melted one of her demon blades and turned them into bullets, so Chloe could arm herself against angels. Lucifer tells Michael they can settle the feud on their own and avoid bloodshed. Lucifer does his best, but he still loses to Michael. He struggles to take the flaming sword from Michael. Chloe steps in to take the necklace and dismantle the sword. Azrael appears and apologizes to Lucifer. He realizes Chloe’s life is in danger. Chloe appears from the corner and shows Lucifer the necklace, but Michael is already there. He stabs her in the stomach. Lucifer rushes to her side. Amenadiel tells Maze to hold, but she finds it difficult to control her emotions.

[00:40:00] Chloe tells Lucifer it isn’t his fault she will die. It‘s her choice like it was Dan’s choice to help them with the case. Chloe dies guilt-free in Lucifer’s arms. Michael points out that Chloe will be in heaven, so he will never see her again. Lucifer flies to heaven to save Chloe despite knowing he could die trying to save her. Lucifer knows it isn’t Chloe’s time, so saving her is his most important thing. Amenadiel tries to stop Maze, but he can’t. She commands the Lilim to attack. Meanwhile, Chloe and her father are having a picnic. Lee meets Lucifer in heaven. He realizes that Lilith’s immortality is protecting him from burning to a crisp, but he knows he doesn’t have time to spare, so Lee helps him up.

[00:44:00] Lee brings Lucifer to Chloe. He reminds her it isn’t her time to die yet. Chloe remembers everything, but she has second thoughts about leaving because she is finally with her father. John tells Chloe she must go back, so she can help the people in need. Chloe asks Lucifer how they will return to Earth. Lucifer tells Chloe there’s no power left in Lilith’s ring for the both of them, so he removes the ring and slides it on Chloe’s finger. Lucifer confesses his love for Chloe right before he dies. Chloe wakes up on Earth like nothing happened. Lilith’s ring returns to its original color as Chloe struggles to get up on her feet. The war is nearly over as only Amenadiel, Zadkiel, Maze, and Eve remain.

[00:48:30] Michael can’t believe Lucifer brought Chloe back. He threatens to kill her again, but Chloe has Amenadiel’s necklace which gives her divine strength. She fights Michael and holds Azrael’s blade against his throat. She‘s about to kill Michael when she hears Lucifer call out to her. Lucifer tells Chloe she isn’t the killing type. She hands the necklace to Lucifer to assemble the flaming sword to kill Michael. He tells Michael to kneel and honor their agreement that their battle is to the death. Lucifer cuts off Michael’s wings instead of killing him. He tells everyone there will no longer be any bloodshed as everyone kneels before him. Lucifer raises the flaming sword as he finally becomes God.

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