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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 2 Recap – Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!


Published 2 years ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 2 Recap - Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!

[00:00:30] An astronaut from Brody Aerospace creeps around the sleeping quarters. The astronaut seems to kill someone in their sleep, but she only wants the apple from the locked box. She takes off her helmet and bites the apple. Suddenly, another astronaut creeps up behind her and stabs her neck. She falls to the floor and bleeds to death. The next day, Chloe goes to the precinct looking for Lucifer. Ella thinks she‘s being delusional, so she hugs Chloe. She realizes Chloe is serious that Lucifer is back. Ella checks her phone. Lucifer didn’t message her about his return. Ella tells Chloe she just missed Lucifer but not like how she missed him. Meanwhile, the fake Lucifer is at the penthouse practicing his accent.

[00:04:00] Chloe and Ella go to the crime scene to process Judy Mason’s body. Judy is a biochemist and commander of the Red 2 Mars Project — a simulation by Brody Aerospace for living on Mars. The plan is to be the first colony to live on Mars. Judy’s death isn’t part of the plan, though. Ella doesn’t have any leads, but she knows the killer is part of the program. Chloe is about to speak with the other program members when fake Lucifer arrives. Ella berates him with a boot for going to Florida without saying goodbye or even sending a message. Fake Lucifer is confused why Ella mentions Florida, but Chloe signals him to just go with the flow.

[00:05:30] Fake Lucifer tells Ella that his mother was ill, so he had to take care of the family business. Ella can’t stay mad at Lucifer and hugs him after his explanation. Ella resumes processing the crime scene. Chloe talks to Lucifer and tells him he just lied to Ella. She points out that he never lies, but fake Lucifer says he was in hell for thousands of years, so he made a few changes. Fake Lucifer shows a few more changes when he speaks to Dan properly and compliments his appearance and accessory. He even shakes Dan’s hand like a proper gentleman. Dan thanks Lucifer and goes on his way. He tells Chloe he is Lucifer version 2.0, but Chloe has her doubts.

[00:07:30] Chloe goes to Linda to tell her that Lucifer is back. Chloe is ecstatic, but she still wants Linda‘s advice, so there is a problem. She tells Linda that Lucifer is acting a bit different. Chloe explains she confessed her feelings for him before he left. She thinks it freaked Lucifer out, but Linda tells her that Lucifer just got back from hell. She tells Chloe about the time difference. Chloe agrees but tells Linda unless Lucifer is lying. Linda tells Chloe that Lucifer never lies, so she shares what happened. She was surprised that Lucifer lied but assured Chloe it had nothing to do with his feelings for her. Linda tells Chloe that Lucifer just needs to adjust to life on Earth again. Chloe gets a great idea of just having Lucifer remember his life back on Earth and leaves.

[00:09:30] Fake Lucifer and Chloe interview the other people who were part of the Red 2 Mars Project. None of them wanted to kill Judy. They had reasons to hate her but not enough motive for murder. Everyone loved Judy one way or another. Chloe tries to get the fake Lucifer back to his old ways, but none of her methods are working. He doesn’t want to drink at work nor use his powers on anyone to get a lead. Chloe grows suspicious of fake Lucifer as he doesn’t even want to eat Dan’s pudding just to tease him. Ella gets a lead on their case. The hair she found on the crime scene belongs to a sheep, meaning it came from outside. Someone got into the simulation project and killed Judy. Lucifer invites Chloe to question the project managers.

[00:14:00] The managers tell Chloe and Lucifer no one is allowed in or out of the simulation. They explain they do the simulations as close to reality as possible, so no one can drop off supplies or ask for help for repairs when they’re on Mars. One of the managers was part of the first project simulation and confirmed the experience was life-changing. The main reason for the simulation is to test the psychological strength of the participants. Chloe remembers one of the members telling them that Judy is using the sat phone too loudly. The managers confirmed the sat phone was only connected to the control room. Fake Lucifer asks if Judy got into trouble with anyone in mission control. One of the managers mentioned a guy named Donovan.

[00:16:00] Donovan is an engineer at Brody Aerospace. He got pissed when Judy got the promotion instead of him. Chloe and fake Lucifer look to explore Donovan as their lead suspect. While they leave the premises, fake Lucifer notices the questions on the case are somehow directed also to him. He assures Chloe his feelings for her haven’t changed even if he has changed. He also asks Chloe for a little more time and patience. Chloe tells fake Lucifer he has all the time he needs. Fake Lucifer has a sinister plan up his sleeves. He returns to the penthouse limping. Something disturbs fake Lucifer. He walks around the penthouse when Maze jumps him and threatens to break his neck. He tells Maze he isn’t Lucifer. The fake Lucifer finally introduces himself as Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael.

[00:18:00] Maze wants to know what Michael is doing on Earth. It seems word got back to heaven about Lucifer returning to hell on his own accord. Michael gets irritated as all their siblings keep raving about Lucifer. He knows Lucifer is up to something, so he goes to Earth to stir things up and get him back to reveal his true colors. Maze warns Michael not to underestimate humans, especially Chloe. He tells Maze he’s got everything planned out. Maze asks Michael how he can be so confident when she can stop him. Michael knows Maze has a feud with Lucifer, so he asks her to join him to lure Lucifer back to Earth. He tells Maze she can beat Lucifer up once he returns from hell. Maze has doubts if she should accept Michael‘s offer.

[00:21:00] Amenadiel continues to run Lux as intended. Michael, acting as Lucifer, goes by to say hello. Amenadiel realizes Lucifer has returned from hell and is worried for Charlie. He isn‘t aware it isn‘t Lucifer he‘s talking to. Michael assures him everything is under control, and the demons in hell won’t go out of line again. Amenadiel doubts Michael, but he keeps it to himself at the moment. Michael goes with Chloe to track down Donovan Glover. They see him walking to his car, so Michael calls out to him. Donovan panics and drives away. Chloe gives chase and eventually corners him. Donovan tries to run Chloe over, so Michael saves her. They take Donovan to the precinct for questioning. Donovan thought they were repo men. All he had left was his Porsche, so he didn’t want it taken away.

[00:24:30] Michael tells Donovan he shouldn’t have argued with his boss. Donovan retaliates and tells them about the promotion. Anders promoted Judy even if she wasn’t qualified. Chloe knows Donovan has motive, yet he doesn’t know Judy is dead. He tells them Judy is having an affair with Anders Brody. Chloe knows they need to speak with Anders about the case. At the precinct, Dan sees Michael just standing there. He tells Dan he’s doing nothing, but Lucifer never does “nothing.” Dan gets suspicious, but Chloe comes over to tell them that Anders is doing tests in space, so they won’t speak to him until the next morning. Michael tells Chloe he’ll just go home to get dinner instead of asking her out on a date.

[00:27:00] Chloe thinks Michael is inviting her to Lux, but Dan doesn’t bother to answer Chloe’s question. She decides to get dinner and swing by Lux. As Chloe enters the penthouse, she sees Michael kissing Maze. Chloe just runs out as fast as she can. Michael catches up with Chloe in the elevator and tries to explain everything. None of his words can repair the damage done. Chloe leaves Lux to reevaluate her feelings. The next day, Chloe barges in on Anders‘ press conference. Anders recognizes Michael and hugs him. Chloe shows her badge to get Anders’ attention. Chloe speeds things up by telling Anders what they know about his relationship with Judy. Anders wants his lawyer before speaking with them. Chloe tells Michael to use his powers on Anders. Michael asks Anders what he fears instead of what he desires.

[00:30:30] Anders tells them he doesn’t want anyone to know he hates space. The Mars Project was just a publicity stunt to compete with Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Judy eventually finds out that her boss and lover is a sham. She threatens to expose him, but Anders talks Judy down and makes up with her. He no longer wants to answer further questions without his lawyer. Chloe and Michael leave. Chloe calls Dan to tell him about what happened with Anders. Michael thought he angered Chloe further by asking Anders what he feared, but she understood what happened. Chloe tells Michael she finally accepts he’s changed. Linda goes to Lux to visit Charlie and Amenadiel. He requests to keep Charlie for another night. Linda wants to take Charlie, but Amenadiel is worried. He tells Linda that Lucifer’s back.

[00:34:00] Linda already knows and doesn’t see any problem. Amenadiel points out that no one is guarding hell, and the demons may return for Charlie. Linda reasons with Amenadiel, telling him that Lucifer won’t leave hell unless everything is under control. Amenadiel sees the point and tells Linda that Lucifer doesn’t lie. Linda becomes the bearer of bad news and tells Amenadiel that ever since Lucifer returned, he has started lying. Amenadiel worries Charlie won’t be safe. Linda assures Amenadiel that Lucifer won’t do such a thing to them. Maze calls out Chloe at the precinct the next day. She wanted to apologize, but Chloe understood what had happened. She tells Maze she is lonely and broken, and so is Lucifer. Chloe wants to take her relationship with Lucifer to the next step.

[00:37:00] Chloe does her best to seduce Michael. She even reaches into his pockets for money to use at the vending machine. Chloe tells Michael that he’s different, but sometimes, change is good. Linda goes to the precinct to talk with Michael. She wants to know who is guarding hell. Michael tells her everything is under control. Michael senses a great fear within Linda. She isn’t just afraid of Charlie’s safety; she is also scared of becoming a bad mother, coming from a deeper and darker past. Michael is slowly growing attached to Chloe and seems he‘s about to forget his previous plan. Chloe gets an idea upon seeing her reflection in the vending machine. She asks Ella to view the security footage one more time and look for a reflection. They find the killer in the reflection, but the face isn’t visible.

[00:41:30] The killer’s suit was different from the current version, giving Chloe another idea. She asks Michael to accompany her as they visit their possible suspect. Chloe knocks on a door but no one answers. She wants to return the next day, but Michael breaks the doorknob to enter. Chloe tells him they don’t have a warrant, but he doesn’t care. Michael doesn’t find anything, but they hear a gun cock behind one of the locked doors. He pushes Chloe out of the way before the shooter pulls the trigger. Chloe calls out to Sam, one of the managers they spoke to earlier. Sam tells them he was working with Judy to expose Anders. Michael tells Sam that the evidence points to him. Sam realizes someone used his suit. He wanted to come willingly, but Mandy enters the room and confesses.

[00:45:00] Mandy thought Sam was having an affair with Judy, but he wasn’t. He was trying to prove that Anders Brody and the Mars Project were shams. Sam points out that after the first Mars Project, Sam returned as a changed man, so she thought he didn’t love her anymore. Sam explains he will love Mandy no matter where he is, even if Mandy were in jail. Chloe arrests Mandy for using Sam’s suit to enter the simulation zone and kill Judy. Back at the penthouse, Michael prepares for his date with Chloe. He thought Chloe had already arrived, but it was just Maze. She tells Michael that she may have issues with both Chloe and Lucifer, but she won’t allow him to hurt Chloe. Michael tells Maze he changed his plans; he no longer wants to destroy Lucifer’s life.

[00:47:00] Michael wants to claim it for himself. He tricks Maze and puts her to sleep. She hides Maze in Lucifer’s room while Chloe arrives. Chloe continues to seduce Michael, but she eventually shoots his leg. Chloe knew from the moment she first kissed Michael that he wasn’t Lucifer. Michael formally introduces himself to Chloe. Chloe tells him she will not lose faith in her relationship with Lucifer. Michael tells Chloe the truth about her: That she‘s a gift from God and her sole purpose is to be Lucifer’s plaything. Chloe doesn’t believe Michael and tells him to leave. Michael goes to the bar where Amenadiel saw him. Amenadiel now knows he is Michael because he used fear against him. Amenadiel orders Michael to go home.

[00:53:00] Amenadiel knows what Michael feared. He fears that Lucifer is better than him. Michael laughs at Amenadiel, but deep inside, Amenadiel is correct. Despite Lucifer being cast out of heaven, he is still better than Michael. He leaves Amenadiel at Lux and returns to heaven. Amenadiel knows Michael is up to no good, so he goes down to hell to fetch Lucifer. Lucifer asks him what happened, but Amenadiel doesn’t tell him just yet.

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