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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 3 Recap – ¡Diablo!


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 3 Recap - ¡Diablo!

[00:00:30] Amenadiel brings Lucifer up to speed. Lucifer thinks it‘s a prank, but Amenadiel is concerned for Charlie’s safety. He knows Michael is up to something. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that Michael is currently the right-hand man of God. None of the angels could speak with God except for Michael. Lucifer still can’t accept that his cowardly twin is running the show. He tells Amenadiel to run hell while he resolves matters on Earth.

[00:02:30] Lucifer goes straight to the precinct where he finds Chloe. He goes over to greet her, but she thinks he is Michael. Lucifer proves his identity by asking one of the officers about their greatest desire. Chloe hugs Lucifer as tight as she can. They speak inside one of the interrogation rooms about what Michael told Chloe. Lucifer tells her that everything Michael says is a lie. Chloe is relieved because Michael revealed that she was just a gift from God. Lucifer can’t lie despite wanting to hide the truth. He tells Chloe that she is indeed a gift from God. Lucifer tries to explain things along with his feelings but none of his words matter. Chloe can’t believe Lucifer kept a secret from her. Dan interrupts them. They have a new case.

[00:06:00] Lucifer tries to chase Chloe and talk to her, but she can’t handle the revelation just yet. Chloe goes straight to her next case. Someone killed Matt Owens inside Warner Bros. Studios. Ella tells Chloe that Matt was stabbed to death. Ella notices something off about Chloe. She shares about the fight with Lucifer. Lucifer arrives at the scene to check if Chloe is doing okay. Lucifer tells Chloe he won’t leave until he knows everything is okay. Chloe needs more time to process being a gift from God, so Lucifer offers to help with their case. Chloe declines his offer, but Lucifer knows the victim. He gave Matt a favor a few years back to start his career as a TV writer.

[00:09:00] Matt wrote a show named Lieutenant Diablo based on Lucifer’s life in LA and his job with the LAPD. Chloe and Lucifer visit a taping of Lieutenant Diablo. Everything is just how Lucifer described his day-to-day work. The show even has Detective Doofus — Dan in Lucifer’s eye. Suddenly, Diablo’s partner shows up — Chloe’s counterpart, but she’s a stripper. Lucifer tells Chloe that Matt didn’t know everything, so he must have spiced things up. Chloe and Lucifer talk to Dancer and Diablo. Diablo is fine with Matt running the show, but Dancer has a few issues. To her, Matt is a control freak, a megalomaniac. Dancer tells Chloe that if anyone wants Matt dead, it‘s Keri Belwood. She wrote all the scripts, which Matt took credit for.

[00:14:00] Chloe and Lucifer leave WB to go after their lead. Lucifer asks Linda if Michael stirred some of her fears when he visited. Linda lies to Lucifer and tells him everything is fine. She wants to know how Lucifer can get Amenadiel out of hell and back in her arms. Linda is worried about Amenadiel getting stuck in hell. Lucifer assures her that he will locate Michael and end his schemes as soon as possible. Linda gives Lucifer some advice. She tells him to listen to his friends to understand their thoughts and feelings. Lucifer leaves Linda’s office to track down Michael. Chloe visits Keri to question her about Matt’s death. Keri tells Chloe she did all the work but was never in charge.

[00:17:00] Keri was working all morning, so she wouldn’t be able to kill Matt. She didn’t like Matt because he was lazy and a control freak. She also didn’t want to be in charge because it was a double-edged sword. Being in charge means you get credit when the show goes well, but you get blamed when it flops. She adds that Matt also had a drug problem. Keri gives Chloe an address where Matt did drugs. Lucifer goes back to his penthouse and finds his piano destroyed. Maze arrives and immediately tries to kill him. Lucifer does his best to explain, but Maze doesn’t care. She wants both Michael and Lucifer dead because Michael tricked her before, while Lucifer left him on Earth. Lucifer points out that Maze is no longer his servant, so it‘s up to her decision to join him.

[00:19:00] Maze tells Lucifer she doesn’t have wings to return to hell on her own, but Lucifer explains that Amenadiel has wings, so he could’ve taken her to hell. Maze leaves Lucifer even if he asks for help with Michael. Lucifer meets Chloe at the motel. They go to Matt’s room. They think it will be a wreck, it‘s pretty neat. Diablo and Dancer also go to the motel. Chloe nearly shoots Dancer who pulls out her prop gun. Diablo tells them they are also trying to solve the murder. They figured that since they could do it on TV, they might as well try it in real life. Lucifer recognizes the place and remembers that Matt used to live in a similar place when he first met him.

[00:23:00] Chloe knows Matt isn’t doing drugs. He was trying to go back to how he lived his life before. She asks Diablo, Dancer, and Lucifer to leave. He doesn’t understand why Chloe asked him to leave, but he does so anyway. Chloe and Lucifer return to the precinct to give Ella all the new evidence they collected. Chloe recognizes a cartridge that smells like hot cinnamon. It belongs to Diablo who denies ever going to the motel to meet up with Matt. Chloe and Lucifer visit Diablo back at WB, but he’s already dead. Ella found a prop murder weapon at his trailer. She explains that the real version is the murder weapon, so they need to find it to find the killer.

[00:27:00] Maze and Linda watch an episode of Lieutenant Diablo at her house. It amazed them at how their counterparts were portrayed. Linda also analyzes Maze. She is suffering from fear of abandonment. Maze disagrees because Linda explained that the fear is caused by being let down by someone important from childhood. Maze tells Linda she had no one important to her when she was a child. Maze is lying since her relationship with her mother is so important to her that she gave Linda a baby blanket as a gift. Maze and Linda just enjoy the show as their counterparts kiss in the middle of the bar. At WB, Dan got a lead that Keri could be their killer. Chloe and Lucifer go to her office to have another talk.

[00:31:00] Keri tells them she was at her desk all day, but Chloe isn’t going to fall for her tricks the second time. She has the power to manipulate the staff since she is now in charge of the show. Keri doesn’t understand the allegations against her. She wants to know why they think she would kill the star of their show. Lucifer finds blood on one of the closets inside Keri’s office. He opens the closet and finds the murder weapon. Chloe arrests Keri for murdering Matt and Diablo. Back at the precinct, Dan tries to talk with Lucifer again. He really wants to reach out to Lucifer and end their feud. Lucifer finally gives in and allows Dan to be his friend again. Chloe goes to Dancer to tell her about Keri.

[00:35:00] Lucifer and Dan reenacted the scenes of a Diablo episode which will never air since Diablo already died. Ella enters the room. She realizes they are acting out Diablo scenes. Lucifer notices Diablo made some notes on the script about the actual case. He actually solved the case and noted that the killer was number two. Lucifer thinks it was Keri. Dan points out that Keri couldn’t have killed Diablo because it wouldn’t make sense. Ella tells them that Keri is left-handed, but the killer is right-handed.

[00:37:50] Dancer and Chloe return to the set of Diablo. Diablo owns a bar named Hades. Dancer tells Chloe that her character started as a stripper inside the bar before she became a detective. She could get a confession from their suspects by giving them a lap dance. Dancer tells Chloe that she’s finally free, and she can do the roles she wants. Chloe realizes Dancer is the real killer. She asks her why she killed Diablo. Dancer killed Diablo because he solved the case and knew she killed Matt. Chloe takes down Dancer and arrests her. Lucifer arrives with backup, but things don’t go as planned when he talks to Chloe. Maze and Linda continue to talk about their problems, but Linda isn’t ready to reveal hers. Maze finally accepts her abandonment issues with a bit of help from Linda.

[00:43:00] Lucifer returns to Lux; Michael shows up. Michael reveals he was the one manipulating him ever since the dawn of time. They end up fighting, and Lucifer comes out on top. He uses a demon dagger to slash Michael’s face. Lucifer goes to Chloe to make things right, but things worsen. Lucifer ends up shouting at Chloe, pointing out that she’s just human. Chloe thought she finally found the one even if it‘s the devil himself. Things changed when she found out that God made her for Lucifer. Chloe couldn’t accept that all of her decisions were predetermined. She points out that she doesn’t have control of her life. Lucifer looked forward to his reunion with Chloe back in hell, but he didn’t expect things to turn out in such a manner.

[00:51:00] Maze arrives at Chloe’s only to find Michael lurking within the shadows. She really wants to kill him, but Michael tells her that Lucifer is keeping a secret from her. She asks Michael about the secret, but he can’t tell Maze because she wouldn’t believe him. Michael suggests showing her the way to the truth instead.

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