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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 Recap – It Never Ends Well for the Chicken


Published 2 years ago

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 Recap - It Never Ends Well for the Chicken

[00:00:50] Lucifer prepares a cheese platter and some wine for game night. The monopoly board is ready when the elevator chime rings. He thought it’s Chloe and Trixie, but it was just Chloe. She doesn’t know where Chloe is, nor does she want to know. Lucifer invites Trixie to play monopoly, but it’s not really fun with only two players. Lucifer invites her to the bar instead, but she has a better idea. Trixie wants Lucifer to just tell her a story. She pulls out a dagger from Lucifer’s table as well as handcuffs. Lucifer’s ring catches her attention, and she asks for the story behind the ring. Lucifer tells Trixie he went to New York in 1946. He was meeting up with an old friend named Lilith.

[00:04:00] Lilith was a singer at the Garden Club. She asked Lucifer to meet with her because she had lost something valuable. Lilith lost her ring and wanted Lucifer to find it because he owed her. Lucifer hired Jack Monroe to help him find the ring. Trixie wanted Jack to be a girl just like Chloe. Lucifer just follows the instructions and turns Jack into a female character. Jack didn’t want to help Lucifer, but money talks, and she agreed to help. They went to a bar to get some information. Jack paid the bartender to get all the information they needed. The guy they were looking for is Lucky Larry. After talking with the bartender, Jack noticed someone was following them. She went over to talk to their new friend.

[00:11:00] Jack got a lead to Lucky Larry. Their new friend volunteered to show them the way. Lucifer and Jack met the man outside the bar, but they fell into a trap. Mr. Stompanato’s men were waiting to ambush them. Trixie interrupts the story again because she doesn’t understand why Mr. Stompanato is a girl. Lucifer tells Trixie that he’s just following instructions and constructing a gender-balanced story. Trixie agrees and allows Lucifer to continue with his story. Mr. Stompanato threatened Jack and Lucifer to stop sticking their noses in other people’s business. He also warned Lucifer not to get too friendly with Lilith. Mr. Stompanato left Jack and Lucifer to die another day.

[00:14:30] Lucifer left Jack’s office to enjoy New York City. Jack returned home for dinner. She heard a knock on the door. Jack angrily went to the door to see who it was. Lucky Larry came to Jack, but it was too late. He fell on Jack’s doorstep with a knife on his back. Jack called his informant. Larry got into a fight with William Kincannon. Jack and Lucifer went to William’s place the next day. Jack thought he and his wife were meant for each other. He discovered that his wife was a call girl, and someone paid her to meet him. Lucifer told Jack that he should just forget about it. They met William to ask him some questions about Larry. He denied all allegations of killing Larry. Lucifer realized William didn’t have the brains to kill Larry nor steal Lilith’s ring.

[00:21:00] Back at the bar, Lilith was speaking with the bartender. She told her about the ring and its value. Lilith was married to Adam. She didn’t like her life with Adam, so she took a stone from the Garden of Eden before she left. The stone reminded her she didn’t need Adam or God. The bartender took offense when Lilith told her she didn’t need anyone. The bartender told Lilith about her marriage to a guy named Bill. She told Lilith it was the best thing that ever happened to her despite Bill almost dying in the war. The doctors couldn’t give Bill a clean bill of health, so he could die at any time. The bartender cherished every moment with her husband, treating everyday as a blessing.

[00:24:00] Lucifer and Jack went to Larry’s apartment. Jack deduced how Larry was stabbed in the back. Lucifer found a cigarette butt of a very expensive cigar. They both knew who the killer was: Tony Stompanato. They went to Tony’s house only to find him dead along with his guards. Someone carved Tony’s heart out and painted a symbol on his left eye. Lucifer told Jack it was a hieroglyphic of Horus’ eye. Jack knew a store called Sacred Eye. They went to the store and spoke to Melvin the Magnificent. Melvin is a conman. He told Jack and Lucifer about his merchandise, including a map to Lilith’s tomb. He denied killing Tony because he was at the shop all day. Melvin couldn’t help them because the people who bought the maps were all covered in robes.

[00:32:00] Lucifer returned to Lilith to bring her the bad news. Lucifer wanted to look for another way to repay his debt. Lilith gave her children to Lucifer to serve as his army. Lucifer told him he didn’t need an army, but he was grateful because he would’ve spent eternity in hell all alone. Lilith told Lucifer that her ring didn’t grant immortality despite what people wrote about it. The legend of her ring came to be when she met an Aztec warrior named Montezuma. Montezuma tried to sacrifice Lilith by throwing her inside a volcano. She survived, and that’s when the legend was born. Lucifer got an idea on how to retrieve Lilith’s ring. They started a rumor that her ring didn’t work without her bracelet. Lucifer made a fake bracelet. Jack’s wife would bring the bracelet back to Lilith’s dressing room to lure the thief.

[00:36:00] Lilith wondered what it’s like to have an emotional connection with a human. Lucifer told Lilith it would take a miracle for him to have an emotional connection with any human. Jack stood with the crowd and kept an eye on her wife. As Lucifer and Lilith sang, a bearded man followed Jack’s wife to Lilith’s dressing room. Jack saw the man and followed him immediately. He made sure his wife was safe before he entered the dressing room. The man was ransacking Lilith’s safe to find her bracelet. It was William Kincannon. He killed Tony to get the ring, combined the ring and bracelet and declared his immortality. Jack told Lucifer it was William who killed Tony. All of a sudden, the bartender entered the room holding a machine gun. She hired Larry to steal the ring.

[00:42:00] Gertie told everyone her plan. The deal was that Larry would steal the ring and give it to her; in return, Larry could have everything inside Lilith’s safe. Larry betrayed Gertie and sold the ring to Tony. Tony killed Larry to avenge Lilith, but William killed Tony because he knew about the ring and its power. Trixie got lost in the story as many wanted Lilith’s ring. Lucifer offers to just finish the story for her. Gertie needed the ring to save her husband. Lilith told her she couldn’t save anyone using her ring. Gertie didn’t believe Lilith because she saw her get shot a dozen times, but she walked away like nothing happened. Lucifer shot William to prove that the ring had no power.

[00:44:00] Lilith wanted to know why Gertie risked her life for something that sounded unreal. She wanted to save her husband so badly that she didn’t mind dying for him. Gertie told Lilith she would rather die trying to save the man she loves than live forever without him. Jack turned William over to the police. Jack asked Lilith if she wanted to press charges against Gertie. She told Jack that Gertie deserved to spend her days with Bill. Jack wanted to come with her wife to Des Moines to save their marriage. Lilith had a revelation about what Gertie told her. She told Lucifer that humans connect with one another because they know things have an end. Lilith told Lucifer she wanted to end her immortality.

[00:48:00] Lilith placed her immortality inside her ring and gave it to Lucifer. She told Lucifer her children must not find out about her decision. Lilith sent her children to hell for them to be perfect. Her children will never know the feeling of abandonment and banishment like her. Lucifer swore never to tell them about her. Lilith parted ways with Lucifer for good. Trixie can’t believe that the ring has Lilith’s immortality within it. Lucifer tells Trixie that what’s important for him is that the ring reminded him of Lilith. Trixie leaves the penthouse where Maze is waiting for her. Maze paid Trixie to get the story from Lucifer. Trixie tells the whole story to Maze.

[00:52:00] Maze goes to Reno to find Lily Rose. She knocks on the door of a crappy apartment, and an old woman answers. She tells Lilith who she is. Lily thinks Lucifer told everything about her, but Maze found out on her own. Lily doesn’t want to speak with Maze. But Maze wants to know why Lilith abandoned them. Lilith tells Maze she tried something, but it didn’t work. She tells Maze she abandoned them to make them stronger. Maze can’t accept her answer and just leaves.

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