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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 1 Recap – Nothing Ever Changes Around Here


Published 7 months ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 1 Recap - Nothing Ever Changes Around Here

[00:30:00] Lucifer is driving his Corvette around LA, wearing a white suit instead of his usual black attire. Lucifer seems to have a lot on his mind. He turns the corner too fast, and a cop immediately tails him. Lucifer pulls over as the cop asks him if he knows why he’s being pulled over. Lucifer confesses he isn’t paying attention to the road. He tells the cop about what happened over the past month. He enumerates: the war against Michael, saving Chloe, burning up and dying in heaven, and his resurrection and ascension to power as God. After his story, Lucifer recognizes the cop as the same guy who pulled him over a few years back. The guy thanks Lucifer for changing his life by following his desires. It wasn’t all fun as his wife left him.

[00:03:00] The cop tells Lucifer his wife took their house with her. Despite losing his wife, the cop still has a smile on his face as he continues to thank Lucifer. He got a new boat house at the Marina. Before Lucifer leaves, the cop asks him if he can give him some more money. Lucifer takes out a wad of cash, same as before, and gives it to the cop. Lucifer pulls over at a mansion Lucifer loves — an exclusive bar for magicians — where he meets Chloe. As they enter the mansion to attend a magic show by Magnar the Magnificent, Lucifer tells Chloe about how he refereed for a drinking match for Dai Vernon and David Copperfield. It‘s their last night together as Lucifer returns to the Silver City the next day.

[00:06:00] Lucifer wants to spend more time with Chloe, but she insists that the time is right for Lucifer to take his place as God. She points out that Lucifer had already pushed the coronation once, so he couldn’t push it off again. Before Chloe could finish her sentence, Lucifer cuts her off as the show starts. Lucifer and Chloe are enjoying the show. Magnar tells the crowd, “I will literally conquer death and emerge resurrected!” He locks himself inside a box with the help of his assistant. The assistant takes five swords and pierces the box. Chloe is trying to ask Lucifer about any mechanism or gimmick inside the box. Lucifer shushes Chloe and tells her to just enjoy the show. The assistant shouts at the crowd, “Resurrection!” as she opens a sarcophagus on stage.

[00:08:30] Magnar falls on stage with a sword in his chest. Lucifer claps, thinking that it‘s all part of the act. They look closer, and the show suddenly becomes an active crime scene. Chloe tells everyone not to touch anything and remain calm. They hear a knocking sound coming from inside the box. Chloe tells the assistant to open the box. Magnar is stuck inside. The dead guy is Jared Holbrook, Magnar’s protégé. He reveals the trick to Chloe as Lucifer pretends not to hear anything. Jared would remain hidden inside the sarcophagus as Magnar would be inside the box. They will just wait for their cues and come out without anyone being the wiser. Lucifer is disappointed with how simple the trick is. Chloe tries to ask Magnar some questions, but his son, Alan, arrives and tells them he won’t be answering their questions.

[00:10:30] Chloe and Lucifer are no longer working for the LAPD, so they don’t need to ask questions. Alan tells them they will wait for the cops to arrive before Magnar answers any questions. Ella arrives along with Carol who transferred to the LAPD to take over Chloe and Dan’s vacant positions. Lucifer wants to leave, but Carol needs their statements first since they are witnesses of a murder. Meanwhile, Linda hosts a party at her house for Maze and Eve. Maze will be Queen of Hell since she made a deal with Lucifer. Eve will accompany Maze in hell. Linda has many questions for Eve, but she doesn’t know what she will do in hell while Maze rules. Eve tells Linda they’ll just figure it out when they get there.

[00:14:20] Lucifer asks Ella if they could speed things up a bit, but his request is denied. Ella tells Lucifer she doesn’t know how long the investigation could take and when they’ll be released. While Ella and Lucifer are talking, he notices Ella seems to have a crisis with her faith. Ella tells Lucifer she’s continuously praying to God, but it feels like no one is listening. She feels like God isn’t there and thinks it‘s crazy. Lucifer knows no one is listening because he is still on Earth. As Carol continues questioning everyone in attendance, Keaton Call approaches Chloe at the bar, trying to hit on her. Keaton tells Chloe he‘s with Magnar as his previous apprentice. After speaking with Keaton, Chloe approaches Carol about Magnar’s alibi.

[00:18:00] Chloe wants Carol to speak with Magnar, but he already did. Carol thanks Chloe for helping, and he tells her they can leave as they already have things under control. Lucifer is relieved and wants to resume their festivities, but Ella stops them. Ella tells them Jared was killed within the past two hours. Chloe knows the killer is still in the building, so they can’t leave. Lucifer’s relief turns into disappointment as they need to spend the night and help with the investigation. Carol questions everyone again, including Chloe and Lucifer. Since Lucifer doesn’t lie, he tells Carol everything. After the questioning, Chloe approaches Lucifer to ask him what he told Carol. Lucifer says he told the truth. Chloe tells Lucifer he’s now the #1 suspect for what he did. Lucifer tells Chloe he would never kill a magician.

[00:21:30] Chloe says they don’t have any choice but to solve the murder on their own. Chloe must prove Lucifer is innocent, and solving the murder is the only option. Carol approaches Lucifer and tells him that his alibi checks out. The motorcycle cop he bribed earlier told them the truth, which cleared his name, although the cop got suspended. Chloe and Lucifer are relieved with the great news. Ella gives Carol a new clue. Chloe eavesdrops on their conversation. Back at Linda’s, Eve is amazed at how Linda prepared their dinner and everything for the party. She realizes she’ll do the same in hell. But there‘s one problem: Maze doesn’t approve of it. Eve wants to bring the party to hell, but there‘s no one to party with.

[00:23:00] Eve wants to party with Maze’s siblings, but she wants to keep her away from them as much as possible. An argument arises between Eve and Maze. To stop them from arguing, Amenadiel tells them he’s joining the police force. Maze gets surprised by the news. Amenadiel tells them it‘s Dan’s parting gift for him since he turned his application in. He didn’t tell Maze because he knew she would make fun of him. Amenadiel is right as Maze thanks him for revealing his secret. Eve tells Amenadiel to tell them about the police academy. Linda wants to get back to Eve and Maze’s problem, but she can’t anymore since Amenadiel stole the spotlight.

[00:25:00] Carol speaks to Erika, Magnar’s assistant. She was having an affair with Jared, but she didn’t mention it the first time she spoke with Carol. Erika tells him it made her look bad. Jared promised Erika a solo career, but everything changed when Magnar announced his retirement. Chloe continues eavesdropping on the investigation. Her gut feeling: Erika is innocent. Lucifer doesn’t care as she‘s no longer a detective, and the investigation is Carol’s job. Chloe tells Lucifer they must solve the murder before Erika is wrongfully accused. Lucifer isn’t pleased with how their evening has turned out. Chloe approaches Ella for details on the case, but she can’t tell her because she’s no longer part of the team. Chloe asks Ella if she checked Jared’s clothing for any hidden pockets. Ella thanks Chloe for the suggestions and goes to check.

[00:27:00] Lucifer doesn’t want Chloe to help with the investigation, but she‘s having difficulty adjusting to their new lives. Chloe points out she’s starting a new job in heaven tomorrow, so she wants to help with the case. Furthermore, she knows Lucifer is putting his coronation off for some reason, so she knows they must talk about it. Ella returns with a bead in his hand. She found it inside Jared’s secret pocket. Chloe realizes it‘s a clue — she has solved the case. Lucifer asks Ella if God not being there is a bad thing. Ella tells Lucifer that God is always there for everyone. It’s what made him God. She points out God isn’t like them. He’s always there for anyone, and he always will be.

[00:29:00] Chloe goes to the bar to confront Keaton. The bead belongs to him, but he denies having anything to do with Jared’s death. Chloe knows the conversation is going nowhere, so she asks Lucifer to use his powers on him. Keaton immediately tells them he wants to be Magnar, but he can’t do magic on stage. He is only a great magician on Instagram. Chloe is about to arrest Keaton when Carol steps in. Linda found an opportunity to talk about their problem as Amenadiel talks about his family. Eve tells Maze she‘s disappointed that Maze doesn’t want her to spend time with her family. Maze doesn’t want to talk about hell. Amenadiel tries to stop Linda, but it‘s too late. Maze tells Eve she doesn’t want to talk about hell because she doesn’t want to return.

[00:31:30] Everyone at the table freezes at Maze’s response. Maze tells them she likes being on Earth. Eve says she doesn’t want to go to hell either. She just wants to go to make Maze happy. Maze tells Eve she’s happy bounty hunting on Earth with her. They talk it over and know they‘re meant for each other. Amenadiel silently applauds Linda for solving their problem. Back at the investigation, Carol is in a stalemate. He doesn’t want Chloe to interfere with his investigation, but he‘s running out of time and still has no clues or leads. Carol asks Chloe for her help. They discuss the case for a clearer perspective. Carol remembers people were talking about a media deal worth a lot of money. The murder was all about the Magnar name.

[00:34:00] Magnar and Jared don’t want to sell their name and brand to the media. Chloe and Carol are looking for someone who would benefit from the media deal. Chloe remembers Magnar’s son, Alan. Before she could ask Magnar about his son, Alan rushes toward her and holds a pocket knife to her throat. Alan blames his father for what happened. Magnar can’t accept that Jared died because of money. Lucifer steps in. He tells Alan he’s the selfish one. Lucifer adds that Alan isn’t worthy of his father’s legacy. Carol tries to talk Alan down because he doesn’t have a way out. But he grew up inside the bar, so Alan knows there‘s a secret entrance and takes Chloe with him.

[00:36:00] Carol looks for anything to open the secret passage, but Lucifer has already broken the door down. He threatens to hurt Alan if he does anything to harm Chloe. Suddenly, Alan flies across the passage. Chloe isn’t surprised as she knows what she‘s doing. Lucifer sees Chloe holding Amenadiel’s necklace. She tells Lucifer she kept the necklace because it saved her from Michael. Chloe knew the necklace would come in handy, and it did. Chloe and Lucifer return to his penthouse to have a drink.

[00:38:00] Lucifer remembers placing Amenadiel’s necklace inside his safe with Azrael’s sword. Chloe tells Lucifer she took the necklace from the safe because she felt naked. She explains she had always roamed the streets of LA armed with her firearm, so she feels naked without it. She knew she needed something to defend herself, so she thought about the necklace. Chloe tries to return the necklace to Lucifer, but he tells her to keep it. Lucifer suggests Chloe keeps the necklace because they are staying on Earth for a while. Lucifer is having issues about being God. He realizes God is selfless and cares for all humanity. Chloe doesn’t see any issues as Lucifer is worthy of becoming God’s successor. She points out that he died for her.

[00:39:00] Lucifer explains it’s the whole point. He will do anything for Chloe except give her up. Lucifer doesn’t know what will happen when he assumes Godhood. Chloe assures Lucifer she has faith in him. He will figure out a way for their relationship to work. Amenadiel and Linda talk about what happened over dinner. Amenadiel thinks Linda is snooping around Eve and Maze’s issues for her gain. Linda admits that she wants to resolve their issues because the ordinary people stuff she deals with as a therapist no longer has meaning. Linda explains that after having God in her house, everything feels minuscule. Amenadiel says no problem is small because everything matters. Linda agrees, but she still doesn’t see the big picture as she hasn’t matured enough to Amenadiel’s level.

[00:42:00] Lucifer stares at a photograph while Chloe is sleeping. He places the frame down to reveal it‘s a picture of him with Dan. He flies off and visits Dan in hell. Dan is playing ping-pong with Belios. He asks Lucifer what their next plan is, but he doesn’t have any plans and is just checking in on Dan. Dan gets angry because nothing has changed. He points out that a thousand years have passed, but he’s still in hell. Lucifer tells Dan that he’s trapped in hell because of his guilt. Dan knows he’s guilt-free, but Lucifer doesn’t know what else to do. Dan wants Lucifer to become God, so he can send him up to heaven.

[00:45:00] Lucifer tells Dan it doesn’t work that way. Dan gets furious. He tells Lucifer that each of his visits gives him hope, which turns into a disappointment each time. Dan tells Lucifer not to return unless he has a solution. As Lucifer leaves, a loud thunder echoes across hell. Dan asks Belios if the thunder means something, but he doesn’t mind. Belios tells Dan nothing changes in hell. Everything is about to change as someone sits on Hell’s throne.

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