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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 10 Recap – Partners ‘Til the End


Published 4 months ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 10 Recap - Partners ‘Til the End

[00:00:30] Lucifer and Chloe can’t believe how Le Mec got Rory. He points out that Rory is an angel, but Chloe knows she’s also half human, so she’s vulnerable like her. Lucifer wants to save Rory, but Chloe knows it’s a trap. She wants Lucifer to stay in Lux, and she will save Rory. Lucifer doesn’t want to put Chloe in harm’s way because she’s pregnant. Lucifer tells Chloe he will always choose to save Rory no matter what happens. Since Chloe can’t stop Lucifer, she wants to go with him. Lucifer disagrees, but Chloe tells him they’re partners ’til the end. Lucifer agrees so they go to save Rory.

[00:02:00] Rory wakes up chained to a chair. Le Mec introduces himself to her. Rory tells him he’s infamous in the future. Le Mec thinks he’s infamous for killing the devil, but Rory laughs at him. Rory is just joking and tells Le Mec she doesn’t know him at all. Le Mec tells Rory about his plan. While Dan was occupying his body, Le Mec could still hear the conversations around him. He heard Lucifer telling Dan about 10th and Swanson as well as Rory. Le Mec used those information to lure Lucifer to the area. Rory thinks she has the upper hand. She uses her wings to break the chains and cut Le Mec’s weapon in half. But before she could kill Le Mec, someone shoots her with a tranquilizer. It took three darts to put her to sleep.

[00:05:00] Chloe and Lucifer arrive at Van Nuys. They enter the warehouse and disable one of the guards. He wounds Lucifer before they knock him out. Lucifer and Chloe realize that the guards are holding a makeshift dagger made of Rory’s feathers. Meanwhile, Le Mec and his associates continue to remove Rory’s feathers and make their weapons. Le Mec tells Rory she’s not only a bait but a weapon. Le Mec wants revenge for what Lucifer did to him. He’s been in constant pain and torture since Lucifer whispered into his ear. Rory explains Lucifer doesn’t torture people, but he lets them torture themselves with their own guilt. Rory knows Le Mec is in a lot of pain because of his guilt that’s his own fault. One of the guards tells them a woman accompanies Lucifer.

[00:09:00] Le Mec’s assistant orders them to kill the woman as long as they leave Lucifer alive. Rory knows the woman with Lucifer is Chloe. She tries to shout and warn them about her feathers used as weapons, but Le Mec gags her. Lucifer and Chloe waltz across the warehouse disabling everyone in their way. Chloe goes head-to-head with Le Mec’s assistant. She wins the fight but gets stabbed with Rory’s feather. She tells Lucifer she’s fine, but he wants to save her. Chloe assures Lucifer she’s fine and nothing will happen to her. She wants Lucifer to go and save Rory. Fire is starting to spread across the warehouse when Lucifer finds Rory. Lucifer tries to save her, but Le Mec steps in. He holds a gun to Rory’s face.

[00:15:00] Le Mec tells Lucifer he’s been suffering since he whispered into his ear. The pain and suffering drive him crazy, so he wants Lucifer to end it. Lucifer tells him he can’t stop it because it’s his guilt that’s driving him crazy. Lucifer tells Le Mec killing Rory won’t hurt him. It’ll just add fuel to his guilt, increasing the pain and torture by a thousandfold. Le Mec doesn’t care. He knows it’s worth it to kill Rory in front of Lucifer. Lucifer tells Le Mec the secret to torture. He tells him one must find out the victim’s true desire. Le Mec asks Lucifer what he truly desires. He says he wants to see Rory grow up and be the father she deserves.

[00:18:00] Now that Le Mec knows what Lucifer truly desires, he tells Le Mec he should kill him and let him feel the pain and suffering of not being with his family. Le Mec agrees. Lucifer kneels in front of him. Le Mec is about to kill Lucifer when Rory breaks free. She shouts, “Dad!” as the anger and hatred flow out of her. Rory stops Le Mec and chokes him. Lucifer tells Rory not to kill Le Mec. Rory is changing to a demon persona like Lucifer. Lucifer tells Rory she must be better than him and Le Mec. Lucifer talks some sense into Rory and releases Le Mec. Lucifer tells Rory she finally called him “Dad.”

[00:21:00] Rory tells Lucifer she thought she shouted “Damn” when she felt the pain of ripping her wings off the chains to save his life. Lucifer hugs Rory as tight as he can. Le Mec takes the opportunity to stab Lucifer using Rory’s feather. But Chloe shows up and shoots Le Mec. Rory runs to her aid as Lucifer stands in front of Le Mec. He falls on the table full of Rory’s feathers puncturing his abdomen. Le Mec wants to see the light like Dan did when he went to heaven. Lucifer realizes Dan makes it to heaven, but Le Mec won’t. Le Mec tells Lucifer he sees nothing but darkness. Backup arrives as the paramedics strap Chloe to a stretcher. Lucifer tells Chloe she’s so close to returning to heaven.

[00:23:30] Lucifer jokingly tells Chloe she no longer has a magic ring to get her out of heaven. He sees Rory and tells Chloe he must talk to her. Rory feels unhappy and uneasy. Lucifer tells her he’s still on Earth, and it’s already August 5th — their crisis has already been averted. Rory explains she’s still in the past, so the time loop is still intact. Lucifer will still abandon them, and she doesn’t know how or why. Chloe, Lucifer, and Rory are back at his penthouse discussing that Dan made it to heaven. Chloe realizes Dan used Le Mec’s body to speak with Trixie. She tells them a camp coordinator called her because Trixie was seen talking to a stranger who told her he’s Dan’s friend.

[00:25:30] Chloe knew Dan was avoiding her during his stay on Earth as a ghost, so she doesn’t understand what made him change his mind. Lucifer tells them he’s the one who made Dan change his mind. Lucifer told Dan it’s not important what he does with his time, it’s who he spends it with. Chloe and Rory tell Lucifer he helped Dan get to heaven, like how he helped Lee. Lucifer tells Chloe that Lee broke his own hell loop, and he merely showed him the way. Chloe points out that he still helped Lee and Dan reach heaven. Rory adds that he also helped her. She almost killed Le Mec, but when she looked into Lucifer’s eyes, she understood the truth. Lucifer explains he didn’t want Rory to go down the same path he did.

[00:26:30] Lucifer knows the pain and suffering on that path, so he doesn’t want Rory to repeat his sins and mistakes. Rory realizes it’s why she went back in time: for Lucifer to help her with her guilt. Chloe tells Lucifer he could help all the souls in hell reach heaven. Lucifer realizes what God previously told him. Hell no longer needs a keeper because it needs a healer. He finally finds his calling: to help souls in hell reach heaven. Rory tells them it’s also the reason Lucifer will leave. He disagrees because he could always return to Earth like before. Rory tells Lucifer everything will happen for a reason. She knows they can’t change anything because everything is meant to happen.

[00:28:30] Rory is one of the lost souls Lucifer helped, and she finally accepts why Lucifer will leave them. She knows Chloe won’t tell her because she must find out for herself. Rory tells Lucifer she won’t change a thing now that she understands everything. Rory tells Lucifer he wants to be there for her when she needs him the most. It turns out Lucifer was there when she needed him because she saved her. Lucifer hugs Rory as a blinding light appears. Rory knows she’ll return to her timeline. She makes Lucifer promise he won’t change a thing. Lucifer doesn’t want to, but he can’t lie. He promises Rory he won’t change anything. Rory tells her parents she loves them as she disappears before them.

[00:31:00] Chloe joins Lucifer as he has one last stroll inside Lux. He remembers all the great memories he had running the place. Lucifer sits on the piano to play one last tune as Chloe approaches her. He doesn’t want to leave Chloe, but she reminds him he’s leaving for Rory. Chloe tells Lucifer to close his eyes, so he can feel her without seeing her. She tells him she will always be with him even when they’re far apart. Chloe kisses Lucifer as much as she can as Lucifer imagines sitting on his throne in hell. Chloe and Lucifer play “Heart and Soul” one last time before saying goodbye.

[00:37:30] Meanwhile, up in Silver City, Amenadiel becomes Amena-god. Ella and Carol run the foundation Lucifer left them. Chloe returns to the LAPD and starts helping Sonya. Dan is reunited with Charlotte in heaven. Chloe gets promoted to lieutenant while Sonya becomes a detective. Amena-god returns to Earth, but the people can no longer see him unless he wants to show himself. He’s still there for Charlie as he attends his birthdays. Amena-god finally gets his wish when Charlie sprouts his wings. Maze and Eve continue bounty hunting together. Everyone is there when Rory is born except for Lucifer.

[00:44:30] Rory returns to the future. She appears before Chloe on her deathbed. She asks Chloe how she kept a secret all through her life. Chloe explains no parent wants to see their child in pain, but it’s part of the job. Rory thanks Chloe for keeping her end of the deal. Chloe tells Rory she’ll miss her. Rory points out she’s an angel, so she will see her on the other side. Chloe says it’ll be a date as she calmly passes away.

[00:47:00] Chloe arrives in an all-white area when Amena-god appears. He asks her if she’s ready to come home. Chloe agrees, so Amena-god shows the way. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues to help souls enter heaven through hell therapy. He set up treatment using Linda’s office. He’s currently helping Reese deal with his guilt. Reese tells Lucifer he keeps on making the same mistakes inside his hell loop. Lucifer explains Reese is running away from his guilt. Lucifer tells him that fate is a result of the choices he makes. Reese asks Lucifer if change is really possible. He says yes and makes himself an example of change.

[00:49:00] Lucifer tells Reese he sat in hell for millennia thinking about torturing souls. Lucifer adds that everyone can change given the right guidance and assistance. Reese wants to take back everything he did on Earth. Lucifer agrees because he also wants to take back what he did previously, but he won’t be the devil he is if he takes everything back. Reese is just about to give up, but Lucifer won’t allow it, especially not on his watch. Lucifer explains that if the devil could be redeemed, then anyone can. Le Mec tells Reese that he can just shoot him in the face if he can‘t change. Lucifer tells Le Mec he’ll need more time in therapy.

[00:51:00] Lucifer hears a knock on the door. He thinks it’s the donuts and pastries he ordered for therapy. He opens the door and sees Chloe. She tells Lucifer she thought he could use a partner in running hell. Chloe enters his office, and everyone lives happily ever after.

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