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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 5 Recap – The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar


Published 4 months ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 5 Recap - The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar

[00:00:30] The angel asks Chloe for some ice cream. She tells Chloe they always have ice cream. Chloe isn’t sure about her, but she says there’s some in the freezer. The angel walks to the kitchen and opens the freezer like she owns the place. She asks Chloe if she wants some, but she declines. The angel tells Chloe about her day and how Lucifer reacted to her. Chloe realizes she’s Lucifer’s daughter. The angel tells Chloe she’s also her daughter. Chloe says she only has one daughter, Trixie. The angel calls herself “Rory.” She’s looking for words on how to explain things, but Chloe realizes something. The angel tells Chloe that her name is Rory, short for Aurora. Chloe knew this because she gave her that name.

[00:02:00] Chloe tells her that if she ever had another daughter, she would name her Aurora. She hasn’t told anyone of her little secret, so she knows Rory is really her daughter. Chloe hugs Rory and consoles her for what she’s going through. Rory says things are complicated. At the precinct, Amenadiel is studying for his upcoming exams. Dan rushes him to hang out. They are talking about his exams, and everyone at the precinct thinks Amenadiel is crazy. No one can see Dan, so Amenadiel looks like he’s talking to an imaginary friend. He requests Dan to leave before things get out of hand. Dan leaves the precinct as Ella approaches Amenadiel. She tells him her socks are missing. Ella thinks the world is ending, but Amenadiel assures her it isn’t.

[00:07:00] Chloe brings Rory to Lucifer. He gets shocked at first but delighted to know he has a daughter with Chloe. Lucifer apologizes for how he reacted the first time they met. Lucifer tells Rory there must be some mistake because he will never abandon her. Rory insists Lucifer will abandon her in the future, so she returns to the past. Rory self-actualized her powers to time travel because of her hatred for Lucifer. She wants to kill him, so she ends up in their timeline. Rory tried to get mad enough to return to her timeline, but she couldn’t. Lucifer can’t accept he will abandon Rory, so they argue. Chloe breaks their argument off.

[00:10:30] Chloe tells Lucifer to calm down. He doesn’t like being accused of abandoning Rory because he will never do it. Lucifer swears he won’t end up like his father. He comes up with a theory that someone must have killed him in the future using Azrael’s blade. Lucifer knows he must assemble the blade and return it to his sister to end their problem. He tells Chloe she will lose her super strength, and they can’t have super sex anymore. Chloe doesn’t want to lose her super strength, so she suggests solving one last mystery together: the murder of Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer disagrees with Chloe. He wants to assemble the sword. Chloe points out that any one of his siblings could bring the blade back and kill him.

[00:12:30] Chloe tells Lucifer that the only way is to solve his murder. Lucifer tells Chloe they couldn’t solve a murder that hadn’t happened yet; there‘s no crime scene and no witnesses. Chloe realizes they have one witness: Rory. They ask Rory a couple of questions, but she tells them Lucifer will not die. Rory knows something happened, and it will lead Lucifer to abandon her. She shares the story of her mother. Lucifer and Chloe are together in Van Nuys. Lucifer will turn the corner and just disappears. Rory tells them the date is August 4th. Lucifer tells Chloe it’s three weeks from that day. They use it as a lead and go to Van Nuys. Rory insists Lucifer will not die. Chloe has kept something from her — a big secret.

[00:16:00] Lucifer tells Rory to stay in Lux for the time being. She doesn’t like the thought, but she‘s grounded. Meanwhile, Eve and Maze are planning their wedding when Rory goes to the bar and greets them. They are caught off guard and ask Rory to explain herself. Rory tells them she’s Lucifer and Chloe’s daughter from the future. Maze wants to know why she called Eve aunt but only called her by her first name. Rory offers them another drink; she has said too much about the future. Lucifer and Chloe arrive at Van Nuys. He wants to escape the problem, but Chloe wants to solve his murder to save him. Lucifer recognizes a billboard saying, Super Smiles. He tells Chloe he recognizes the man in the picture, but he can’t say where.

[00:18:00] They enter the clinic and speak with the receptionist. Chloe asks him if he recognizes Lucifer, but he doesn’t. Lucifer thought he had slept with Dr. Kyle before, and she wanted to kill him because of what had happened. The receptionist overhears their conversation and confronts Dr. Kyle. The receptionist is her husband. He tells her about his affair with their assistant, Cindy. While they argue, a dentist ad flashes on TV. He realizes Dr. Kyle is familiar because the ads flashed when he binge-watched “Bones.” The damage is already done. Dr. Kyle ends her relationship with her husband. After what happened, Chloe and Lucifer leave the clinic. They see Dr. Kyle’s husband crying outside the clinic. He blames Lucifer for what happened and wants to kill him.

[00:22:00] While Chloe and Lucifer are out solving his murder, Maze and Eve face their own problems with Rory. They are arguing because they will break up in the future based on Rory’s story. Maze texts Amenadiel because she considers Rory an emergency. Maze introduces Rory to Amenadiel, but she doesn’t know him. Amenadiel worries he’ll die in the near future because Rory doesn’t recognize him. Rory returns from the bar when Maze realizes Rory is torturing them. Rory admits it and praises Auntie Maze for recognizing the game fast. She also apologizes to Amenadiel for playing a trick on him. Amenadiel didn’t feel Rory’s presence. He knows there may be some things happening in the world he doesn’t know about.

[00:25:30] Chloe and Lucifer try to bribe Dr. Kyle’s husband not to kill Lucifer. He doesn’t accept anything from Lucifer. All he wants is to get his wife back. Chloe proposes they help him get back with his wife to end their problems. Lucifer has another plan: He wants the husband to just kill him. Lucifer thinks he will prove he will not abandon Rory by choice if he dies. Lucifer opens his safe to pull out Azrael’s blade, but it isn’t there. He realizes Rory took the blade to kill him. They visit Linda to seek advice. As a therapist, Linda does her best to mitigate the issue, but nothing she says helps. Lucifer ends up accusing Rory of stealing the blade to kill him. Rory can’t accept her father‘s words, so she leaves Linda’s office.

[00:31:00] Chloe and Lucifer return to his penthouse. She apologizes to Lucifer and shows him where the blade is. Chloe hid the blade under his bed to stop Lucifer from returning it to Azrael. Lucifer realizes Chloe is under the blade’s side effect. She doesn’t want to part from the blade, so they fight for it. The fight turns into a brawl as Chloe has super strength. She tosses Lucifer across the penthouse and eventually wins the fight. She holds Azrael’s blade, almost stabbing Lucifer. Lucifer tells Chloe he’ll die by her hands. Chloe snaps out of the blade’s trance and asks Lucifer to take the blade away from her. She sobs while apologizing to Lucifer. He consoles Chloe and tells her the effect of Azrael’s blade on humans.

[00:36:00] Amenadiel goes to the precinct and apologizes to Ella. He tells her about the things she said earlier about the world ending and that it may be true. Ella dismisses her thoughts as crazy talk and tells Amenadiel she found her socks. She also tells Amenadiel that a truck of Kool-Aid had an accident upstream. It spilled into the river, changing its color. Ella convinces Amenadiel enough, so he leaves without any suspicion. Ella opens her closet to reveal her investigation of the celestials. She has everything up on the board, including the pictures of Amenadiel, Maze, and Lucifer. Meanwhile, Lucifer brings Dan to Chloe. He thought Amenadiel’s necklace was giving her more than super strength, and he was right. Chloe wants to hug Dan, but he tells her he’s just a soul. Dan spends a few hours talking with Chloe.

[00:40:30] Lucifer returns to Lux to speak with Maze. He wants her advice on the whole abandonment issue. He doesn’t want to become like Lilith or his father, but Maze tells him he won’t know until it happens. Maze tells Lucifer he should focus on how to fix the issue. He must think about Rory and what she’s been through without him. Chloe gets the closure she needs with Dan. It’s been super difficult for her to care for Trixie without him. Dan tells Chloe that Trixie is strong because of her, so she doesn’t need Amenadiel’s necklace to protect Trixie. After Dan’s message, Chloe can no longer see him. She thanks him for everything, even if she isn’t sure he’s still there.

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