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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 7 Recap – My Best Fiend‘s Wedding


Published 8 months ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 7 Recap - My Best Fiend‘s Wedding

[00:00:30] Lucifer takes Rory to the rooftop of Lux to show her the view. Rory thinks the view is cool. Lucifer tells her only angels and pigeons can see the spectacular view of LA from there. Rory knows Lucifer didn’t bring her to the rooftop just for the view. Lucifer tells her a story when Maze got angry with him. Lucifer woke up to find his bed full of southern widows. Maze replaced all his whiskey with urine and shorted all his suits. Rory laughed at what Maze did to Lucifer. She asks him if he deserves what happened. Lucifer says all he did was eat the last Froot Loops. He points out that Rory should be scared of what will happen to her if she doesn’t attend the wedding. Lucifer knows Rory isn’t planning to attend because she declined the RSVP from Eve.

[00:02:00] Rory tells Lucifer no one knows her yet, so it won’t matter whether she attends or not. Lucifer tells Rory to give everyone a chance to get to know her. He adds that the wedding is the perfect opportunity to get to know their family. Lucifer wants to introduce Rory to people as his daughter. Rory tells Lucifer he can’t tell anyone she time traveled. At this point, Lucifer has told everyone he’s the devil, and no one ever took him seriously, yet he knows time traveling is another debacle. On the bright side, the important people already know of her existence which is the only thing that matters. Rory doesn’t feel at ease since the people who know about her existence tend to ask about their futures. She can’t tell anyone about the future as it could mess up the timeline.

[00:03:00] Rory doesn’t want to attend because she also has nothing to wear for such an occasion. Lucifer invites Rory to his tailor, so they can coordinate their attires for the wedding. Rory disagrees, but she doesn’t decline as well. She just takes off and flies away from Lux, leaving Lucifer on the rooftop. Meanwhile, Chloe speaks to Amenadiel about the anomalies inside the LAPD. She thought so highly of the LAPD because of her father, but now everything just leaves a bad taste in her mouth. There are hundreds of complaints to different police officers, but no actions are ever taken against them. Chloe apologizes for not believing in him the first time he mentioned it to her. Amenadiel is relieved he finally has someone in his corner. Chloe tells Amenadiel she’ll return to the LAPD to help him and Sonya fix the issues from within.

[00:05:00] Chloe hasn’t told Lucifer about her decision to stay on Earth. She wants to tell Lucifer after Maze’s wedding, so she won’t cause Maze or Eve any trouble. Back at Lux, Eve and Maze are finalizing their wedding. Eve wants to invite the Lilim, but Maze refuses. Maze doesn’t want her siblings to come because she knows they will destroy their wedding. But Eve wants the Lilim to come because they’re family. Maze says Eve is the only family that matters to her. She won’t allow anyone to ruin their wedding, but the wedding crasher just arrived. Eve sees Adam enter Lux. Maze’s smile turns upside down upon seeing the first man. Adam tells Eve it‘s time to go home.

[00:07:00] Adam apologizes to Eve for not giving her the attention she deserves. He‘s ready to make amends and serve Eve as her loving husband. Eve thinks Adam just realized it when she left heaven, but he tells Eve he’s just giving her some space. Adam heard about the wedding and knew he must rescue her. Eve doesn’t want to leave with Adam. She already has her own life on Earth, so she won’t leave them for him. Adam is full of himself. He thinks Eve is just trying to get his attention by faking a wedding. Eve tells Adam it isn’t about him. It‘s about her making her own decisions now. Eve adds that she found the love of her life in Maze.

[00:09:00] Adam wants Eve to be serious. He knows Eve can’t love a demon, let alone the daughter of Lilith. Adam tells Maze she’s the spitting image of Lilith. He does his best to convince Eve to go back to heaven with him. Adam tells Eve they are meant to be together. They have been husband and wife since the dawn of time. Eve tells Adam that they were never husband and wife. Eve was made and delivered for Adam. He doesn’t want Eve to get caught up in the fine print, but Eve tells Adam she didn’t choose him. Eve chooses Maze as they kiss in front of him. Maze raises her middle finger and shoves it on Adam’s face.

[00:10:30] Chloe and Rory spend time together as she makes them some sandwiches. Rory tells Chloe that the sandwich brought her back to the future. Chloe remembers how her father brought her the same sandwiches after work. She asks Rory if she will bring her sandwiches in the future after work. Chloe is curious, but Rory can’t tell her the truth. Chloe tries to convince Rory to give her even some minor details, but she doesn’t budge. Rory tells Chloe she will make decisions in the future, and if she tells her what they are, she won’t make them anymore. Suddenly, Rory uses her wings to kill a fly. Chloe is startled to see her wings for the first time. She asks Rory if her wings are always red and weapon-like. Rory tells Chloe that her wings were always like such.

[00:12:30] Dan stares at Carol in the precinct as he works on some papers. Dan is happy that Carol has inherited his desk. Carol even drank out of Dan’s mug. He feels weird since it‘s his mug, but it‘s better than getting buried with him. Carol sees Ella and goes to talk to her. He tells her about his suit for the wedding. Carol is excited to attend the wedding with Ella. She doesn’t look too happy, but she assures Carol she isn’t having second thoughts about being his wedding date. Ella returns to her lab. Dan follows her. Dan thinks Ella can see him, but she‘s just talking to her frog. Ella tells her frog no one could know about what she knew. Dan leaves before Ella opens her whiteboard. She‘s getting closer to the truth about celestials.

[00:16:00] Adam goes to Linda for therapy. She doesn’t have any idea she’s speaking to Adam. He tells Linda that Eve is getting married to a woman. Linda realizes she’s speaking to Adam and is amazed by the coincidences. Adam is still full of himself. He tells Linda he named all the animals. He even tells her about naming the platypus which makes no sense. Linda tells Adam he shouldn’t interfere with Eve’s wedding because she’s their officiant. Upon learning that Linda is the wedding officiant, Adam stares her down and approaches her. Linda knows she’s in trouble. Eve and Maze arrive at Linda’s office looking for her. Eve feels that something happened to Linda because she isn’t responding to her message.

[00:18:30] They didn’t find any clues in her office, but Maze kept smelling something awful and disgusting. Eve finds the smell and knows it‘s Adam’s aftershave. Eve tells Maze that Adam must’ve kidnapped Linda to stop their wedding. They come up with a plan to lure Adam out of hiding. Chloe goes to the precinct looking for Amenadiel. She wants to ask him about angel wings. Amenadiel tells her angels self-actualize, so angel wings aren’t excluded. Chloe explains Rory’s wings looked like weapons. Chloe fears Rory needs to defend herself, so her wings come out as weapons. She tells Amenadiel that her decision to return to the LAPD may have triggered Rory’s wings to change overtime. Amenadiel tells Chloe that she’s lucky she has the option to turn her back from the problem.

[00:23:00] Amenadiel tells Chloe they won’t just be fighting criminals outside the precinct; they will also be fighting their coworkers to fix the LAPD from within. Chloe doesn’t want to put her daughters through any hardships. Chloe wants to be part of the solution, so she decides to really go back to the LAPD. Meanwhile, Adam returns to Lux to pick up Eve. Unfortunately for him, Eve knocks him out as soon as he arrives. Adam wakes up at Lucifer’s penthouse strapped to a chair. Maze does an impersonation of Lilith as she tortures Adam with her words. Eve doesn’t take Maze’s words lightly. Eve asks Adam how he found out about their wedding.

[00:27:00] Adam makes excuses, but Eve knows the truth. She just wants to hear it from Maze. Maze confesses she sent the news to heaven, hoping Adam will do something to stop their wedding. Maze doesn’t want to marry Eve anymore because she isn’t ready to become a mother. Eve gets disappointed. Maze deliberately tried to sabotage their wedding instead of just talking about their problems. Eve is at her last straw. She tells Maze she can’t be the only one willing to compromise for their relationship. She leaves the penthouse and tells Maze they shouldn’t get married if she acts like such. Maze tries to stop her by telling Eve they still must find Linda. Eve tells her she can manage it herself.

[00:29:30] Lucifer arrives at the penthouse because he received Maze’s message about their emergency. She wants Lucifer to stop her from killing Adam. Lucifer realizes Eve isn’t there. Maze is crying, and Adam is there. He knows Maze sabotaged her own wedding. Maze tells Lucifer that Adam kidnapped Linda. He doesn’t want to tell Lucifer where Linda is, so he uses his powers on him. Adam tells Lucifer he just wants to be a better man. He kidnapped Linda to stop the wedding, but Linda knew how to deal with Adam’s issues, so he wants to use Linda to cure himself. Lucifer tells Adam to have some decency. He could just pay for Linda’s time to treat him; he didn’t have to kidnap Linda.

[00:32:00] Adam is facing issues he never knew existed. Times have changed, and women are no longer the peons of men. He must face his issues, and Linda told Adam she could cure him. Adam tells Lucifer he didn’t hurt Linda and offers to take them to her. Lucifer releases Adam from his bondage. Maze knows she messed up and asks Lucifer to help her make things right. Lucifer goes to Eve and talks to her. After their talk, Lucifer shows her a surprise. Zombies walk the streets, and Lucifer tells Eve they are the Lilim using freshly harvested bodies. Maze appears and tells Eve she invited her siblings to show them the love of her life. Maze realizes some of her siblings are into the happy ending stuff. They all accompany Maze, so she can get back together with Eve.

[00:36:30] Maze apologizes to Eve and tells her she will change for the better. Eve eventually gives in, and their wedding is back on. The Lilim celebrates as Lucifer hugs Eve. Meanwhile, Rory visits Lucifer’s tailor, but he isn’t there. She waits for Lucifer to arrive, but she knows he isn’t coming. She leaves the tailor disappointed in her father. The next day, everyone is present at the wedding except for Rory. Trixie wants to know when Chloe and Lucifer will get married. They think she’s serious, but she tells them it’s just a joke. Rory arrives. Lucifer asks her to sit with them, but she doesn’t look at him. Lucifer doesn’t understand why Rory is suddenly angry at him. The wedding starts as Maze arrives with Linda and walks down the aisle.

[00:41:30] Eve is waiting for her cue when Adam arrives. He apologizes to Eve. Adam just wants her to be happy. He asks Eve if he could walk her down the aisle, but she refuses. Eve tells Adam she must do it on her own. Eve walks down the aisle and stops at the altar beside Maze. Linda officiates the wedding. Maze and Eve exchange vows and are pronounced as wife and wife. Everyone gives them a standing ovation. Later that evening, everyone attends a party to celebrate the newlyweds. Linda continues her therapy session with Adam. She explains why Eve must walk down the aisle alone. Amenadiel talks with Dan while Ella drinks all the wine she can to control herself.

[00:49:00] Dan doesn’t know what to do. Being on Earth feels worse than being in hell since he can’t be physically present with his family and friends. Amenadiel tells Dan no one can help him go to heaven but himself. Dan can’t figure out his guilt, but Amenadiel pushes him on to try harder. Rory sees Trixie. She goes up to her to say hi. Trixie doesn’t know her, but they still talk about Maze and Lucifer. Trixie introduces herself as Maze’s best friend. Rory always thought Lucifer was Maze’s best friend. Trixie tells Rory she’s Maze’s best friend. She adds that she loves Lucifer, but he isn’t the best friend material. Rory doesn’t understand why Trixie loves Lucifer. She explains that Lucifer is funny, weird, and terrible at board games. Rory gets jealous that Trixie has spent so much time with Lucifer.

[00:51:00] Chloe invites Lucifer to dance. She tells him they must talk, but she wants to wait until the festivities are over. Lucifer sees Rory about to leave, so he goes over to stop her. Rory is disappointed. She tells Lucifer she waited for him at the tailor, but he never showed up. Chloe tries to stop Rory and Lucifer from fighting. She tells them it isn’t the place to start a commotion. Rory can’t control her anger. She tells them they can discuss the issue over game night. Chloe pulls Rory and Lucifer away from the party to talk things over. Ella is starting to lose it. She’s fading out from all the liquor she drank. Ella spills some wine on Carol, so he goes to the bathroom to clean up while Ella stays on the dance floor.

[00:53:00] Chloe tells Rory to hear Lucifer’s explanation first before she blows up in rage. Lucifer tells Rory the truth, but it sounds so absurd. Rory is very disappointed that Chloe defends Lucifer. She tells Chloe that Lucifer doesn’t deserve her. Rory loses it and tells Chloe about the future. The reason Rory can go back in time is because she is so angry at Lucifer. He won’t show up while Chloe is on her deathbed. Rory is really hoping Lucifer will show up at that moment because it’s super important, but he doesn’t. Lucifer doesn’t understand what will happen in the future. Before he can muster an explanation, Ella takes the mic and stops the party.

[00:54:00] Ella loses control of herself. She can’t take it anymore. Ella exposes everything in front of all the people at the party. She calls out Lucifer for being the devil and Amenadiel for being an angel. She also tells everyone that Maze is a demon, and Eve is, literally, Eve from the Bible. Ella points out that zombies are real. Lucifer tries to correct her by telling Ella that those aren’t zombies but demons as well. Chloe tries to console Ella, but there’s nothing to console. She doesn’t find it hard to process. She already believes in the celestial and supernatural. What she can’t process is that her friends didn’t even bother to tell her anything. Everyone kept her out of the loop which disappointed her. Ella knows she’s just a regular person who can’t help to stop the world from ending.

[00:55:30] Amenadiel confronts Ella about the end of the world thing. Ella lies to Amenadiel because she thinks he’s just trying to hide their secret from her. Ella realizes none of them knows that the world is ending.

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