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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 8 Recap – Save the Devil, Save the World


Published 4 days ago

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 8 Recap - Save the Devil, Save the World

[00:00:30] Ella shows Amenadiel, Lucifer, and Chloe her end of the world board. She explains what she found that would lead to the end of days. Lucifer doesn’t take it seriously at first, but Ella blames them for keeping her out of the loop. She tells them she would’ve found things sooner if they had told her the truth. Amenadiel tells Lucifer it’s time he takes the throne to make things right. Ella doesn’t understand what Amenadiel is talking about. They explain to Ella that God retired, and Lucifer is the heir to the throne. Amenadiel adds they fought an angel war for Lucifer to become God. He tells Ella that Remiel died along with Chloe. Chloe tells Ella they have a lot to explain to her in due time. Lucifer agrees to become God.

[00:03:00] Lucifer stands on a rooftop as he’s about to fly off to the Silver City. He shrugs his shoulders several times, but his wings won’t come out. He tries to give his wings a running start, but they still won’t come out. Chloe tells Lucifer he’s self-actualizing because he isn’t ready to become God. Lucifer disagrees because he knows he’s ready. Amenadiel is starting to get annoyed by Lucifer. He tells him he’ll go to the Silver City to find out what’s happening. Amenadiel wants Lucifer to fix his issues before he goes to the Silver City. Amenadiel jumps off the building. For a split second, Ella thinks he’s falling to his death. She goes to the edge of the building and sees Amenadiel’s wings pop out as he flies to the Silver City.

[00:05:00] Lucifer knows where he must go to get his head straight. He goes to Linda’s house to wake her up. Lucifer tells Linda it’s time for his final therapy session. Linda and Lucifer go to her office in the middle of the night. Linda doesn’t understand why they must go to her office. Lucifer explains he can only process his emotions inside her office. Linda wonders why Amenadiel didn’t just take him to the Silver City. Lucifer says they weren’t sure if his body would self-sabotage once he got there. Linda tells Lucifer that the mind always deals with performance issues. Lucifer agrees with Linda, so he knows she can help him. Linda takes out her book about Lucifer to check if any information can be useful.

[00:07:00] Lucifer gets curious about the bunch of papers Linda holds. She tries to get rid of them, but Lucifer nabs them out of her hands. Linda tells Lucifer she’s writing a book about him. Lucifer thinks it’s marvelous since the devil has been wrongly portrayed throughout history. Linda tells Lucifer the book is about all of his past therapy sessions. Lucifer tells Linda that the answer to their problems is inside her book. Lucifer holds only the first chapter. Linda took out the rest of the book which was thicker than five to six books. Linda suggests they find another way to deal with the issue, but Lucifer is dead sure the answer is inside her book. He suggests they move to a bigger office. Lucifer calls for help to read the book faster.

[00:09:30] Chloe, Ella, Linda, and Maze respond to his cry for help. They go to Lux to assemble a reading team. Dan tells them Lucifer’s problem is that he promises to help people out, but he leaves them hanging. Maze agrees with Dan. Ella is surprised to hear Dan is with them. Maze explains Dan is a ghost, but humans can’t see him. Ella tells Lucifer that his problem is he kept secrets from people who care for him. Chloe reads a page containing all of their names. It says he went to the precinct to greet all of his friends. Lucifer pictures everyone correctly except Dan and Ella. He depicts Dan as a corrupt cop and Ella as the precinct science geek. Ella and Dan are offended by how little Lucifer thinks of them.

[00:12:30] Linda tells them the book hasn’t been edited yet. Chloe and Maze are happy at how they turned out which excites Maze to delve into the book even more. Ella agrees they should read the book further because she wants to know more about how Lucifer thinks about her. Lucifer tells Linda she should’ve edited the book before they read it. Everyone takes a piece of the book and reads it. Ella reads about the angel feather they showed her, making her believe it’s an emu feather. Ella is beginning to get upset again. Lucifer tells Ella she shouldn’t get angry at the emu feather thing. He tells Ella to focus on helping him, so he can save the world. Linda is getting worried about them reading her book.

[00:14:30] Linda knows it’s a mistake and wants to remind everyone that the book is just a draft. She’s a bit relieved she has Chloe who’s always rational and reasonable. Chloe starts to have issues with how people perceive her: rational and reasonable. Maze and Dan read the part where they set up the murder with the Russians. Dan thinks he’s the one who set the murder up, but Maze believes it’s the other way around. He agrees they have their own versions of what happened, but he knows what they did wasn’t right. Dan is still trying to figure out his guilt, and he knows it isn’t that. Maze asks Dan what his hell loop is, but he never sees it through since Lucifer interrupts it.

[00:18:30] Maze tells Dan he won’t find his guilt because he doesn’t have a hell loop. She offers to help torture him to get him to heaven. Dan isn’t thrilled about the idea of being tortured by Maze. Meanwhile, Ella gets to the part where Charlotte becomes the Goddess. Lucifer tells her it’s only for a small amount of time. Ella lost her faith when Charlotte died, but no one told her Charlotte was already in a better place. Lucifer tells Ella she has been a great friend. She had been Azrael’s best friend even before they showed up. Ella is surprised that “Ray-Ray” is the angel of death. Ella leaves Lucifer; she can’t deal with all the surprises. Lucifer tells himself that what’s happening isn’t Linda’s best idea.

[00:21:00] Linda asks Chloe if she has any idea what her hell loop would look like if she had any. Chloe doesn’t have a clue. Linda explains her hell loop would be that moment as her friends read her biggest accomplishment but ends up not liking it. Linda begs Chloe for insight as she has already gone through many pages without saying a single word. Chloe tells Linda she may have figured out why Lucifer’s wings are on the fritz. Maze tries to torture Dan to discover his guilt, but none of the things she says are working. It isn’t about Charlotte Richards or his family. Maze thinks it’s Ella, but it isn’t either. Dan tries to talk to Ella through Maze, but it just ends up upsetting her even more.

[00:25:30] Ella reads part of the book where Chloe and Lucifer wanted to tell Ella the truth, but they couldn’t given the effect it had on humans. Dan tells her through Maze that they love and trust Ella despite not giving her the complete details. She helped them through everything even if she didn’t know she was helping them. Ella tells Dan and Maze that they would’ve told her the truth if they really trusted her. Chloe tells Lucifer what she thinks is his problem. Lucifer thinks highly of Chloe because he wasn’t in her life long enough to see her bad side. Chloe realizes that every time Lucifer has an emotional breakthrough, he ends up leaving Chloe. She also realizes why Lucifer won’t be beside Chloe on her deathbed because he will abandon her. Lucifer can’t accept Chloe’s explanation. He tells Chloe he won’t choose to leave her.

[00:30:30] Chloe shows Lucifer the bullet necklace he made for her. Chloe wore it for so long because she thought it was the moment Lucifer chose to be vulnerable for her. But it wasn’t Lucifer who allowed her in; it was his subconscious. Lucifer tells Chloe he’s grown and changed over the years. Lucifer reads part of the book Chloe has been reading. He realizes there’s something wrong with it. Lucifer confronts Linda and tells her she didn’t bring the whole book with her. Linda confesses she left the ending in her office. They argue amongst themselves. Lucifer realizes Linda doesn’t believe Lucifer will succeed and become God. Maze is about to leave when she sees Dan at the bar pretending to drink by himself.

[00:33:30] Maze tells Dan he must go back to the moment he died to figure out his guilt. Dan tells Maze he already did, but it gave him nothing. Maze knows that Dan’s guilt is his fear of his death. Maze tells him to face his fears and find out how he can clear his guilt. Dan closes his eyes and sees Le Mec. He knows his guilt has to do with the guy who killed him. Meanwhile, Lucifer is waiting for Linda to bring the rest of the book to Lux. Chloe and Lucifer discuss the future and what it holds for them. Chloe worries Lucifer will leave her, so she’ll raise Trixie and Rory all alone while working at the LAPD.

[00:35:30] Lucifer tells Chloe that he idolizes her, and she’ll be an amazing mother to Rory like she is to Trixie. Chloe tells Lucifer she isn’t an amazing mother for Rory. She tells him about Rory’s wings. Chloe fears Rory weaponized her wings because she won’t protect her in the future. Lucifer tells Chloe that Rory got her angst from him since he practically invented teenage rebellion. Rory is eavesdropping on their conversation. She comes to see how they are while saving the world, but she wishes she hadn’t. Rory tries to leave, but Lucifer and Chloe stop her. They like her badass wings, but Chloe wishes she didn’t actualize them to defend herself. Rory tells Chloe that her wings serve as a reminder of Chloe.

[00:38:00] Rory explains she got those wings because she watched Chloe fight and uphold justice all her life. She adds that those wings were a gift from her, unlike Lucifer who left them. Chloe tells Rory she won’t have those wings if Lucifer isn’t her father. Rory doesn’t understand why Chloe still defends Lucifer when he leaves them all alone. Chloe tells Rory she trusts Lucifer. Rory tells her mother that Lucifer doesn’t even understand his own feelings. Rory tells Chloe about the time she shot Lucifer. Lucifer realizes what he must do. He takes a gun from his shelf and hands it to Rory. Lucifer tells Rory to shoot him. He’ll make himself vulnerable to prove her love for her. Chloe tries to stop them, but she can’t.

[00:40:00] Rory pulls the trigger and hits Lucifer on his leg. Rory knows Lucifer can’t make himself vulnerable. He shows them his hand full of blood. Lucifer falls to the floor. He knows he proved his love for Rory. Linda arrives with the book’s ending and shows it to them. Lucifer and Chloe laugh. Linda wrote a fake ending because she didn’t know what would happen. Linda asks Lucifer why he’s bleeding. He tells her Rory shot him to prove a point. Linda realizes Lucifer has fixed his problem, so he self-actualizes vulnerability. Lucifer stands up and tries to bring his wings out — it works. He knows he’s finally ready to become God, but Lucifer tells them he doesn’t want to be God.

[00:44:30] Lucifer knows it was never his calling to be God, and he now knows he really didn’t want to be God. He apologizes to Chloe and hopes he doesn’t disappoint her. Chloe tells Lucifer she will accept him for who he is. Lucifer doesn’t understand how Chloe could have so much faith in him. Rory tells them she finally understands why Chloe loves him so much: because he loves her back the same way. Chloe tells Rory that Lucifer loves her also. Linda acknowledges their emotional progress but reminds them about the world‘s end. Lucifer tells them they don’t need to worry about it because Amenadiel will figure things out.

[00:48:00] Ella calls Carol to pick her up. She apologizes for ditching him at the wedding. Ella tells him her friends have problems that need taking care of. Ella also apologizes for not telling Carol the truth because their secrets are not for her to share. Carol tells Ella it’s fine as long as they trust each other. Linda burns her book as she tells Lucifer she can’t save the world or even help Lucifer with what he really needs. Lucifer points out she helped him become a better man, and he thanks her for it. He leaves Linda as she needs to rest. Lucifer returns to his penthouse to have a drink when Amenadiel arrives. He tells Lucifer they must talk. He already knows why the world will end.

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