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Lupin Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Chapter 10


Published 7 months ago

Lupin Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Chapter 10

[00:00:30] Pascal and his men are preparing for the concert. Philippe brought the computers that will be used to track the donations going into Juliette’s foundation. Everyone is being checked to ensure that Assane doesn’t slip under their noses. Pascal assures Hubert he’ll personally guard his seat for the concert. Hubert knows Assane will come to the concert; he’s hell-bent on revenge. Hubert tells Pascal to be vigilant of him.

[00:02:30] Back in 1995, we see how Hubert hired Babakar to be his chauffeur. Hubert told Babakar he needed someone trustworthy and punctual. Babakar replied he’s the guy for the job. Hubert told him his chauffeur should also trust him with anything. Babakar was hired as Hubert’s driver; we could see the joy on his face as he landed the job. But Hubert wore the face of the devil.

[00:03:30] Assane flew a drone into Hubert’s home three weeks before the concert. Behind the camera is Ben. They found the name of Hubert’s wealth manager: Lucas Lacroix, the one with the briefcase. Inside it are details about Hubert’s accounts and assets. They planned to get the suitcase. Ben was jogging when he bumped into Lucas. Assane was about to help Lucas, but Ben took the briefcase and ran. Assane pretended to chase him. They made a copy of Lucas’ files and his phone. Assane returned the briefcase to Lucas; he didn’t suspect a thing. After that, Ben and Assane went to the library. Assane said they needed another accomplice, so they went to the Arsene Lupin section. Multiple persons visited the aisle, but one person stood out.

[00:09:30] Like Assane, the person is also a Lupin fanatic. They changed his looks and outfit, so he could convince Hubert. The man chose the alias Philippe Courbet. Assane called Lucas, warning him of Philippe. In turn, Lucas called Hubert, telling him to watch out for Philippe Courbet. Hubert wrote the name down and ended the call. Philippe approached Hubert himself. He managed to convince him to double-cross his own daughter’s foundation for greed. Hubert liked both illegal and money. Philippe’s approach was not only illegal; it was also going to make him more money. With everything settled, Philippe is now one of Hubert’s most trusted persons.

[00:13:30] On the morning of the concert, Philippe helps Ben and Assane enter the theater. They enter with him: Ben as one of Philippe’s helpers and Assane inside one of the equipment crates. Since Hubert trusts Philippe, he’s immune to being searched, or so they thought. Dumont questions the sizes of the crates Philippe brings to the concert. Philippe opens on to have Dumont see it. He offers to open another. Dumont agrees, but Philippe sarcastically tells him there are 15 more crates in the truck. Dumont keeps silent for a moment, pushes the open crate close, and lets them go. Ben sighs in relief.

[00:18:00] Belkacem receives a call from forensics. They found a footprint for their assassin. The print didn’t match Assane’s size, so they cleared him for the death of Leonard. Belkacem informs Guedira of the new findings on their case. Guedira is busy going through Assane’s files. He shows the files to Belkacem. Laugier enters the room and sees the two talking, so he asks them what’s going on. Guedira also shows Laugier the files. They now have enough evidence to connect Dumont, Leonard, and Hubert. Belkacem tells them they need to arrest Dumont in tonight’s event. Everything is set up for the event. Philippe is tracking the money with Ben. Assane is all dressed up and ready to make a bang.

[00:21:00] Assane is feeling the pressure of the event. Ben assures Assane everything will go as planned. He needs to remain calm and methodical as always. Ben will take care of being nervous. Juliette is preparing for the event while their secretary calls out Hubert. Dumont and his wife are already in their seats when Guedira, Laugier, and Belkacem arrive. Juliette goes on stage to address and thank everyone for coming. She invites everyone to make their donations during the concert through their app. People start donating as the orchestra starts playing. Juliette goes to her seat while Philippe watches his screen with the money rolling in. Meanwhile, Hubert does the same as Philippe while watching the orchestra play. Assane is already hiding behind his seat. He puts a knife to Hubert’s throat and makes him confess everything.

[00:26:00] Hubert confesses to killing Fabienne using Leonard. He also tried to frame Assane for Leonard’s death. Hubert tells him Pascal Oblet killed Leonard in his apartment. Leonard also killed Babakar and made it look like a suicide back in 1995. Assane now knows the truth. The only thing left is to kill Hubert. He thinks about it as he grips the knife and presses it on Hubert’s throat. But Assane releases him and runs for his life. The guards outside his room see him running, so they radio to everyone. The chase is on for Assane. He manages to outwit the first set of guards, but more are coming for him.

[00:30:00] All the guards are looking for Assane, so Ben is able to roam the theater, looking for a specific room as part of their plan. He makes it to the chandelier above the theater and now has a bird’s eye view of the stage. The guards continue to chase Assane. Laugier, Guedira, and Belkacem keep their eye on Dumont. He receives a text from Pascal that Assane is in the building. He leaves his seat to assist them in capturing Assane. Pascal continues to chase Assane while Dumont orders the SWAT to storm the building. Pascal finds Assane in the dressing rooms. He disarms Pascal and engages in a fistfight.

[00:33:00] The concert continues as the people are oblivious to what’s happening behind the scenes. Dumont catches Assane before the orchestra finishes their first set. He threatens to shoot Assane, but Laugier stops him. They arrest Dumont before he causes further damage. Assane goes to the stage and addresses the crowd. He tells them about Hubert: how he framed his father, killed Fabienne, kidnapped Raoul, and embezzled the foundation’s earnings from Juliette. Juliette is shocked to hear everything Assane said. The crowd gasps in awe at his statements. The SWAT swarm Assane, but Ben is already in place, cutting the lights out for Assane to get out.

[00:36:00] The people panic as the lights go out. They run out of the theater in fear. Ben and Philippe use this opportunity to get out as well. Philippe completes the money transfer and heads out. He meets with Ben near the entrance and runs towards their car. Ben gives Philippe another diamond to complete their transaction. Philippe asks Ben why Assane gave all the money to Hubert if he wanted revenge. Ben reveals the money is transferred to another account in the foundation’s name. Hubert thinks he’s getting the money, but he’s not. Assane goes to the control room and takes a gym bag from the ceiling. He has another way out of the theater, so Ben and Philippe drive away.

[00:38:00] Assane is dressed as part of the fire protection team. He diverts all the guards to the roof to make his escape. Assane sends the recording of Hubert’s confession to Guedira. He receives it as they are making their way to the roof. Guedira listens to the recording in awe; Laugier and Belkacem ask him why he stopped. He approaches them to show the recording. More police arrive, but they don’t bother to check Assane. He waltzes out of the building and thinks he’s in the clear, but a female officer suspects his disguise. Assane finds a trash bin and decides to remove his disguise. The police see him and chase after him.

[00:41:00] The police chase Assane, calling everyone to stop him. But no one dared to get in his way. He heads towards the river and takes a boat. The boat fails to start at first, but Assane gets lucky. The boat starts before the police can jump him. He speeds away. The police didn’t have any choice but to watch him escape. He sends a message to the smartwatch he left under Claire’s bed as he escapes. Raoul and Claire are in his room when they hear the chime. They search for the source of the chime; Claire finds the watch. The message reads as “Raoul’s bridge.” Raoul asks Claire what it means. Claire responds it’s the bridge’s name they have decided to name him after. Raoul wants to go meet his father, but Claire refuses. Raoul decides to go anyways, leaving Claire to decide if she will accompany him.

[00:42:00] Guedira arrests Hubert for all his crimes. He smiles at Guedira while he enters the police car. In the other car beside him sat Dumont. He looks at Hubert and knows he wasted his life following him. Both cars drive away, putting Dumont and Hubert in jail.

[00:44:00] Claire and Raoul are at the bridge at exactly 10 in the evening. They see Assane passing by on the river in his boat. He waves at them and goes up to talk to them. Assane tells Claire everything is over, but he needs to leave. He bids them farewell. Assane tells them he’ll continue to watch over them until his return. Raoul asks him when he will return, but he doesn’t provide a definite date. Assane runs as the streets are filled with police sirens. Everyone is after Assane. The police run after him as they pass Claire and Raoul.

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