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Manifest Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – Wingman

BY Arabelle

Published 2 years ago

Manifest Season 3 Episode 3 Recap - Wingman

Vance is in an interrogation room. The interrogator asks him how he knew about the tailfin of Flight 828 in Cuba. He says a boy drew him a picture. She also tells him the attorney general contemplates charging him for faking his death.

Vance is cool, calm, and collected. He knows they have nothing to threaten him with, so he doesn’t answer any of their queries about Flight 828 or what he was doing in Cuba.

At the Stone residence, Jared now knows the Major is Kathryn Fitz, the mother of the girl who showed up on the precinct and talked to him. He asks who else from the passengers knows it. Michaela and Ben says Saanvi. He departs after informing them he will tell Saanvi about the situation.

Michaela is concerned her brother is taking on too much and not taking care of himself. Ben says he has to discover the remaining meth heads to keep his family safe. He also must follow the callings.

Grace texts him and says how much she misses Ben.

Cal is in the forest walking when he sees a peacock.

Around the same time, Ben receives a vision of objects falling during a severe shaking — a young guy laying on the room’s floor. Ben then pulls up a newspaper story on Eagan Tehrani (Ali Lopez-Sohaili), a chess player, and wonders what he has to do with the calling.

At the precinct, Michaela is interrogating Pete. She wants to know where Jace and Kory are, but Pete is not talking. Michaela asks if he believes in fate. Pete says Angelina is his fate. When Michaela leads the question back to Jace and Kory, Pete just says to bring him back to his cell.

After the interrogation, Jared comes in and asks what happened. Michaela feels a loud heartbeat — Evie‘s heart. Jared gets concerned.

Cal and Olive talk over the phone about the peacock. Cal thinks his calling and Angelina are connected. Olive bids goodbye to her brother and tells him how much she misses them. “Give mom a big hug for me,” Olive says.

Meanwhile, Ben visits the park and comes upon Eagan playing chess. Ben is astonished Eagan is aware of Ben’s calls and has also been experiencing them. Ben feels he will need Eagan’s assistance to save the young man.

Michaela visits Glen and Beverly. She knocks at the door, but it seems like nobody’s home. Michaela’s heart beats so loud while approaching the dining area. She sees Beverly muttering. Michaela looks for Glen. Unfortunately, she sees him on the floor without a pulse.

At the clinic, Jared visits Saanvi to talk about Major Kathryn Fitz. He tells her Kathryn has been missing. Suddenly, Michaela calls him, so he decides to leave. Jared tells her if she finds anything, just call him. Saanvi keeps her cool, so Jared doesn’t notice. Once Jared leaves, Saanvi texts Vance and asks him to meet her.

Eagan and Ben talk about their vision. Ben finds out Eagan has a photographic memory. Ben starts to talk about what he sees in his vision while Eagan recalls them.

Michaela calls Ben: Glen is already dead due to a heart attack. Jared and Zeke go to Beverly’s house. Jared gives his condolences to Beverly, but because she has dementia, she talks about how Jared is a handsome man in a suit. 

Michaela apologizes to Zeke for not calling him first, but Zeke understands and tells her he‘ll do anything to help.

Grace turns off the TV showing news related to the passengers of Flight 828. Cal comes and talks about the peacock he saw. Tarik insists Cal saw a flamingo and not a peacock.

Eagan and Ben unlock their calling and end up in a museum.

Michaela can still hear a heartbeat and discovers some old videos of her and Evie playing when they were youngsters. Zeke finds a DVD labeled “For Michaela.”

They play the DVD and discover a video of Evie’s father explaining he has made plans for his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, to reside in an assisted care facility. He confesses he is leaving Michaela his house in gratitude for all the joy she has given to their lives. Michaela is overcome with emotion.

A little time later, Michaela and Zeke prepare Beverly to leave for her new home, but she gets troubled and confused, so she calls out to Glen and Evie. Zeke suddenly gets a “feeling”; he approaches Beverly and knows what to say and do. While everything is going on, Michaela receives a call from Pete, who says, “She was brave,” and understands she needs to talk to Angelina. Michaela dials Angelina’s number.

Back at the cabin, Grace speaks with Tarik, who still has grudges over being left alone to take care of their sickly father.

Olive and Angelina go to campus to look at an Egyptian artwork, hoping to find a clue about the blue peacock. While gazing at some of the relics, Olive notices a peacock feather, which she interprets as a symbol of judgment.

Ben and Eagan get to the museum, but it is locked. They enter through an air vent and go to what they assume is the correct chamber. But Ben immediately learns the number he saw in the calling – 601 – is reversed on the urn — it is 109. The rumbling and trembling begin, so they rush to 109.

When Ben and Eagan walk inside room 109, they instantly smell gas. They make their way over to the young man, who is virtually comatose. Ben inquires about his name. He replies, “Caleb.” Ben pulls Caleb (Mason Bleu) out of the room while Eagan flees, claiming he’ll try to turn off the gas in the basement.

Ben drags Caleb out of the museum, where he is greeted by Eagan, who explains when he hears sirens, it’s his cue to go and hurry away.

Grace talks to Tarik again, telling him she never sought out previously because Cal had leukemia. Her brother asks how he is. “He‘s been in remission for over a year,” she responds with a smile.

Angelina arrives at the precinct. Michaela allows her to speak with Pete. She believes she is obligated to save him. Pete also believes he is meant to be with her.

Jared speaks to Sarah (Lauren Norvelle), the Major’s daughter, and informs her that her mother committed torture and kidnapping. Still, she wants to find her.

The NSA questioning continues. Vance calls them out, claiming he’s had enough of their inquiries, reminding them of what he did for the country — they have no cause to detain him. He’s ready to depart when Director Zimmer chooses to speak with him.

The NSA wants Vance back, but he argues they need him more than he needs them. He declines their offer until Powell informs him he has to see something about Flight 828.

Ben returns Caleb home. Caleb apologizes to his mother for fleeing. She thanks Ben and leads Caleb inside. Inside, she whispers, “It’s safe,” and one of the meth heads, Kory, reveals himself.

Michaela and Zeke are still attempting to get Evie’s mother ready to go when Michaela receives another heartbeat call. She knows she and Zeke are expected to care for Evie’s mother and share the house. She expresses her thoughts to Zeke. He agrees to do anything she requires.

Ben sees Olive at school and tells her about Eagan and how he seems to understand his callings better. But Ben does not trust him.

Eagan goes to a pawnshop to sell some of the antiques he stole from the museum. As he walks out, the owner calls him and gives him an old paper. They both think it‘s trash, so Eagan just throws it out. The old paper is a jigsaw component for the Egyptian peacock.

Cal plays with Eden. He sees a peacock feather fall. He picks it up and records a video with Eden.

Pete, Kory, and Jace hear Cal‘s voice in their heads again. Through their pictures, inside the RV stolen earlier, a man is seen knifing out Ben, Michaela, and Cal‘s eyes. It must be Jace.

Powell brings Vance inside a massive safe facility. Vance is in awe of what he sees.

Our Thoughts

This week, Manifest returns with an episode that skips the major questions in favor of four parallel subplots. This week’s calling is also much more mystery-focused — a great touch.

Seeing Ben and Eagan collaborate to solve it, including the mirror with the numbers, helps to give it a feeling of development. Too frequently in the past, these callings felt a little too linear, especially those that simply explained what the group needed to do.

While the mysterious box remains securely closed, for the time being, Manifest appears to have a feeling of urgency this year. This one is getting to the stage where it needs to start answering questions.

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